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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Martin Klaproth discovered this element in 1789 & named it for a discovery of 1781THE ELEMENTS
This phrase literally means 'until seasickness'LATIN
A recess in a wall, or a situation suited to a person; we hope you've found yours5-LETTER WORDS
Between 1872 & 1882 she wrote 6 volumes of 'Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag'19th CENTURY BOOKS & AUTHORS
Drug-fueled debauchery in New York City takes up much of this Jay McInerney debut novel1980s BOOKS
'Cabaret' is set in this European cityTHE STAGE
This German military man, Sept. 17, 1916: high above Cambrai, FranceWHERE WERE YOU & WHEN?
Stripes on the U.S. flag minus colors on the French flagCOUNTRY MATH
In BVI, including TortolaWHAT DO I STAND FOR? (You have to name what the letter I stands for in the clue.)
This soldier served only 16 months as the 1st president who had never been in Congress or the Continental CongressHAIL TO THE CHIEF
The equation would never have made it big in its original version, which was conceived as the equivalent M = thisRUN EMC
Administered by the Army, its first graves were dug by former slave James Parks, the only one buried there who was born on the siteHISTORIC PLACES
The nonfiction book about these title men tells how art historians & museum curators saved art from Nazi looting2013 BESTSELLERS
In their military careers, Princes William & Harry were both primarily trained as pilots of theseUP
Financial need for a federal Pell grant is determined by this departmentU.S. GOVERNMENT
The strange men playing 9-pins were said to be this British captain & his crew, who would visit the area every 20 yearsRIP VAN WINKLE
This verb is the 3-letter stock symbol for Sotheby'sSTOCK SYMBOLS
The USA's oldest endowed chair is a Harvard chair of this subject, given in 1721 when that was largely what Harvard taughtGETTING A 'D' IN COLLEGE
If you're the youngest, mom & dad's gloom after you leave home has been medically identified as this syndromeSOCIAL LIFE
The only foreign-born first lady was the wife of this man who served in the diplomatic corps from age 14PRESIDENTS & FIRST LADIES
I like the symbolism in this novel, such as the shattering of the title objectLIKE HENRY JAMES?
The banks of this African river that flows between Zimbabwe & Zambia on its way to the Indian OceanI'M HEADING TO...
Frederick Douglass said this man's 'zeal in the cause of my race was far greater than mine'19th CENTURY PEOPLE
From the pen of screenwriter Noel Langley: 'I've a feeling we're ___ ___ ___ ___'STATE LINES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The only solo artist to have 5 Billboard No. 1 albums before the age of 19SINGERS
Shipwrecked in the South Seas, Edward Prendick stumbles on the island of this doctor who's creating human-animal hybridsLITERARY DOCTORS
'The Everything Store' is a book about this company that in 2012 was home to 1% of all North American Internet trafficBUSINESS
This George W. Bush Cabinet member was Alpha Chi Omega, a sorority with musical origins, at the University of DenverSORORITY SISTERS
Dating from 1973, this 4-letter suffix indicates a person or thing that has become associated with public scandaMODERN DAY SUFFIXES
Once a poor British protectorate, in 2012 this peninsular country ranked as the world's richest per capitaCOUNTRIES OF THE WORLD
At Castillon in 1453, French troops defeated the English in the final great battle of this warFRENCH HISTORY
On his death in 1862 a Massachusetts paper said, 'No man ever lived closer to nature, and reported her secrets more eloquently'AUTHORS
In 1929 this 2-word phrase was coined for Erich Salomon's spontaneous photo technique, later used by Allen FuntPHOTOGRAPHY
William Bolling, a Virginia judgeFIRST LADIES' FATHERS (We'll tell you the father. You guys have to identify the first lady.)
