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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Ulysses Grant's dinner for King Kalakaua of these islands (including Hawaii) likely didn't include the food of that nameSERVING THE STATE DINNER
The Norwegian Olympic Museum is in this small townSCANDINAVIAN CITIES
The 'Win-stay, Lose-shift' strategy is something to consider in this game where there are only 3 optionsEVERY MOVE YOU MAKE
This commander on his 1970 flight: 'Our mission was a failure but I like to think it was a successful failure'THE SPACE RACE
The ark of the covenant was kept in the temple of Solomon in a room with this repetitive nameTHE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS
1997's 'Comanche Moon' was the last published of the 4 novels in this Western seriesDOVE
From sea level, it's 400 meters down to the shore of this landlocked Middle Eastern body of waterBELOW ZERO
From 1913 until his death in 1939, Joel Elias Spingarn was a prominent administrator of this organizationJOEL
Khaled Hosseini dedicated 'The Kite Runner' in part 'to the children of' this countryA NOVEL CATEGORY
This small gland in the brain is named for its resemblance to a conifer's coneANATOMICAL ETYMOLOGY
It's a cloud of grasshoppers & a plague of these relativesANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS
It's the only Pac-12 school that does not contain the name of a stateKNOWLEDGE ABOUT COLLEGE
British Airways' in-flight magazine has this name, like a Miller beer brandMOVING JOURNALISM
In 1964 this woman big into laissez-faire capitalism offered 'The Virtue of Selfishness'WOMEN WHO WRITE
To do this provides little sustenance for the amount of mastication, which may be why it refers to idle chatter____ THE ____
It was the decade when Maulana Karenga (born Ron Everett) created KwanzaaDECEMBER HOLIDAYS
Dr. Bernard Rieux forgoes escape to stay behind & fight the deadly contagion in this Albert Camus workDOCTORED BOOKS
The island of Tutuila in this U.S. territory is dominated by the eroded Pago volcanoVOLCANOES
This adjective for perfection is meant to evoke a newly struck coinPERFECT!
The May 12, 1937 coronation of this British king was on the date originally set for his brotherEUROPEAN RULERS
More than 1 million fossil bones have been recovered at this sticky but popular L.A. tourist attractionSTICK WITH ME
On April 22, 1889 a bugle for a land run sounded in the new Oklahoma territory; those who entered early were dubbed thisEVERY CLAIM YOU STAKE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'The Odd Couple' on the July 25, 1988 cover was Texan Lloyd Bentsen & this man from MassachusettsTIME: THE 1980s
Nice neighbor! This 'stately' mega-group of country sang 'Burn Georgia Burn'GEORGIA IN SONG
This man enjoyed good Will Shakespeare & his actors so much, he made them Grooms of the King's ChamberGOOD WILL
This above-ground burial chamber was named for an ancient Greek leader whose tomb was an Ancient WonderEPONYMS
1904-05: Russia vs. this countryWAR!
'In the interior you will no doubt meet Mr. Kurtz'LITERARY LINES (We will give you the literary line, you give us the literary work they are from.)
While it feeds mainly on termites & the insect in its name, this toothless mammal also enjoys avocadosALL ABOUT ANIMALS
The original title of the book that became 'Schindler's List' was 'Schindler's' this Biblical item of refugeA BARRAGE OF BOOKS
1878: Vronsky. Train. Oops3-WORD BOOK SUMMARY
In Beijing, 178 walled-in acres, home to 24 emperorsWHERE
The White House & the man who moved in in 1829ON THE MONEY (We need you to identify the paper denomination
Harry Truman appointed her a delegate to the U.N., where she chaired the Human Rights Commission from 1946 to 1951HISTORIC AMERICANS
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney said no when French agents asked for a bribe in this 1797 'Affair'NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY
In 1964 the Supreme Court said a 30-year-old novel by this Brooklyn guy was not obsceneLET'S READ HENRY, JAMES
'The Fountain of Youth' cityU.S. CITY NICKNAMES
Under the 1832 Treaty of Payne's Landing, chiefs in this tribe agreed to removal from Florida to points westU.S. HISTORY
Reigning from 1701 to 1713, Frederick I was this kingdom's first king; his grandson was a 'great' oneTHE 1700s
A Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry written by Thaddeus Metz, or a movie co-written by John CleesePHILOSOPHY
Following the revolution Lenin gave him a job as commissar of nationalities but might have come to regret itTHE SOVIET UNION
The name of this region in northwest Italy known for its prize-winning wines means 'foot of the mountain'ITALIAN GEOGRAPHY
It covers grapefruitsSPELL IT WITH STATE ABBREVIATIONS (You have to give us the two states whose abbreviations, uh, wind up as the correct response to the clue.)
Per his creator 'he could spring twenty feet across space at the dizzy heights of the forest top'LITERARY CHARACTERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
As of 2016 he is the only major party presidential nominee still serving in the U.S. SenatePRESIDENTIAL LOSERS
In 1896 the mountain now called Denali was named for this man, 5 years before his deathON EARTH
Just like Greece, the Greek section of this Asian island nation in the Mediterranean has a Mount OlympusISLAND NATIONS
The world's northernmost national capital is this one that's on an islandGEOGRAPHIC EXTREMES
Missouri & LouisianaIT BORDERS BOTH
Henry I eased onto England's throne in I 100 because his brother Robert Curthose was away fighting in the first of theseYOU MAD, BRO?
From the Greek for 'soften', it's any alloy of mercury & another metal, such as silver in dental fillingsALLOYS
The 1947 discovery of these gave scholars glimpses into early JudaismTHAT OLD-TIME RELIGION
The Russkies invaded the U.S. in this Swayze flick, & despite the cries for 'Wolverines', neither Logan nor Stan showedNO STAN LEE CAMEO
This 2004 Best Picture nominee featured such tunes as 'What'd I Say' & 'I Got A Woman'FILMS WITH SHORT TITLES
In an 1883 book the talking insect tells him, 'Woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home'TOUGH CHILDREN'S LIT
Its definition as a burden is derived from a Coleridge poemIN THE DICTIONARY
A place of prayer for Jewish people, it's all that remains of the Second Temple of JerusalemLANDMARKS
The Gold RushNFL CHEERLEADING SQUADS (We'll name a squad, past or present. You identify the team )
We acknowledge uncle Abe, in from Botswana, & cousin Janet from the Nuweveld Range in this nation just belowOUT OF TOWN GUESTS
When this villain was introduced in a 1948 issue of Detective Comics, he was nicknamed 'The Prince of Puzzles'WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN?
Mute, Bewick's, trumpeterBIRDS OF A FEATHER
If you turned in 175 quadrillion of this country's old currency in 2015, you would get 5 U.S. dollarsLANDLOCKED AFRICAN COUNTRIES
The Lakers won championships in 1987 & '88, so before the next season, Pat Riley trademarked thisNUMERIC WORDS & PHRASES (The correct response will begin with a spelled number.)
The title of this 9th century Arabic tale tells us it spanned about 2 3/4 yearTALES

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