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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Computer science's equivalent to the Nobel Prize is named for this 20th century British mathematicianAWARDS & HONORS
The full fury of a haunted 1958 Fury1-WORD STEPHEN KING BOOK TITLES
The real colossus of this Greek island is Mount Attavyros, its highest peak at 3,986 feetREACH FOR THE TOP
The village of Fouesnant celebrates this beverage in its annual Fete des PommiersBRITTANY
A boring class can seem to go on & on, like this 2-word Latin phrase meaning 'to the point of sickness'I'LL NEED A TRANSLATOR
The name of this mythological labyrinth builder means 'skillfully wrought''AE' I OWE YOU
Meaning 'good speech', it's a blessing by a minister at the close of a servicePRAYERS
Despite his name, the character Richard Parker in this recent bestseller isn't human--he's a tigerWHAT A CHARACTER
A national trail in England follows the line of this historic wall from Wallsend to Bowness-on-SolwayWALL-TO-WALL
This peninsula is separated by the Gulf of Suez & the Suez Canal from the Eastern Desert of EgyptPENINSULAS
Used as a guide for the blind, this German breed gets its name from its habit of striking out with its front legsDOGGING IT
The westernmost point of this sea is in a bay on the coast of BelizeWITH FOAM
1898: Marie & Pierre Curie discover these 2 elementsTHE 1800s
In the 1930s, Pan Am grew vegetables on Wake Island for passengers by using this soilless methodAGRICULTURE
It served as the entrance gateway to the 1889 World's FairLANDMARKS
Standing Bear of the Ponca tribe won an 1879 court victory when a judge said that 'an Indian is' indeed this 6-letter wordNEBRASKANS
In 2015 Drew Brees threw for 7 TDs on November 1, which fittingly is this religious holidaySTUFF HAPPENS
In South Sudan Abdinasir Abubakar battles this water-borne infection that's caused 7 pandemics since 1800DOCTORS WITHIN BORDERS
Located in Asia, the only 2 countries whose names begin with 'A' but don't end with 'A'IT TAKES 2
The queen of this destructive insect of the order Isoptera can lay 30,000 eggs a day for years on endYOU BUG ME
It's the fastest of all flightless birdsFLIGHTLESS BIRDS
This imaginary line used to indicate 0 degrees longitude terminates at the North & South PolesSCIENCE TERMS
'The Secret Race' is an expose of doping & cover-ups in this international sporting eventNONFICTION
He sought his fortune in Yukon gold prospecting, but made it big as the USA's highest-paid writerURBAN LITERATURE
Aristotle came at this branch of reasoning philosophically, but in- 1847 George Boole argued that it's part of mathPHILOSOPHY
PBS' 'Capitol Fourth' often features this Russian piece written almost 70 years after its title yearCLASSICAL MUSIC
The Physics prize was for the discovery that these subatomic particles oscillate & therefore actually have massTHE 2015 NOBEL PRIZES
This 1852 book inspired John Greenleaf Whittier to write his poem 'Eva'WOMEN IN POETRY
'The Way' to spell this ancient Asian religion & philosophy?--with a 'T' or a 'D'RELIGION
It's the third-holiest city for MuslimsTHIRD
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This Shakespearean adverb doth mean 'in truth'ILY'
Pertaining to the throat, though it sounds like it means pertaining to an area near the stomachSTARTS WITH A 3-LETTER BODY PART
For 'Women and War' at the Univ. of Virginia: This Aristophanes play about women who refuse to take things lying downREQUIRED READING
'Across the Endless River' is a fictional account of Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, son of this ShoshoneHISTORICAL NOVELS
Maybe he's a thief because his wind instrument musician father can't make enough to feed the familyNURSERY RHYME FOLKS
In a late-in-life lecture: 'Where id was, there ego shall be'WHO SAID THAT?
At age 76 during the Spanish-American War, she went to Cuba with her nursing corps, medical supplies & foodNEVER TOO OLD
Most processed milk in the U.S. is fortified with this 'sunshine vitamin'LETTER PERFECT (The correct response is a letter.)
This 1886 work says, 'With every day...I thus drew...nearer to that truth...that man is not truly one, but truly two'BRITISH FICTION
Among the other things made by members of this Michigan-based union are boats & jet enginesLABOR
About 600 small islands make up this Pacific Ocean country whose name means 'small islands'SMALL COUNTRIES
The Byzantine Empire's overthrow of the Ostrogothic Kingdom paved the Lombards' way into what's now this countryTHE BYZANTINE EMPIRE
In 1954 this salesman visited the McDonald Brothers' California restaurant & the rest was historyALL KINDS OF RAYS
'Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll' by these 2 sistersCELEBRITY MEMOIRS
1 of the 2 20th century VPs who had been governor of New YorkVICE PRESIDENTS
This fruit is named for its flower, parts of which are said to resemble Christ's crucifixionQUIZINE
The final 3 scenes of 'Richard III' take place on this battle siteSHAKESPEAREAN GEOGRAPHY
The National Society for Crippled Children was later renamed this, after its famous stamp that bears a lilyGOOD CAUSES
It was discovered way out West: BkELEMENTAL SYMBOLS
It's the only 4-letter noble gas4-LETTER SCIENCE
Morocco's coat of arms features a green star & the sun rising over this mountain rangeMOROCCO
This character says, 'How said it is! I shall grow old... but this picture will remain always young'ENGLISH LIT
Blue Bayou Water Park & Dixie Landin' Amusement ParkSTATE CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS
Poetry read at the Coexistence Bagel Shop was part of this 1950s movementSUBCULTURES
Named for an 18th century earl, an orrery is an elaborate clockwork model of this alliterative arrangementWEIRD WORDS
This term for a slot machine is a bit dated, as a lot are push-button nowAS EASY AS 1, 2, 4
When asked in 1779 about being ready to surrender, John Paul Jones replied with this lineFAQ
'The Sound and the Fury'STATELY LITERATURE (You have to name the state in which the main action of the work took place.)
By definition, these are taken right after someone votes & are used to forecast the outcomeELECTION TERMS

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