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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1925 she visited a floating theater docked in North Carolina to research her next novelAMERICAN AUTHORS
Matthew 6 says, 'Consider' these flowers 'of the field, how they grow'BIBLICAL QUOTES
Made it to the top of 22,600-foot Ojos del Salado, one of the highest peaks in this mountain rangeYEAH, WE WENT THERE
Dubuque, Iowa lies at the junction of 3 states: Iowa, Illinois, & the oneU.S. GEOGRAPHY
In 2006 it was moved to a new list that includes Ceres & ErisTHE UNIVERSE
In 1986 the U.S. issued the first patent on a plant produced through genetic engineering, a hybrid of this grainGENETICS
Before he had to sell it, this author enjoyed coming home to his Chateau de Monte-Cristo outside of ParisHOMECOMING
This field covers the control of bits of matter smaller than 1 /100th the thickness of a sheet of paperMICRO
This other name for the auditory tube honors an Italian anatomistANATOM'E'
The Prado in this country is home to one of the world's finest art collectionsLET'S VISIT A MUSEUM
In the calendar year, it's the penultimate federal holidayBEFORE FINALS
In the 1st chapter of this 1939 novel, 'when the night came again it was black night, for the stars could not pierce the dust'AMERICAN LITERATURE
When this diplomat met the singer Psy in 2012, he said, 'until 2 days ago...I was the most famous Korean in the world'FAMOUS ASIANS
Be impressed that the $1 million given in 1873 to endow this U. was the Commodores only major philanthropyCOLLEGE RECOMMENDATIONS
This family gained sovereignty over Austria, beginning a dynasty that would last in Europe until 1918IT HAPPENED IN THE 1200s
Belle Reve in Mississippi is the lost family home that's longed for in this classic American playUNREAL ESTATE
Killing this seabird is bad luck & yet the short-tailed one is on the endangered species listTHE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST
They'll want your intellect at these Murray Hill, N.J. labs, the longtime research & development arm of AT&TTHE LIFE OF A GENIUS
This U.S. city is the seat of Allegheny County'P's ON EARTH
Chartered in 1859, the railroad we know by the names of these 3 places didn't get to the New Mexico capital until 1880TRAINS
We'll model the writing style on the distinctive voice of this southern author of 'The Bear'LET'S WRITE A SHORT STORY
Paul Ryan was greatly influenced by this female novelist who studied history in RussiaA STUDENT OF HISTORY
One of the 2 years in which 3 men served as president of the United States19th CENTURY AMERICA
The March of Dimes was established by FDR in 1938 to put an end to this diseaseORGANIZATIONS
Crispus Attucks, called the first American to die for independence, was killed in this 1770 incidentAFRICAN AMERICANS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
(The 'first' part) ' but if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn'NAME THE BIBLE BOOK
Recently in the news, this agency traces its origins to an 1803 act helping Portsmouth, N.H. after a fireU.S. GOVERNMENT
He got his job at age 4; 49 years later, in 1989, he won a Nobel Peace PrizeHOW NOBEL OF THEM
'He bequeathed... property, both here and in England, to little Pearl, the daughter of' herLITERATURE: THE END OF THE LINE
In 2006 Mike Meyers wore a kilt to honor this recipientAFI LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS
John Green riffed on a line from 'Julius Caesar' for the title of this novel about 2 teens with cancer who fall in loveBOOKS & AUTHORS
In October 2001 congress passed this act to deter & punish terrorismRECENT HISTORY
It's the only U.S. state that has more than one native-born son honored on Mount RushmoreMOUNT RUSHMORE
Architect Guarino Guarini designed the Cappella Della Sacra Sindone to house this relicLANDMARKS
'I hope to see my friend & shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hopeMOVIES: THE LINE OF THE END
It's criss-crossed by dozens of 'peace walls' that separate its Catholic & Protestant neighborhoodsCAPITAL CITIES
The last work of this recorder of Parisian nightlife was 'An Examination at the Faculty of Medicine' in 1901ART & ARTISTS
In this futuristic but not Orwellian novel, Mustapha Mond was called 'the Resident Controller for Western Europe'ENGLISH LITERATURE
After uniting their hearts, Ferdinand & Isabella united these 2 Spanish kingdoms in 1479THE SPAIN! THE SPAIN!
