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ClueWho Is Or What IsCategory
Originally, this unit of measure was the amount of radioactivity given off by one gram of radium'C' IN SCIENCE
While he's had 12 top 10 hits on Billboard, including 7 from a 1984 album, he's never had a No. 1 singleROCK ICONS
Translate the name of Tulsa's leading newspaper into French & you have this Paris dailyTHE WORLD PRESS
The name of this early species in the genus Homo means 'handy' in Latin'HAB' A CLUE
While north of his homeland he was inspired to write perhaps his greatest work, 'Alturas de Macchu Picchu'POETS
Character names in a book & movie series, the top names for 2009 & 2010 were Isabella for girls & this biblical one for boysPOPULAR BABY NAMES
When in Rome, Eos, Goddess of Dawn, went by this nameDAYLIGHT COME
This city has been hosting its Golden North Salmon Derby since 1947, before it was officially a state capitalSTATE CAPITAL FUN FESTS
Inspired by a Meher Baba saying, this 1980s Grammy winner was the first a cappella recording to top the billboard 100HIT SONGS
The only Roman Catholic signer represented this stateDECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SIGNERS
Jinja, UgandaLAKE CITY (You have to name the largest lake each city lies on, or is near.)
Recent evidence suggests that, despite its name, this 1599 building was a 20-sided icosagonFAMOUS BUILDINGS
Adjective for the medical philosophy of treating the entire person, mind & body, not just the part that's ailingMAKING A 'LIST'
His second inauguration marked the first time that women officially participated in the inaugural paradePRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATIONS
Aconcagua is one of what are alliteratively known as the '7' theseNUMERIC PLACES
A transplant rejection problem, GVH, stands for graft versus this'H'EALTH & MEDICINE
This team that joined the NFL in the mid-1970s is the only one whose name starts with the same 3 letters as its city's nameTHE NFL
In 2010 she launched a children's line, yeah, yeah, yeah: SMMONOGRAMS IN FASHION
The USS Maine goes down, killing 260DECADES OF DISASTER
A Mainz museum honoring this most famous son traces the history of printing & has a replica of his press on displayMUSEUMS OF GERMANY
This former hubby of Eva Longoria had some success in his native France with his hip hop album 'TP'HIP HOP HOOPSTERS
Somewhat ironically, this Connecticut city was attacked, captured & burned by the British in 1781'NEW' U.S. CITIES
Originally planned for Charles Laughton & Elsa Lanchester in the 1930s, it was later made with Bogart & HepburnCLASSIC CINEMA
The Aztecs prized this blue-green gemstone & a double-headed serpent mosaic of it is an icon of their artGEMSTONES
1 of the 2 islands with a population exceeding 100 million; each one is part of an Asian countryISLANDS
The earliest known use of this term was in an Indianapolis Star opinion piece of September 20, 1914'FIRST' PHRASES
ClueWho Is Or What IsCategory
In WWII he flew 60 combat missions as a bombardier with the U.S. Army Air Forces in EuropeAUTHORS NOT WRITING
In a Grimm tale, elves made these for a merchant until his wife made them clothes; they never came backELF-HELP
In 'The Third Man' Orson Welles said it 'had 500 years of democracy & peace, & what did that produce? The cuckoo clock'QUOTES ABOUT PLACES
Race for the Cure is a fundraiser for the breast cancer foundation named for this woman, Nancy G. Brinker's sisterFUNDRAISERS
Francis II was the leader of this empire when it was dissolved in 1806THE LAST
Building on the work of Galileo and Kepler, he published the first quantitative theory of gravitation in 1687A MATTER OF SOME GRAVITY
Bean beetle & beaded lizardGOING NATIONAL (You have to give us the nationality most associated with the items in the clue)
In 'The Veteran', a sequel to this 1895 novel, Henry Fleming tells us Chancellorsville was where he was woundedRED BOOK
The name of this deep red also means 'of prime importance'COLORS
In a July 6, 2003 referendum, this Mediterranean island narrowly defeated a plan for limited autonomyFRENCH HISTORY
The volcanic soil of this Atlantic island helps give a distinctive rich flavor to the fortified wine named for itIT'S A 'MAD' WORLD
1917's 'King Coal' by this author was to the mining industry what an earlier work had been to the meat-packing industryMINER CLASSICS
On Dec. 6, 1884 this was capped with a 100-oz., 9-inch-high pyramid-shaped block of aluminum, a metal that was rare at the timeU.S. STRUCTURES
Pregnant women take this, also called vitamin B9, to reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain & spinal cordNUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS
Mike Conley had a personal best of over 27' in the long jump & over 58' in this eventTHE NATIONAL TRACK & FIELD HALL OF FAME
Geologists use these 2 Greek-derived terms to describe the 'New Stone Age' & the 'Old Stone Age' time periodsA STONY CATEGORY
Queen Anne liked the Marquess of Normanby, gave him permission to build a huge home in London & made him Duke of thisJOLLY OLD ENGLAND
A type of walk, or an upper deck on a passenger ship where folks can strollON DECK
A nonexistant domain error on a failed e-mail is kind of the new version of this 1962 Elvis songONCE THERE WERE NO COMPUTERS
From the Italian for 'of a cave', this adjective today refers to anything strange or uglyWORD ORIGINS
A bestseller: 'Renowned curator Jacques Sauniere staggered through the...archway of the museum's Grand Gallery'BOOKS' FIRST LINES
In 2009 she became Solicitor General of the U.S., arguing cases before the Supreme CourtDOCTOR, LAWYER, NATIVE AMERICAN LEADER
The largest national park lies on this island; at 375,000 square miles, it occupies about 45% of this island's areaNATIONAL PARKS OF THE WORLD
For a 1953 play, he spent time in Salem doing research at the courthouse & at the Witch HousePLAYWRIGHTS
The old-time illegal lottery called this game employed runners to take betsSTOP THAT RACKET!
