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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1890 this painter of the American west illustrated an edition of Longfellow's 'Song of Hiawatha'19th CENTURY NOTABLES
Her grandmother told her that when she was 15, she could rise out of the sea & sit on the rocks in the moonlightHANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN
Nothing's final, it's all in this, also the name for magnetic lines that run from pole to pole forming magnetic fieldsPHYSICAL SCIENCE
In 1953, KLAS became the first TV station in this western state60 YEARS OF THE TV STATION
Crayfish aren't fish but these, like their relative the lobsterANIMAL IMPOSTORS
An Oxnard festival for this condiment advertises that it celebrates 'the food, the music, the dance'CALIFORNIA FOOD FESTIVALS
Losing the battle of Grunwald in 1410 in Poland led to the end of the military power of these knightsTHE 15th CENTURY
In March 2002, on his 16th nomination, he finally won his first Oscar, for 'Monsters, Inc.'FILM COMPOSERS
Enjoy a cup of Starbucks while checking out the bestsellers here, BKSSTOCK SYMBOLS
Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban & Mayor Mike Rawlings were 3 of the real folks at the 2013 memorial for this TV characterTV CHARACTERS
Leader of the Red Army during the civil war, he met his demise in Mexico 2 decades laterTHE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION
One of the 2 countries that took turns controlling Finland from the 1100s to its 1917 independenceFINLANDIA
The name of this secrect sect said to have formed in 1776 is from the Latin for 'enlightened'... but I've said too muchSTARTS & ENDS WITH A VOWEL
Oral Roberts University has a college of it-OLOGIES
I helped my wife run for president & later, successfully, for the SenateAFTER I LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION
This Spanish word for 'neighborhood' refers to a Latino enclave in a U.S. cityPARTS OF THE CITY
On the Grand Trunk Road, the Wagah border separating these 2 countries since 1947 is called the 'Berlin Wall of Asia'GEOPOLITICAL HOT SPOTS
In April 1865 she wrote to Mary Todd Lincoln, 'I cannot remain silent...brokenhearted by the loss of my own beloved husband'HISTORIC LETTERS
The name of this anti-inflammatory comes from the longer version, isobutylphenyl propionic acidMEDICINE
Consisting of a peninsula & 2 islands, it was the longest-lasting European colony in Asia: 442 years, ending in 1999ASIA
This largest Central American lake is separated from the Pacific Ocean by the 12-mile-wide Rivas Isthmus'N' THE ATLAS
In 1856 this West Pointer cast his only vote for president before his own election-- for BuchananU.S. PRESIDENTS
An outer garment & a weapon combine to give us this phrase meaning dealing in espionage & intrigueA FASHION STATEMENT
Although born in the United States, he was the only president who spoke English as a second languageU.S. PRESIDENTS
Andrew Sachs, who played a Spaniard among Brits on 'Fawlty Towers', reads this 1859 'tale' of a Brit among the FrenchAUDIO BOOK PERFORMERS
Used on fishing boats, this long pole with an iron hook is a homophone of a social blunderHOOK
'Nerve Center' is Michael Bohn's history of this 'room', the White House crisis-management center that he once ranPOLITICAL BOOKS
When evidence was lacking, juries of yore would reply with this Latin word meaning 'we do not know'; now it means a dunceWORD ORIGINS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1861, 4 years after being selected to preside over Mexico's supreme court, he was elected presidentHISTORIC NAMES
Tough job! In November 1862 James Seddon became the fourth man in this cabinet post in 19 monthsTHE CONFEDERACY
From the Latin for 'iron', this worker was similar to a blacksmith & often did a shod-y jobOCCUPATIONS
'Royal March of the Lion', 'The Aquarium' & 'The Aviary' are thematically related 1886 works from this manCLASSICAL MUSIC
This bitter green liqueur is distilled from alcohol infused with wormwoodBITTER
In Latin America the Christmastime walks & visits called novenas start on this pre-Christmas dateCHRISTMASTIME AROUND THE WORLD
There's news of the first lab test for this 10-letter condition the NIH [the National Institutes of Health] calls the leading cause of disability for Americans 15 to 44HEALTH & MEDICINE 2013
Longfellow called her the 'handsomest of all the women in the land of the Dacotahs'POETIC WOMEN
In 1943 he fled from Copenhagen to escape the Nazis & later went to Los Alamos to advise scientists working on the A-BombSCIENTIFIC EUROPEAN
This African custom seen at many weddings of African Americans symbolizes sweeping away the old_____ING THE _____
If he'd been emperor of Egypt, his name would have been NileiusCAESAR
With 50 million speakers, this Bantu language is the most widely spoken native language on the continentLANGAUGES OF AFRICA
This 1854 act introduced by Stephen Douglas created 2 new territories west of MissouriOUR HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS
North Korea is the DPRK; this country is the LPDRCOUNTRIES FOR SHORT
With over 10 billion genealogical records. this website says it's the 'largest online family history resource'GENEALOGY
An explorer: 'The Man Who Presumed'BIOGRAPHY SUBJECTS
Leonardo DiCaprio hosted a 1996 'Street Magic' 'TV special by this man now known for his endurance stuntsIT'S MAGIC TIME!
