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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Born at Lourdes in 1844, she was canonized in 1933SAINTS GO MARCHING IN
From 'Just Friends to...Just' thisHARLEQUIN ROMANCE NOVEL TITLES 2014
He gave his name to a pressure-ignited internal combustion engine & was also a linguistTHE NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL OF FAME
In birds it's also known as the gastric millDOUBLE-LETTER SCIENCE
To control floods, the Venetian Republic built dikes on this, the major river of the republicBODIES OF WATER
Little Nell & her grandfather desperately try to hold on to this Dickens title buildingBOOK BUILDING
2004: Commemorating the struggle against this & its abolition, which sadly still hasn't happenedU.N. INTERNATIONAL YEARS
Not in the 10 longest, this 1,560-mile river in a fertile basin flows by 29 cities of over 100,000 peopleWORLD GEOGRAPHY
Sebastian Junger told 'a true story of men against the sea' in this bestsellerNONFICTION
2012, Screenplay: 'The Cabin in the Woods' by Drew Goddard & this 'Buffy' biggieBRAM STOKER AWARD WINNERS
This kids' book opens with 'Mole spring-cleaning his little home'WOODEN PLOTS
This British island in the south Atlantic once served as a refuge for liberated African slavesGEOGRAPHIC SAINTS
Of Central Park: This university founded in 1754NORTH BY NORTHWEST
Placed on an insect's leg, the onetime world's smallest ad was fittingly created for this book's websiteSMALL STUFF
This Irish city on the Suir River is an export center for fruit, meat &' of course, fine crystal'W'ORLD CITIES
Constructed in 1500 by a German explorer, the 'Erdapfel', or 'Earth Apple' is the world's oldest one of theseSCIENCE-Y STUFF
'The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time'THEY SAID IT
Efforts to save historic treasures threatened by the creation of the Aswan High Dam led UNESCO to create this listLISTS
In this 1933 Erskine Caldwell novel, a character sets aside a small piece of land, the income of which is to go to the churchA 'LITTLE' LITERATURE
A bell replica toured the U.S. in 1915 with the clapper chained; it rang at last in 1920 to celebrate this eventTHE LIBERTY BELL
This 1820 agreement said there would be no slavery in the bulk of the Louisiana Territory north of latitude 36°30'AMERICAN HISTORY
'The Last King of America'BRITISH NICKNAMES
'We're Not Gonna Take It' & 'Don't Stop Believin' 'BROADWAY MUSICALS BY SONG
A park, elementary school & medical pavilion named for Herbert Hoover are found in this 2-word California cityCALIFORNIA CITIES
Mountain range that forms 'the backbone of Italy'GEOGRAPHIC NICKNAMES
It is mentioned in the motto on Minnesota's flag & is depicted on Alaska'sSTATE FLAGS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This word for a process that leads to the solution to a problem comes from the Arabic name of a 9th century mathematicianMATH TERMS
Winner of a Tony for Best Musical, it culminates with an induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of FameBROADWAY MUSICALS
The Ulster Museum in Belfast displays treasures from the Girona & 2 other ships that were part of this famed fleetAT THE MUSEUM
This island nation with a directional name splits its oil revenues with Australia, not its old master IndonesiaSOUTH OF THE EQUATOR
In the craft guilds of the Middle Ages, these craftsmen came between masters & apprenticesTHE MIDDLE AGES
Describing anything very showy, in architecture it refers to a style using curves like tongues of fireWORD ORIGINS
'Alan's always been such a gentle boy. He loves animals! Especially horses'QUOTABLE PLAYS
The Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader' includes this 1963 letter that begins, 'While confined here'A TEXTBOOK CATEGORY
It's the Italian word for 'You're welcome', not 'You're with child'FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES
Mama buys a home in a mostly white neighborhood in this drama about the Youngers, a poor black familyDRAMA MAMAS
At his term's end, Ronald Reagan took an office in an L.A. high-rise, still a mess from the filming of this 1988 thriller1980s MOVIES
The street address of his presidential library is 40 Presidential DriveLIBRARIES
My big number is 600 / Somehow I rhymed it with 'blunder'd' / As a rhyme, not very cool / But they teach my stuff in school!BAD POETRY ABOUT POETS
Hokusai's painting 'The Great Wave' graced the cover of the first edition of this Debussy work's sheet musicCLASSICAL MUSIC
This part of speech requires an object'T.V.' LAND
A helixophile (he & an oenologist need each other)WHAT DO YOU COLLECT?
