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ClueWho is or What isCategory
This highest decoration for valor in the British armed forces was instituted at the request of Prince AlbertAWARDS & HONORS
The name of this part of a neuron comes from the Greek for 'pertaining to a tree''D' IN SCIENCE
The Etruscans' territory extended roughly south to this river, where the hero Horatius stopped them at the bridgeITALIAN HISTORY
In 1805 the second in command to this hero said, 'I wish (he) would stop signaling. We all know what we have to do'PEOPLE IN BRITISH HISTORY
In 1986 her company, now associated with JC Penney, became the first founded by a woman to make the Fortune 500FASHION DESIGNERS
This novelist served in the Mississippi House of Representatives from 1984 to 1990AUTHORS' FORMER JOBS
Umberto Eco wrote a parody of this novel, having Umberto Umberto fall for the aged GranitaA LITTLE LIT
Last name of Biff & Happy, brothers in a stage playLITERARY RELATIONS
Though being added to much more slowly than 20 years ago, it's now 1.3 million sq. ft., too big to display in one placeART & ACTIVISM
Between the Dardanelles & the Aegean lies this Turkish peninsula, site of WWI strife'G'EOGRAPHY
The last speech in this play says, 'No grave upon the earth shall clip in it a pair so famous'SHAKESPEARE
This 2-word adjective for 'going against accepted speech or conduct' first appeared in a 1933 translation from IzvestiaPHRASE ORIGINS
Hemingway wrote that if you've lived in Paris as a young man, 'wherever you go...it stays with you, for Paris is' this book titleTALK OF THE TOWN
Teflon is an example of this type of compound that contains only the elements F & CSCIENCE GRAB BAG
The Marriott Rivercenter at 101 Bowie St.SKYSCRAPER CITY
Oh, the heartache! After the hero Aeneas left her, Dido the queen of this land took her own lifeMYTHING IN ACTION
This queen of France was divorced from Louis VII in March 1152 & married Henry Plantagenet 2 months laterTHE 12th CENTURY
Dec. 25, 1837: U.S. troops suffer heavy casualties fighting this Florida tribe at the Battle of Lake OkeechobeeTHE WAR ON CHRISTMAS
Germany launched its ill-fated invasion of the Soviet Union in June of this yearWORLD WAR II
This 1962 play takes place beginning at 2 A.M. in the living room of a house on a New England college campus20TH CENTURY PLAYS
Perhaps the smallest mouse is this one of sub-Saharan Africa, also a term for small peoples in the region& MICE
It's the only current bill with the face of a treasury secretary on itGREENBACKS
The U.S. leads the world in operating nuclear reactors with 104, followed by this European country with 58NUCLEAR ENERGY
You know, he was a 1901 VMI grad, spearheaded the big European recovery program 46 years laterGEORGE, UHHH...
This Caribbean nation flies La Estrella Solitaria, 'The Solitary Star'THE NAME OF THE FLAG
Geraldine Brooks' 'March' imagines the war exploits of Mr. March, the father of the 4 girls in this workCIVIL WAR LITERATURE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In English exactly 3 words, with a total of 6 letters, represent this part of speechGRAMMAR
From the Greek for 'coal', it's transmitted by farm animals, contaminated wool & biological weaponsMEDICAL ETYMOLOGY
Nike redesigned the NFL uniforms for 2012, with the biggest revamp for this team that's closest to Nike headquartersNEW JERSEY
Drops of good is a community project of this coffee brandBEVERAGE BRANDS
In June 1787 this ship's interior was converted to house pots holding breadfruit plantsSHIP SHAPE
His paintings of the naked & clothed 'Majas' caused him to be called before a tribunalPAINTED LADIES
The view of a certain middle eastern city inspired Pastor Phillips Brooks to write this carol in 1868LET'S GO CAROLING
It was closed in 1963 becvause it was too costly to operate; 1 million gallons of water were shipped to the island each weekBEHIND BARS
He has a Medal of Freedom, a Pulitzer Citation & membership in the Rock & Roll & Minnesota Music Halls of FameAMERICAN ICONS
Other than the sun, the 1st star surface directly photographed was Betelgeuse, the shoulder of this constellationSTARRY NIGHT
In 1935 this American became the first to shoot a liquid-fuel rocket faster than the speed of sound1930s SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Average elevation about 8,000 feet: ends with NTHE 'B'-GINNING & END OF THE COUNTRY
At the beginning of each term, Supreme Court justices work one week, then get Monday off for thisHOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES
'Neptune, the Mystic' ends this Gustav Holst workTHE ARTS
Some of its collections were housed in the Serapeum, a temple dedicated to the god SerapisTO THE LIBRARY!