Hata & Ludmila are 2 moms who deal with the marriage broker Kecal in this Smetana operaOPERA MOMS
In 2012, 22 years after their first album, they released a new one that includes 'Good Vibrations' & 'Monday Monday'POP GROUPS
When presiding over the new year, this Roman god holds the numbers 300 & 65 in his handsMYTHING PERSONS
After throwing a long, last-second touchdown in 1975, Roger Staubach said, 'I closed my eyes & said' thisSPORTS TERM HISTORY
In 40 A.D. Trung Trac & her sister gathered an army & drove the Chinese out of what's now this countryANCIENT WOMEN
Joy, Nellie & Aranea are 3 of the many children of this title characterCHILDREN'S LITERATURE
'The American Tolkien' was what Time magazine called this author with the same 2 middle initials as TolkienAUTHORS
In a letter to the author, President Obama called this 'a lovely book--an elegant proof of God, and the power of storytelling'21st CENTURY NOVELS
Jimmy Carter held 480 screenings at the White House; his first was this film set in 1970s Washington, D.C.PRESIDENTS & FILM
With peace on earth on their minds, Israel's Menachem Begin & this leader met in Egypt on Christmas Day 1977CHRISTMAS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Pretending to be a tree is an exercise in a key textbook of this system that spread from Russia to Broadway & then to Hollywood20th CENTURY ARTS
In area it's the largest of the 8 'M' states'M' STATE
In an April 9, 1965 exhibition game, Mickey Mantle hit the first home run in this '8th Wonder of the World'THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE DOME
In a July 1990 post Yisrael Radai called this 7-letter term 'a word I just coined for Trojans, viruses, worms etc,'TECH TERMS
In 1925 Australia sent the San Diego Zoo Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, its first pair of theseYOU'RE AN ANIMAL!
The grave of this founder of a U.S. state is at Old Jordans Cemetery, Buckinghamshire, England'P's ON EARTH
The inventor of this image format said the OED wrongly has 2 pronunciations of it--the right one is with a soft 'g'THE INTERNET
The National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD began with the collection Dr. Joseph Lovell, this officialLIBRARIES
The Mozambique ChannelA DROP IN WHICH OCEAN?
Hallmark suggests including a strip of adinkra cloth with your card for this holidayHAPPY DECEMBER, EVERYBODY!
By Kathy Reichs, ' _____ are Forever' & '206 _____'SOLVE THE MYSTERY TITLE
The copper products co. founded by this man in 1801 is still around today, but in Rome, New York, not BostonMY NAME IS MY BRAND
This Polish shipbuilding port's town hall once served as the office of the Hanseatic LeagueEUROPEAN PORTS
There were just 13 of these, the title of an historic document; one offered admission to Canada18th CENTURY AMERICA
Woodrow Wilson said this man had enough genius to be immortal & 'unschooled passion enough to have made him infamous'19th CENTURY VICE PRESIDENTS
From the Greek for 'sign bearer', it's the type of flag used to send messages from ship to shoreFLAG TERMS
This massive project was the first in North America to contain more masonry than the Great Pyramid at Giza1930s ENGINEERING FEATS
She declined burial in Westminster Abbey; her pallbearers were from Army units whose wounded she had tendedWOMEN IN HISTORY
The writer who named this U.S. movement said the term referred to supreme blessedness, not exhaustion20th CENTURY LITERARY TERMS
Chapter 4: 'Clarence Endive was from East Egg, as I remember, he came only once, in white knickerbockers'PLEASE, NOT CHAPTER 11 (You have to name the book.)
John Wilkes Booth saw himself as a dictator-slayer, so his original target date was April 13, which is this on the Roman calendarTHE CALENDAR
'Twenty thousand pounds sterling I think will be a cheap purchase' for West Point, he wrote to Major Andre July 15, 1780DID YOU GET MY LETTER?
A big-time block (& maybe a lot of partying) delayed 'Answered Prayers' by this 'Non-fiction novelist'A CASE OF WRITER'S BLOCK
In the mid-1660s he laid the foundations of calculus & wrote the essay 'Of Colours'SCIENTISTS
This metal's name is derived from a word for a demon or little devilPERIODIC TABLE FOR 5
Twain satirized the customs & institutions of the feudal world in this 1889 novelMARK TWAIN

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