Jacques Offenbach's 1875 operetta 'Le Voyage Dans la Lune' was based on a novel by this manTHAT 1870s SHOW
Alphabetically, Zagreb is the last world capital; this capital of a former Soviet republic is second to lastWORLD CAPITALS
Members of this Indian religion are expected to join the Khalsa order & are not allowed to cut their hairRELIGIONS
An ancient traditional story of a people'Y' IS THE ONLY VOWEL
This Alabama city, the first Confederate capital, has a Jefferson Davis HighHIGH SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY
In a 1779 battle in the North Sea, he captured the Serapis, a British Man-of-WarAMERICAN HISTORY
The Italian word for 'shadow' is used as a local variation on the name of this region midway between Rome & FlorenceITALY
To the ancient Greeks & Romans, it was the slowest-moving planet seen from EarthTHE PLANETS
The title of this 1959 instrumental is a synonym for 'Time Out', the album on which it first appearedCLASSIC JAZZ SONGS
Normally, when the glucose level in the blood is high, the pancreas secretes this hormone to lower itBIOLOGY
On the new list chosen in 2007, this wonder designed by Heitor da Silva Costa is the only statueTHE NEW 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD
ClueWho is or What isCategory
His second & last talkie, 1931's 'The Struggle'DIRECTORS' BIG SCREEN FAREWELLS
19th Century Down Under explorer Ernest Giles called it 'the remarkable pebble'MONOLITHS
In 1783 Antoine Lavoisier named this element, from Greek words for 'water former'DISCOVERERS & INVENTORS
Though technically in winter, the protests that toppled Egypt's leader in February 2011 were part of thisIT HAPPENED IN FEBRUARY
Most of its more than 14 million people are ethnically HanOLYMPIC HOST CITIES
It says, 'The body of the trooper having been buried in the church yard, the ghost rides forth...in nightly quest of his head'SHORT STORIES
In March 1964 he broke with the Nation of Islam1960s BLACK AMERICA
The Arabic name of this biblical town means 'house of meat'; the Hebrew name--'house of bread'WORLD PLACE NAMES
This late Pennsylvanian, once a Democrat, was elected to the Senate for the GOP, then switched back in 2009PARTY HOPPING
This character who debuted in 1926 is also called Edward BearLITERARY CHARACTERS
Damon Knight for this short story (or is it the title of a cookbook?)HUGO AWARDS FOR SCIENCE FICTION
On June 6, 1944 he said, 'The eyes of the world are upon you'MILITARY MEN
This river that rises in the Black Forest flows through Germany & on into AustriaWORLD RIVERS
To the question 'Did you write the best-known line in JFK's inaugural?', Ted Sorensen would smile & say these 2 wordsSPEECHWRITERS
Launched October 1, 1928, it was brought to a premature end in 1932 amid growing hungerRUSSIAN HISTORY
In Reginald Rose's play 'Twelve Angry Men', the men are all members of one of theseAMERICAN LIT
Her 1886 obiturary in a Mass. paper said, 'very few in the village, except among the older inhabitants, knew' her 'personally'FAMOUS WOMEN
'Behind each woman rises the austere, sacred and mysterious face of' this beautiful goddessFROM ZORBA THE GREEK
To create this lake in the 1960s, historical ruins such as Abu Simbel were moved to higher groundLAKES
A: The crop feed also called purple medicTHE BEGINNING, MIDDLE & END LETTER
His 'The Galvanic Circuit Investigated Mathematically' received so much 'resistance', he resigned his post at CologneSCIENTISTS
'The Adventure of the Speckled Band' (1892)PIN THE TALE ON THE WRITER
In 1997 a memorial fund in her name was established to continue her humanitarian workGREAT BRITON
On a prescription, q.i.d. is a Latin abbreviation indicating the medication should be taken this oftenMED. ABBREV.

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