Appropriately, the highest mountain peak in this South American country is Pico Cristobal ColonMOUNTAIN DO
The town where he was born in 1811 is now in far eastern Austria; when he was born there it belonged to another countryCOMPOSERS' BIRTHPLACES
From the Latin for 'road', it means to depart from the norm3-SYLLABLE VERBS
After World War I this justice headed a delegation of American Zionists to a conference in LondonSUPREME COURT JUSTICES
This man is the only U.S. president since Hoover not named Time magazine's Man or Person of the YearU.S. PRESIDENTS
This state's highest peak is 13,796 feet high & only about 15 miles from the oceanSTATES' HIGHEST POINTS
The movie 'Nora' tells of the relationship between Nora Barnacle & this writer played by Ewan McGregorWRITERS ON FILM
3 friends are thrown into a fiery furnaceBIBLE BOOKS BY STORY
St. Andrew: this profession he practiced for a livingPATRON SAINTS
Though it consists entirely of islands, this populous country borders 3 other nationsWORLD GEOGRAPHY
Hercule Grimaldi, Honore GrimaldiITS REIGNING MEN (We'll give you the men, you tell us the country they have ruled over.)
ClueWho is or What isCategory
An assignment for Sports Illustrated to cover a motorcycle race in Nevada led Hunter S. Thompson to write this bookADVENTURES IN JOURNALISM
Marseilles has a large number of North Africans, most coming from this former colonyMINORITY POPULATIONS
Thoreau noted in 1854, it 'resounds at every post. it is a harp with one string--the first strain from the American lyre'19th CENTURY INVENTIONS
This 1886 title doctor isn't really himself when he tramples over a kid & clubs a guy to deathTHAT DOCTOR IS UNREAL!
From 1952 to 1965 Pittsburgh-born David McDonald had the title president of the union of these workersOLD McDNONALD HAD...
This country: June 17, 1944, with Sveinn Bjornsson as its first presidentBIRTH OF A NATION
The preface to this mega-bestseller begins, 'I'd never given much thought to how I would die'NOVEL 'T's
These 3 English words translate the phrase written 11 times on both the green & red stripes on Iran's flagIRAN
Alphabetically, this breed is last on the recognized list of the American Kennel ClubDOG BREEDS
This 1967 No. 1 hit contains snippets of 'In The Mood', 'Greensleeves' & 'She Loves You'1960s ROCK MUSIC
This common Irish prefix comes from the French for 'son'SON OF...
This Moscow green space gave Martin Cruz Smith a novel titleLANDMARKS
One of the 3 national capitals made up of 2 words that begin with the same letterWORLD CAPITALS
This term for a golf course is actually a Scottish word for sandy coastal landSPORTS TERMS
The collapse of this title structure causes the death of Esteban, Uncle Pio, Don Jaime, Pepita & a marquesa1920s LITERATURE
An 1877 cartoon showed 12 widows crying in bed, mourning the death of this man19th CENTURY AMERICANS
In 1886 he wrote, 'My books are water; those of the great geniuses is wine. Everybody drinks water'AMERICAN AUTHORS
'You better not never tell nobody but God', begins this 1982 novel, whose film version garnered 11 Oscar nominationsLITERARY FIRST LINES
Conan Doyle wrote, 'Where was the detective story until' this author 'breathed the breath of life into it?'AUTHORS ON AUTHORS
Going from the White House to ABC news, he wrote 'All Too Human: A Political Education' about his Clinton yearsPOLITICAL MEMOIRS
Musicians can thank John Shore, who invented this in 1711; it vibrated at 423.5 cycles a second18th CENTURY TECHNOLOGY
Auctioned !N 2011, a letter by this author who satirized the military said. 'in truth I enjoyed' fighting in WWIIAUTHORS AT WAR
Before Michael Phelps in 2008, he was the last American to win 5 individual golds in one Olympics; he did it at Lake PlacidOLYMPIC GOLD MEDALISTS
'Another part of the island'SHAKESPEAREAN SCENE SETTINGS (You have to identify the play.)
Thomas Watson Jr. appeared on the March 28, 1955 cover of Time with the caption 'Clink, Clank,' thisBUSINESSMEN

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