1713's Treaty of Utrecht concluding the War of the Spanish Succession granted this small 2.3-sq.-mi. area to Great BritainTHE BRITISH EMPIRE
An 1870s novel about greed & corruption gave us the name of this 'age'AGES & AGES
The name of this theory is from viewing sub-atomic particles as 1-dimensional objects, not as 0-dimensional pointsPHYSICS
2 young royal brothers go missing, never to be seen againNAME THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY
From 1936 to 1987, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power helped operate this facility in another stateLANDMARKS
When you swallow, this flap of cartilage acts like a lid to the larynxPHYSIOLOGY
'City of God' is about 2 boys growing up in a violent favela in this South American countryINTERNATIONAL CINEMA SHOWCASE
It's what the U.S. Naval Observatory calls a timepiece regulated by the natural vibration frequencies of cesium particlesTIME MANAGEMENT
A final manifesto attributed to him in 1883 was 'Last words are for fools who haven't said enough'JUST A WORD BEFORE GOING
Readers' letters to this author about her 1948 short story asked where the title event was held & if they could go & watch20th CENTURY WOMEN AUTHORS
A big basket, or to impede'H'OMONYMS
This 1855 volume of American poetry rounds out the Top 100THE HARVARD BOOK STORE TOP 100
In 439 A.D. Genseric the Vandal captured this North African city, which became the Vandal capitalANCIENT HISTORY
Peacefield in Quincy, Massachusetts was the mansion of this man who purchased it in 1787FAMOUS HOMES
From 1969: the puppeteer's hand holds the control piece, with the strings attached to the titleBOOK COVERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Nez Perce, Lincoln, GemSTATE BY COUNTIES
King Arthur's half-sister Morgaine is the main character in Marion Zimmer Bradley's 'The Mists of' hereFEMALE FANTASY CHARACTERS
Since 1999 a green laser has been beamed into the sky from this observatory to mark the prime meridianOBSERVATORIES
TARP programs: this cabinet departmentPUT IT THERE
Like his cousin Charles, Thomas Pinckney served as governor of this stateHISTORIC AMERICANS
When these 2 men swapped jobs in 2012, their country's media described the move as 'castling'WORLD POLITICS
In preparation for a work he published in 1828 that was over 20 years in the making, he learned 26 languages19th CENTURY NAMES
'Take care of him', says the man called this in Luke 10 after giving money to an innkeeperBIBLE CHARACTERS
He has the most speeches of any character with 471 in 3 plays, of which 2 are histories & 1 is a comedySHAKESPEARE CHARACTERS
A 2013 CNN special on him, 'A Man of Many Firsts', included his newsmaking line 'Who am I to judge?'CNN RELIGION
This third book of the Old Testament is named for the tribe from which the priests of Israel were descendedTHE OLD TESTAMENT
In 1922 King Victor Emmanuel III refused to proclaim martial law to stop this man's march on RomeKING ME
Leopoldine Konstantin tells Claude Rains, 'we are protected by the enormity of your stupidity' in this Hitchcock filmCINEMA OF MY YOUTH
The most retweeted tweet of all time* happened on November 6, 2012 & started with 'four' & ended with these 2 words (*as of February 11th 2014)SOCIAL MEDIA
Republicans, 1944: this Californian future chief justicePOLITICAL CONVENTION KEYNOTERS
They have only one cell each but can take pride in their name. from the Greek for 'first animals'NAMES IN NATURE
This capital is named for a religionASIAN CAPITALS
Found in New Zealand's waters. the blue bottle jellyfish is also known as this due to its resemblance to a battleshipKIWI FAUNA
'But the lord sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest'NAME THE BIBLE BOOK
Of the element symbols that don't match the element's English name, this element's symbol is alphabetically 1stTHE PERIODIC TABLE
Defense witnesses in this comedian's 1964 obscenity trial included game show panelist Dorothy KilgallenIN THE COURTROOM
Mauritania's green flag has one of these under its single starOTHER LONE STAR FLAGS
This language with a unique syllabary is now spoken by more than 10,000 Native Americans in North Carolina & OklahomaLANGUAGES

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