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ClueWho is or What isCategory
J. Robert Atkinson, blinded in an accident, founded this inst. after transcribing books for his own libraryGOOD CAUSES
You'll fit in with all the friendly people living in this big city named for a man buried in Padua, ItalyLIVE IN TEXAS
While in exile in Paris, Thomas Hobbes completed this work named for a Biblical sea monsterEXILED!
In the 20th century hygiene in hospitals helped lower this, the IMR, from about 100 to 7 per thousand birthsMEDICAL HISTORY
'Destilando Amor' & 'Huracán' are telenovelas featuring Angélica Rivera de Peña, First Lady of this countryFIRST LADIES OF THE WORLD
Attempts to hide this 1986 accident lasted 2 days before Swedish monitoring stations detected radiationNO MORE COVER-UP
In 1785 he dedicated a set of 6 string quartets to the much older Joseph HaydnA DEDICATED COMPOSER
The American Cancer Society organized the first 'Great American' one of theseLIFE IN 1977
This oath involves swearing to 'Asclepius, Hygieia, Panacea & all the gods & goddesses'FEELING YOUR OATHS
E.B. White's diminutive rodent visits Dickens' friend William in Marshalsea PrisonLITERARY TITLE BEFORE & AFTER
To improve balance, try this ancient exercise with a Chinese name that means 'supreme ultimate fist'FITNESS
The Great Depression gave rise to this, the study of income & output on a national scale14-LETTER WORDS
This 2-word title of Chelsea Clinton's book about determined women was coined by Sen. McConnell about Sen. WarrenRECENT KIDS' BOOKS
An Italian-American physicistTHE ELEMENT NAMED FOR...
Psychics called precogs can see future crimes before they happen in this PKD short storyPHILIP K. DICK
Being one of these long-lived types that survive from season to season, like some species of asterTHE PERKS OF BEING A WILDFLOWER
This large Siberian peninsula is home to more than 125 volcanoes as well as numerous geysers & hot springsPENINSULAS
This city has a sharp right turn from Mercaderes Street onto Estafeta; easy for a running man, less for a bullCHARGING BULL
Following a military coup, in the mid-1970s this nation granted independence to all of its colonies except MacauEUROPEAN HISTORY
This 4-letter African country has a short coastline along the Bight of BeninWORLD FACTS
Albania became majority Muslim during its 500-year occupation by this empireEUROPEAN HISTORY
The bay of Green Bay lies at its northwestern cornerSTATELY BODIES OF WATER
A young woman from Chile moves to Calif. during the gold rush in . 'Daughter of Fortune' by this authorFEARLESS GIRL
In a British courtroom, QCABRUPT ABBREV.
Olympic gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games were inlaid with this gemSILVER & GOLD
On its flag, an elk & a moose stand beside a shield depicting a lake & a peninsulaSTATE FLAGS
The southern portion of the Namib desert merges with this much larger desert to the northeastDESERTS
A 2017 Vogue story said Susan Sarandon's dress had this type of 'neckline'VICTIM OF GRAVITY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
John Cleese is 'absurdly fond' of these Madagascar animals, works to conserve them & got one named for himNEW EPONYMOUS ANIMALS
The day before flying at Mach 1 in 1947, he broke 2 ribs when he fell off a horseAVIATION
This transport business began as a crop-dusting operation in 1924GREEK LETTER PHRASES
Omni & 1 Nephi are part of this foundational textRELIGION
American patriots dressed as Mohawks for this festive event on December 16, 1773HISTORIC DATES
For bathing beauties, bikinis are introducedA DECADE IN THE 20th CENTURY (You tell us which one.)
From the Latin for 'dawn', just like a Roman goddessDISNEY PRINCESS NAMES
The Venerable Bede said they were descendants of 3 different Germanic peoples--the Jutes & the 2 in their nameIT'S HYPHENATED
Crossing Iberia, you see P, S, A, for Portugal & these 2 nationsCOUNTRIES BY FIRST LETTER
The single highest grossing day for 'Titanic' was this holiday, a Saturday 58 days after the film's December openingTITANIC
Astrophysicists build a machine to talk back to aliens from Vega that have reached out to EarthlingsONE-WORD BOOK TITLES
Sometimes when we get older, this part of the retina 'degenerates' & causes blurriness in our field of visionTHE EYE
The Stage Manager says, 'Doc Gibbs died in 1930', but a minute later the doc is chatting away in this playDEAD MEN TELL SOME TALES
Joseph Lash won for a dual biography of this presidential coupleTHE PULITZER PRIZE FOR BIOGRAPHY
This pastoral place is the setting for most of 'As You Like It'SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK
Named for a frontiersman, it has a blade curved to a sharp point at the end5, 5 (The correct response will be two words, five letters each.)
In 1947 Karl Malden & Ed Begley, Sr. stared in this playwright's first success, 'All My Sons'ALL MY...
Chapter 5 of Philip Nel's book about this author is 'The Disneyfication of' him: 'Faithful to Profit, One Hundred Percent?'AUTHORS' BIOGRAPHIES
Her last home was a 14-room boardinghouse in Arkansas known as Hatchet HallHOME SWEET HOME
From its source in Trukey's Lake Hazar, it travels south to Al Qurna, Iraq where it becomes part of the Shatt al ArabASIAN RIVERS
A male servant; the word has been used to mean a rascal since around 1200BEGINS WITH A SILENT LETTER
Parataxis is the joining together of phrase or clauses without the use of these grammatical unitersMIND YOUR GRAMMAR
Originally observed in hens, it's the social hierarchy in animal groupsOF 'ORDER'
This former currency of Austria sounds like a coin once used in the United KingdomBEFORE THE EURO
This 1952 study of Toulouse-Lautrec bears the name of the burlesque hall where he spent a lot of timePAINTERS ON FILM
It's the branch of astronomy that studies the origin & structure of the universe9-LETTER WORDS
If your heart goes to someone else, it must fit neatly into this 2-word structure formed by 24 bonesMY HEART WILL GO ON

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