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ClueWho is or What isCategory
On his deathbed he told police, 'What I have done is nobody else's business'; one theory is he was protecting othersARTISTS
This capital of Australia's Northern Territory lies on Beagle GulfWORLD CITIES
Joseph Lash won in 1972 for his touching portrait of this wartime President & First LadyPULITZER-WINNING BIOGRAPHIES
In 529 A.D. almost 1,000 years after it was created by Plato, this school was closed by Justinian IWORKING WITH PLATO
To separate grain from chaff using windDOUBLE N-DEMNITY (There will be 2 N's in the correct response.)
The 7th & last American to stay there was aerodynamic scientist Andy Thomas, with 130 days there in 1998THE 1990s
One of its mascots is a restored 1930 sport coupe that's been in use at the school since 1961COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
Has a territory just off Canada, even though it's 1,300 miles awayTHE E.U. COUNTRY THAT...
Thomas Jefferson owned 2 briards that were a gift from this FrenchmanPRESIDENTIAL POOCHES
An 1831 novel says that Charlemagne laid the first stone of this title place, 'old queen of our cathedrals'LITERARY TITLE PLACES
Brother & sister who were both nominated for 1969 Oscars: he for a screenplay, she for Best Actress; they didn't winTHE OSCARS
1980: 'Hey, Ray...I never went down, Ray. You never got me down, Ray.'LINES FROM THE OSCAR-WINNING ROLE (You have to identify the character, not the actor.)
'It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair' is from the famous opening line of this novelTHE WRITE OF SPRING
This daughter (& sister) of Oedipus was with him when he died at ColonusFEMALES IN GREEK MYTH
Located about 1,000 miles south of Cairo, it rose on the site of an Egyptian army camp in 1821AFRICAN CAPITALS
The size of South America, a highland surface area on Venus is named for this Greek goddessSECOND ROCK FROM THE SUN
One of the 2 Central American countries never under military rule in the last 50 yearsTHE WESTERN HEMISPHERE
A narrator in this French author's multivolume work says, 'The materials of my work consisted of my own past'ALL ABOUT AUTHORS
Pan Am founder Juan Trippe called many of his planes these, evoking the fast but lavish sailing ships of the 1800sPAN AM
The measure of disorder or randomness in a closed systemSTARTING 'EN'
This king was the first of Henry VIII's many fathers-in-lawHISTORICAL RELATIVES
'The Wizard of Oz' & this 1950s film are the 2 musicals in the top 10 on the AFI's listTHE AFI's 100 GREATEST AMERICAN MOVIES
Marshal Petain became a traitor to France when he collaborated with Hitler & formed a new government named for this cityTRAITORS & TURNCOATS
Arnie Cunningham owns the jealous & deadly Christine, a Plymouth of this appropriate modelSTEPHEN KING
It's a ghost or spirit that makes its presence known with noisesGERMAN WORDS ON LOAN TO ENGLISH
Also called a suricate, this member of the mongoose family stands upright when watching for predatorsALL ABOUT ANIMALS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The title character of this Eugene O'Neill play says, 'gimme a whiskey--ginger ale on the side. And don't be stingy, baby'QUOTES FILLED WITH BOOZE
This biological term for cell division was borrowed in 1939 to describe a form of energy releaseSCIENCE WORDS
In this novel the title character says, 'It is a bad omen' after a guard does not hear a train & is crushedCLASSIC NOVELS
Working with Peter the Great's navy, this explorer went 'strait' to the water routes between Siberia & North AmericaTHE 18th CENTURY
The Food Safety and Inspection ServiceWHICH U.S. CABINET DEPARTMENT?
