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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Laocoon, a priest of Apollo, meant this object when he said, 'I fear the Greeks, especially when they bring gifts'MYTHOLOGY
In 1961 this private Texas school provided most of the land that became NASA's Mission Control CenterHIGHER EDUCATION
Taza Gap in Morocco, on the way to AlgeriaIN THE RANGE
In 1924 the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company got this name3-LETTER BIZ
Who knew that this West Virginia senator would hang around for 50 years after winning his gigSENATORS WITH STAMINA
The Denmark Strait lies between these 2 islands, one 20 times the size of the otherGET IT STRAIT
In 1738 Jonathan Swift first wrote down a familiar phrase as 'the sight of you is good for' these 2 wordsWORD & PHRASE HISTORIES
In physics, it's a substance that technically can be gas or liquid & that conforms to the shape of the vessel holding itWORDS OF SCIENCE
The name of this army guy was born when his author showed proficiency at getting things from high shelvesA FISTFUL OF HEROES
Jeffersonians killed the first bank, but it returned 4 years later after this war wrecked U.S. financesTHE BANK OF THE UNITED STATES
The last Russian troops left it in 1994WHAT A COUNTR'E'
1962, after more than a century of struggle against European colonizers: this north African countryFREE AT LAST
From the Greek for 'marketplace', this disorder keep many people home due to fear of panicking in a public placePSYCHOLOGY
This is the better-known Genus & species name of the maidenhair tree, used in Chinese medicine to boost memoryTREES
A computer acting under a hacker's control is called a zombie or this, & a group of them is a zombie army or this 'net'DO YOU COMPUTE?
This 19th c. author has been looked at; later writers pitted his creation against the Ripper in books like 2009's 'Dust and Shadow'JACK THE RIPPER SUSPECTS
This country's nearly 2.2 million active military personnel is by far the world's largest standing forceTHE BIG BATTALIONS
Ivan's repudiation of God looms large in this Dostoyevsky workFAMILY TIES
After suffering a stroke, this French explorer died on Christmas 1635 in QuebecTHAT WAS SOME CHRISTMAS!
Add an 'S' to this word meaning 'acrid' & you get a cocktail ingredient that helps in digestionFLAVORS
1996: What they don't realize is that Ralph Fiennes' character is really HungarianDESCRIBING THE BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNER
Both of the words in this alliterative term for a container of sale items end with 'in''IN' THE END
He wrote 1899's 'Father Goose'; he came up with a 'Wonderful' adventure the following yearAMERICAN AUTHORS
No. 5 in this play says, 'I'd like to change my vote to not guilty'; the foreman replies, 'Are you sure?'LET'S PUT ON A SHOW
This actor's nonprofit sixdegrees.org makes connections between people & local causesNOT FOR PROFIT
This brand started as a catalog in 1983 & was meant to evoke preppy things like rowing--its original logo was an oarsmanSPORTY BRAND NAME MEANINGS
This Southwest facility began as Site Y in the Manhattan Project 75 years agoU.S. NATIONAL LABORATORIES
In 1847 Mexico City had its independence day under occupation as this general took the city 2 days beforeTHE MEXICAN WAR
In 1925 John T. Scopes was put on trial, convicted & fined for teaching evolution in this Southern stateAMERICAN HISTORY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Leah Hofmann was one of the many actor/puppeteers who brought Joey to life in this Broadway productionABOUT A HORSE
The 1868 constitution of Florida stipulated a seat in the state Senate & House for a member of this Indian nationSTATE CONSTITUTIONS
The Plummer Building named for Henry Plummer, M.D., is a landmark part of this Minnesota facilityNATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARKS
You'll find NATO's world headquarters on Boulevard Leopold III in this capital cityEUROPEAN CAPITAL CITIES
In this Dickens 'Personal History', the hero idolizes Steerforth, who ends up abandoning EmilyLITERARY CADS
Linnaeus 'released' the name Microcosmus marinus for this legendary squidlike creatureMYTHICAL TAXONOMY
Marvin v. Marvin gave us this word for financial support between non-married folks post-relationshipLAW PRACTICE
Bill Kelm, who popularized hand signals in this job, said, 'That guy in a 25-cent bleacher seat' is entitled to know the callCOMMUNICATION
Burton & Speke visited Lake Tanganyika in 1858, when these 2 were running for U.S. Senator & debated each other 7 timesMEANWHILE...
She graces a gold $1 coin, along with her son Jean Baptiste, born February 11, 1805CENTS OF A WOMAN
On March 11, 1941 this alliterative act became law & let FDR transfer billions of dollars in supplies to foes of the Axis1940s AMERICA
Covering more than 700 square miles, this Florida lake gets its name from the Hitchiti for 'big water'LAKES OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE
'Prairie Fires' tells how in her 60s, ruined by the Depression, she started writing about her pioneer childhoodBIOGRAPHIES
Hunter S. Thompson didn't coin this word; editor Bill Cardoso did, to describe Hunter's style of journalismALL ABOUT AUTHORS
The diary of young Julie Manet has been published as 'Growing Up With' this group of paintersART BOOKS
After death, this horror author still talked about the Necronomicon in his novel 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward'POSTHUMOUS BOOKS
A merger brought the '-CIO', but first there was the AFL, which stood for thisINITIAL INITIALS
After a poor peasant's wife grows ill, she gives birth to a tiny son whom they name thisBROTHERS GRIMM FAIRY TALES
It's continental Europe's westernmost national capitalWORLD CAPITALS
Around 1920 he turned a $30 investment into a get-rich-quick 'scheme' that defrauded folks out of $15 millionVERY DEFINITELY FOR PROFIT
In 1990 this man succeeded in 'rank' to the office of British prime minister20th CENTURY LEADERS
In 1778 he was made President of the Continental Congress; in 1789, he was made Chief Justice of the United StatesALLITERATIVE PEOPLE (Full name is required.)
Because he held this job in 1973, Carl Albert would have been Pres. had Nixon resigned before a new veep was confirmedALMOST PRESIDENT
This first mystery novel with Philip Marlowe--too convoluted & kind of a snooze (pun intended)READ IT
This 'colorful' Toni Morrison work follows a black girl's struggle to achieve white ideals of beautyAMERICAN LITERATURE NOBELISTS
Praise be to Rudolf Nureyev & more recently Michael Flatley, who both had this noble nicknameDANCER
This Union general who lost the 1864 presidential race was later governor of New JerseyAFTER THE CIVIL WAR
This misleadingly named body of water is landlocked by Russia, Kazakhstan & 3 other nationsBODIES OF WATER
This author's 'The Sea-Wolf' opens with a ferry accident in San Francisco BayFERRY TALES

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