In 1703, John Sheffield, Duke of this, built a palatial estate on the former site of London's Arlington HouseA HISTORY LESSON
This author had a bitter feud with Michael Moore over the title of a 2004 documentaryAUTHORS & FILMMAKERS
Sir Purr, who vacations at Kitty HawkNFL TEAM MASCOTS
After England, more Shakespeare plays are set in this present-day country than in any otherSHAKESPEARE
Tensions can arise when a Michigan Wolverine exits the state to go to this capital, home to U-M's traditional archrivalI DIDN'T COME HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS
To prepare venues hosting this event, 12 billion perennial ryegrass seeds were imported from Manitoba, 5,000 miles away2014 EVENTS
In 1910 a Wright airplane flew several bolts of silk from Columbus to this Ohio city, possibly the 1st air freight shipmentAVIATION
The 2 that were discovered by the CuriesCHEMICAL ELEMENT PAIRS
In Freudian theory, it's the first stage of human development & breast-feeding plays a big partAT THIS STAGE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1863 he used the epigraph 'I have gathered other...men's flowers, & nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own'REFERENCE BOOK MAKERS
'That Fateful Lightning' is 'a novel of' this Civil War general looking back on his life while he's dying of cancerHISTORICAL FICTION
On completing the 'Deathbed' edition of his great work, he wrote, 'L.of G. at last complete --after 33 y'rs of hackling at it'POETS
The graves of Daniel Boone & his wife, RebeccaIN THE STATE CAPITAL
Now used for girls as well as boys, this poetic name is from the Welsh for 'son of the sea'WHAT'S IN A NAME?
After his death, he was given full military honors in Greece before his body was returned home for burial at his baronial seat19th CENTURY WRITERS
In March 1775 he told the Second Virginia Convention, 'We have done everything that could be done to avert the storm'REVOLUTIONARY WAR FIGURES
Indiana's official state river, it's also in the title of the state songOFFICIAL STATE SYMBOLS
On February 25, 1956, he gave a speech 'On the Personality Cult and Its Consequences', seen as an attack on his predecessorFOREIGN LEADERS
They're the 2 states with the highest percentage of people who speak French at homeLANGUAGES
'The very first requirement in a hospital (is) that it should do the sick ____'THE END OF THE LINE
This Utah institute is devoted to discovering & training new filmmakers, composers & theater artistsORGANIZATIONS
Attendance was still down some 20%, but 800,000 revelers jammed the streets of this U.S. city in February 2007DRAWING A CROWD
In the Bible Gabriel & Michael are 2 of these 7 special beings used by God to send messages & fight battlesANGELS
A U.S. No.1 in 1977, it was performed the night before Carl XVI Gustaf's 1976 wedding to Silvia SommerlathNO. 1 SONGS
In 1963 he did his first commissioned portrait, 'Ethel Scull 36 Times'COMMISSIONED ARTWORKS
Heart sac is another name for this 2-layered sac that surrounds the heartANATOMY
A big African country: President Goodluck JonathanWHO'S IN CHARGE?
In 1610 Etienne Brule went to live with these people & became the first European to see the Great Lake named for themA LONG TIME AGO IN CANADA
The ancient Greeks derived the name of this evil sorceress from a verb meaning 'to plot'MYTHOLOGY
Both Aussies & Kiwis refer to this sea between their countries as 'The Ditch'SEAS THE DAY
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Albert in 1923, 13 years before he got this new nameTHE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR
Nothing is known of his early life in England before 1600 or of the end of his life in North America after June 22, 1611HISTORIC NAMES ON THE MAP
Its construction began in 1817 & took advantage of the Mohawk River Gap in the Appalachian MountainsAMERICAN HISTOR-'E'
'Life is so beautiful', says this fictional Italian-American before dying in his gardenLEAVES

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