A stamp commemorating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 features a painting of this frigateU.S. STAMPS
In the human body the process of osmoregulatrion is primarilly carried out by these organsBIOLOGY
Ascanio Sobrero created this liquid in the 1840s & realized he'd made an 'explosive' discoveryITALIAN SCIENTISTS
Fittingly, this Thomas Hardy character is introduced near the Pure Drop InnBRITISH NOVELS
In 1938 his company began installing instruments in U.S. homes to record the frequencies to which a radio was tunedBUSINESS HISTORY
In 1972 this company bought its first ship, the Empress of Canada, & renamed it the Mardi GrasBUSINESS
Most knowledge of the Hittites comes from clay tablets with writing in this wedge-shaped systemTHE HITTITES
Mark Twain complained of 'the snorting of an unholy' one of these; lucky for him there weren't 75 moreSHARP (& FLAT) INSTRUMENTS
The so-called earless types of these pinnipeds do have ears but no flaps covering the openingsMARINE MAMMALS
To make a simple one of these, magnetize a needle, run it through a cork & place it in a bowl of waterPINS & NEEDLES
Naval Forces Marianas is a combination of 2 bases on this islandBASES LOADED
'The creatures outside looked from pig to man... but already it was impossible to say which was which'THE END OF THE STORY
The Corps is usually at the vanguard in wartime, & one of its mottos is 'first to' do thisTHE UNITED STATES MARINES
In 1852 Henry & William opened this bank for express money transport using steamship, railroad or stagecoachOUT WEST IN THE 1850s
For 2012, the front of these awards shows Nike stepping out of the Parthenon & the reverse depicts the ThamesAWARDS
Born 1967 in Hoquiam, Washington; died 1994 in SeattleMUSIC LEGENDS: BORN & DIED
'Cotton Blossom', the opening song of this musical, is also the name of the title vesselMUSICAL THEATRE
This U.S. ceremonial song was written in 1811 about the head of a Scottish clan, not an American leaderSONGS
Between 1833 & 1855, this general led Mexico 11 different times & was responsible for losing much land to the U.S.LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY
King Saul was displeased when the women of Israel praised this man's battlefield prowess over his ownBIBLICAL JEALOUSY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Since 1850, 1 of the 2 Republicans to appear on the ticket as president or vice president 3 elections in a rowPRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS
In 1894 this man whose company later partnered with Roy Howard founded the USA's 1st major newspaper chainNEWSPAPER MOGULS
In the 16th century the ancestors of the current president of France fled what is now this countryEUROPEANA
On its north, this African country also borders the MediterraneanIT BORDERS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN
Charles Lubin named his line of cheesecakes this, honoring his 8-year-old daughterSOMEONE'S IN THE KITCHEN
The character 'judgement of' this second son of Priam was that he was a coward during the Trojan WarCHICKEN PARTS
In 1774 he became a past postmaster after leaking letters from British loyalist Thomas HutchinsonWONKY LEAKS
From Greek words for 'two propositions', it's a difficult problem with equally unfavorable alternativesFROM THE GREEK
1949: based on a Shakespearean romantic comedyTONY WINNERS FOR BEST MUSICAL
Carved in 196 B.C., its text lists the good things the pharaoh has done for the priests & people of EgyptSTONES
The Order of Giron Beach, created by Fidel Castro, is named for an area along this bayMEDALS & DECORATIONS
It was one of the Beatles' longest songs & the one to spend the most time at No. 1 on the U.S. charts--9 weeksBEATLES SONGS
The circulation of the Times of New York & London totals about 1/2 the 'Times of' this place, largest of any English dailyNEWSPAPERS
'I came in with' this 'in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it', Twain said in 1909; he didTHE QUOTABLE MARK TWAIN
His projects in the country , of his birth include the Suzhou MuseumAMERICAN ARCHITECTS
An Army general, never president: 1943 & 1947TIME MAGAZINE'S PERSON OF THE YEAR
Before his first success with 'Come Blow Your Horn', he wrote TV comedy for 'Your Show of Shows' & 'The Phil Silvers Show'PLAYWRIGHTS
Its major tributaries include the Spokane, Yakima, & Kootenai RiversNORTH AMERICAN RIVERS
Congress has passed 11 of these: the first in 1812, the last in 1942U.S. HISTORY
Ned is told 'When you play' this, the title of the book, 'you win or you die'HIGH FANTASY
'Your freeborn single star sends out its radiance to nations near and far'STATE SONG LYRICS (We want you to name the state.)
He's been in exile since 1959 after a failed Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupationEXILED
It's no surprise that this Thomas Hardy title stonemason gives unclear responses on the witness standWE PUT CHARACTERS ON TRIAL
Samuel Johnson said shakespeare 'so carefully informs us' that this play is set on the eve of May Day & yet called it thisSHAKESPEARE
This heroine was named for the rampion, a leafy vegetable her father stole from the Witch's gardenKIDDY LIT
In 1952 Lis Hartel, a paralyzed entrant in this sport, won silver with help from a friend named JubileeOLYMPIC FACT SHEET

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