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ClueWho is or What isCategory
The Jacobite rebellion tried to put a member of this royal family back on the English throne but failedTHE SCENE IN 1715
Its official languages include German, Italian & French; 20% of its people mainly speak FrenchFRENCH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES
In 'The Song of the Lark', part of her Prairie Trilogy, Thea Kronborg leaves home & becomes a soprano at the MetSONG BOOKS
Until the 20th c. it formed part of the University of Paris & its name was synonymous with the school'sCOLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
In 2011 this rock legend auctioned off part of his guitar collection to benefit his Crossroads Centre rehab clinicCOLLECTORS
The 2 most abundant elements in Earth's crust are oxygen & this one used in making electronic circuitsELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Entirely south of the Equator, by areaTHE LARGEST COUNTRY...
'Himno IstmeƱo', or 'Isthmus Hymn'COUNTRIES' NATIONAL ANTHEMS
The war of this country's succession erupted in 1701 after the death of the childless Charles IIWHAT A SUCCESSION!
From the mid-1880s to 1914, this sea east of New Guinea was under German controlTHE SEA 'B's
You started this job as a junior to a squire at 7 years of age; nice haircut!MEDIEVAL JOB MART
First formed to drive New York settlers out of Vermont, this armed band later gained fame at Fort TiconderogaCOLONIAL NEW ENGLAND
John Steinbeck changed 'Something That Happened' to this title, a reference to a Robert Burns poemWORKING BOOK TITLES
This tycoon's Northern Securities company was dissolved in 1904 for violating the Sherman Antitrust ActAMERICAN HISTORY
This Alabama college town's name was inspired by a line from Oliver Goldsmith's poem 'The Deserted Village'COLORFUL U.S. CITIES
In Freudian theory this 8-letter term is our conscience; its namesake comedic podcast is 'Improvised & Analyzed'LET'S CONTINUE TO PODCAST
Dickens' artist Luke Fildes said Dickens told him the solution to this was that John Jasper strangled his nephewENGLISH LITERATURE
The OED traces this term back to an 1809 article about cerebral fibersCOLORFUL EXPRESSIONS
The Greek general Agamemnon is a character in this Shakespeare playSOMETHING TO READ
In the U.S. it borders Florida; in Europe, it borders Russia & TurkeyGEO-PARDY
The Mead Johnson Co. introduced this bland baby cereal, now a term for trite or childish ideasWORDS & PHRASES
This rotund figure was once drawn 'drinking' nails to show that driving over them didn't bother his tiresADVERTISING ICONS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The Netherlands relinquished sovereignty over it in 1949WHAT 'IA' COUNTRY
'The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: abolition of' this, an alliterative phraseTHE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO
In 1297 he was knighted upon his return to Scotland & proclaimed Guardian of the KingdomOLD '97s
In 1658, perhaps as he was busy admiring his Taj Mahal, his son Aurangzeb deposed him & took over the Mughal EmpireTHE 1600s
An Oct. 13, 1960 New York Times headline read that this world leader 'bangs his shoe on desk'IT WAS THE '60s
From the Latin for 'soldier's pay', it's a fixed & regular payment, such as an allowanceAT THE 'END' (The correct response will end with those three letters.)
The Zimmerman Note encouraged this nation to ally with Germany, which promised to let it annex lost land in the U.S.WORLD WAR I
Ponder the tragic life of Crown Prince Rudolf in his lavish suite in this capital's Schonbrunn PalacePALACES
The first cervical vertebra is called this after a Greek god because it supports the headOUR BODIES
It completes the title of Steve Harvey's 'Act Like a Lady...'; it was also the entire title of the movieBESTSELLERS
This 4-letter word comes from the Hebrew for 'with certainty'FOUND IN GERMANY (The correct response will be a word that can be made up of the letters that you will find in 'Germany'.)
Rudyard's father J. Lockwood Kipling illustrated this 1901 novel with a very short titleLITERATURE
It's the area from which you can watch politicians in their habitat; Parliament's was once called the Strangers' onePARLIAMENT VS. CONGRESS
In the 1980s Chris Van Allsburg won 2 Caldecotts: for 'Jumanji' & this story of a northbound trainTHE CALDECOTT MEDAL
Because it has 6 units called iambs, the poetic line 'Thou art unseen, but yet I hear thy shrill delight' is in iambic thisARTS & CULTURE
This device is used to separate solids from liquids & Iran's thousands of them are part of the 2015 nuclear dealCHEMISTRY
'I never did offend you in my life; never loved Cassio but with such general warranty of heaven as I might love'SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN SPEAK (You have to name the character for us.)
A 1666 entry in his diary read, 'The churches, houses and all on fire and flaming at once'DIARIES & JOURNALS
Although best known for their fairy tales, these brothers were pioneers in creating a German dictionaryWORLD LITERATURE
These 2 Mediterranean islands are independent countriesDOUBLE UP ON YOUR COUNTRIES
A museum devoted to this scientist & inventor is housed in what was originally the Tuskegee campus laundryHIS OWN MUSEUM
Mary I: Henry VIII & this Spanish importTHEY MADE MARY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This prince & would-be king ignored advisors & fought the 1746 Battle of Culloden Moor; 'twas not a bonnie choicePULLING RANK
A ceremony on November 19, 1863 dedicated a cemetery in this townCEREMONIES
The National Aviation Hall of Fame was founded in 1962 in this city, the 'Birthplace of Aviation'AVIATION
To elect a new pope, the College of Cardinals gathers for this 8-letter meeting in the chapelSISTINE CHAPEL
He not only has a New York City bridge named for him but bridges in Maryland & Rhode Island as wellITALIAN EXPLORERS
On March 6, 1857 Chief Justice Roger Taney announced the Supreme Court's decision in this slave's caseWHAT HAPPENED WHEN?
The Chinese gooseberry was renamed this by New ZealandersFRUIT
...see the sights in this capital; we've left the Mecca Highway & are now on the King Fahd HighwayWE'RE ON THE ROAD TO
The discovery of a dead rat starts this 1947 Albert Camus novel; more would follow1940s FICTION
In 2007 he was commemorated on an Australian postage stamp with proceeds going to his Wildlife Warriors charityGOOD CAUSES
It got its name by removing the first 3 letters from the name of the horse that Bellerophon tried to fly to heavenTECH COMPANY NAMES
This tall reed-like plant has long fibers, making it easy to spin into linen yarnFABRICS & TEXTILES
In 1899 this man equipped ships with wireless tech so they could report on the America's Cup to a NYC newspaperTINKERERS
A clear, yellowish fluid containing white blood cellsNO VOWELS BUT Y
Antares is the brightest star in this constellation; don't get stungDUDE, WHERE'S MY STAR?
Befitting the name, Pennsylvania's Chanticleer Gardens feature design motifs of this birdGARDENS
Boozy drink that Robert Butt claims to have invented while bartending at New York's Jones BeachNOT MY CUP OF TEA
'South' is this explorer's account of his efforts from 1914 to 1917 to become the first man to cross AntarcticaLITERARY DIRECTIONS
Obligatory, as in a contractALSO PART OF A BOOK
This oceanographer & inventor, 1910-1997INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAMERS

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