Mr. Woodhouse, eternally preoccupied with health & food, is the father of this Austen title characterWHAT A 19th CENTURY CHARACTER
You'll find the University of Missouri's main campus in this city -- the one in Missouri, not in South CarolinaNOT ACTUALLY A STATE CAPITAL (You have to give us the city that is not actually a state capital.
ClueWho Is Or What IsCategory
Steinbeck took note when Burns wrote 'the best laid schemes o' these two things 'gang aft agley'BURNS, BABY, BURNS
Edmund Halley was the second this 'Royal' from 1720 to 1742OFFICIAL BRITISH ROYAL POSTS
16th century British farmers notching their livestock for identification led to this term for an item set asie for a specific purposePOLITICAL WORDS
Declaring 'there is no right to strike against the public safety', Mass. governor Coolidge broke a 1919 strike by themI'M ON STRIKE
He was born in NYC on April 3, 1783, toward the end of the Revolutionary War, & named for one of the war's heroesAMERICAN AUTHORS
A Roman legal term for a debtor sentenced to servitude is the origin of this term for a slave to a viceWORD HISTORY
Concluding a 4-book series, his 2004 novel 'Folly and Glory' features Kit Carson, William Clark & Jim BowieCONTEMPORARY AMERICAN WRITERS
One form of justification for a bad act is having had these, proverbially the asphalt on the way to HellGETTING DEFENSIVE
As Chancellor from 1982 to 1998, Helmut Kohl presided over the reunification of Germany in this yearGERMAN CHANCELLORS SINCE WWII
This constitutional amendment uses the phrase 'twice put in jeopardy of life or limb'CHECKING IT TWICE
The cup presented since 1887 to the man who wins this is inscribed 'single handed champion of the world'SPORTING EVENTS
Strom ThurmondTHE THIRD-MOST POPULAR PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE(We will give you the name of the candidate who finished in third place. You have to tell us who won the election.)
This city in the Crimea is a health resort with many sanatoriums, including one suggested by Chekhov in 1899COSMOPOLITAN
High priest Imhotep (1999)MOVIE TITLE SUBJECTS (We want you to name the film)
Crosby, Sinatra & Hope starred in the October 13, 1957 CBS-TV special that launched this short-lived productBUSINESS HISTORY
A lido is a public one of these; on a cruise ship you'll find one on the lido deckBRIT SPEAK
Previously done by the Trapp Family, this song about an instrumentalist was a Top 40 hit every December from 1958 to 1962THE BILLBOARD TOP 40
This word for a friend comes from the Latin for 'with whom you would eat bread'WORD ORIGINS
It was Hamlet, in the Queen's chamber, stabbing this man through a curtainCLUE: THE SHAKESPEARE VERSION
November 3: Separation Day, commemorating its 1903 split with ColombiaTHE COUNTRY'S NATIONAL HOLIDAY
59,425 total square miles, today the biggest of the original 13TRY STATE AREA
As the mighty emperor of the Incas in 1532, Atahualpa faced 180 soldiers led by this SpaniardNON-ROMAN EMPERORS
In the congress system of 1815-25, nations tried to solve conflict diplomatically, starting with the Congress of hereTIMES PAST
Teddy Roosevelt spoke to a crowd of 10,000 at the laying of the foundation stone for this cathedral in 1907CHURCHES & CATHEDRALS
This company started in 1833 selling mollusk exoskeletons; it switched to selling oil for lamps in the 1890sLONG LIVE THE COMPANY

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