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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1991 John Updike won his second Pulitzer for this aptly titled final novel about Harry AngstromA FICTIONAL DEATH
This 4-word motto saying watch your step was on many early American flagsAMERICAN HISTORY
On January 8, 1863 ground was broken in Sacramento for this; ground was broken for it in Omaha 11 months later19th CENTURY AMERICA
This area in the title of perhaps the most famous WWI novel saw the war's first major gas attack on April 22, 1915IN THE FIRST PLACE
Once a national monument, this valley in Wyoming became part of Grand Teton National Park in 1950VALLEYS
An arts patron & son of French immigrants gave his name to this school that's located at Lincoln Center in New YorkTHEY NAMED A SCHOOL FOR ME
'A Trivial Comedy for Serious people' is the subtitle of this Oscar Wilde play of mistaken identityENGLISH LIT
'One who practices the art of boxing'THE OED, FROM POISE TO QUELT
The feasting hall is happy for a while after this title Geat rips the arm off a monster; then the monster's mom shows upTHE ELDER SCROLLS
Any place that attracts a lot of visitors can be called this, even if it's not in Saudi ArabiaNAMED FOR A PLACE
An ancient empire lends its name to this term meaning 'intricate' or 'complex'A 'B'-PLUS STUDENT
This service goes back to 1862, when we needed a way to fund the Civil WarGOVERNMENT AGENCIES
What goes around, comes around-- in 1541 this conqueror was murdered at his palace in LimaHISTORIC NAMES
Got milk? Yes? Then also got atomic No. 20, thisELEMENT-IUM
The Scopes trial was a famous test case for this group that champions free speechORGANIZATIONS
In 1910 Louis Botha became this country's first prime minister, a post he held until 1919A HISTORY LESSON
Sally Jewell, 2009 winner of the Audubon Society's Rachel Carson Award, was named secretary of this in 2013MADAM SECRETARY
In 'Letter from Peking', she wrote of an American woman separated from her Chinese-American husbandWOMEN WRITERS
The 'thumb' of Michigan's 'mitten' juts north into this Great LakeBODIES OF WATER
After selling his fur business in 1834, he devoted himself to real estate, building the world's biggest hotel in NY19th CENTURY BUSINESSMEN
'Madam, I'm Adam' is a famous one10-LETTER WORDS
Karl Marx said a capitalist system has 2 classes: the bourgeoisie, which controls resources, & this laboring classSOCIOLOGY
From the Greek for 'carry', these scents are released by some insects to attract members of the opposite sexLOVE
Amchitka Pass lies between the Rat Islands & the Andreanof Islands in this Alaskan archipelagoSTRAIT TALK
This year: Harold III becomes king of England for 9 months before getting conquered by another guyIN OLDEN TIMES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd' conveyed this poet's grief over the death of President LincolnAMERICAN LIT
In a 1900 work his tree cutting is stuck mid-chop & he asks for someone to 'oil my joints'GOOD FELLERS
Originally a derogatory term for Depression-era gasoline thieves, today it means any foolish or uncivilized personTALK LIKE A CANADIAN
Vanilla is a type of this flowering plantFLOWER POWER
Meaning 'caused by heat', it's found before 'spring' or 'underwear'HEAT
Gustav Holst finished this work by writing 'Mercury' in 1916CLASSICAL MUSIC
Henri Becquerel was all aglow when he won the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering this property of matterSCIENTIFIC MILESTONES
The Greek goddess of the rainbow gave her name to this flower that comes in a rainbow of colorsFLOWERS
This 'fiery' island divided between Chile & Argentina is the largest in South AmericaBIG ISLANDS
For sore muscles use a whirlpool bath to get some relief through this, from the Greek for 'water' & 'healing'WORD ORIGINS
The 1845 'Narrative of the Life of' this man was published just 7 years after he escaped slaveryAFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHORS
A poem about it by its chief engineer says, 'To north, the Redwood Empire's gates / To south, a happy playground waits'POETRY & BRIDGES
Defeat at the 207 B.C. Battle of the Metaurus River ended this man's efforts to conquer ItalyANCIENT BATTLES
The torr measures atmospheric pressure & is named for Torricelli, best known for inventing this deviceWEIGHTS & MEASURES
To avoid a rocky crater, Neil Armstrong manually flew the Apollo 11 lunar module to this 'sea'UNCHARTED
Dubbed 'wildly inaccurate', it 'supplanted the great Encyclopedia Galactica as the... repository of all knowledge'SCI-FI BOOKS
It's the acronym for the organization that runs soccer's World CupACRONYMS & ABBREVIATIONS
It was created in 1957 at a Stockholm institute named for the same manTHE 'EL'EMENTS
In a Hawthorne story, a witch makes one of these to protect her corn, then brings him to lifeMAN VS. BEAST
The house of wisdom, says the 9th chapter, hath this many pillarsTHE BOOK OF PROVERBS
Technically, June 17 in Massachusetts should be called Breed's Hill Day instead of thisHOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES
2 guys won for work in the theory of these, not just big-money deals for athletes but everyday economic arrangementsTHE 2016 NOBEL PRIZES
dictionary.com: Xenophobia, meaning 'fear of' theseWORDS OF THE YEAR (Selected for 2016 by various dictionaries.)
This tiny country is smooshed between Belgium, France & Germany& WHERE TO FIND 'EM'
The densest areas of biodiversity are found in this high layer of rainforest formed by adjacent treetopsRAINFORESTS
On Nov. 1, 1958 this airline began service from Amsterdam to Tokyo, flying over the North PoleFREQUENT FLIERS
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