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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Violent sexuality in this man's life & works before & during the French Revolution led to him being jailed for many yearsBOOKS & AUTHORITIES
Before she was Martha Washington, she was married to a man with this last nameSOUNDS LIKE MY FIRST MARRIAGE
During a 3-day alumni reunion in 1916, it moved from Boston's Back Bay to Cambridge3-LETTER RESPONSES
Of the 1645 Battle of Naseby: The forces of this kingHISTORIC LOSERS
In 2017 Charlie Taney apologized to the family of this slave for the terrible decision made under his ancestor RogerCHIEF JUSTICES
In the 120s A.D. the Romans built this structure that extended from Solway Firth to the River TyneGETTING POSSESSIVE
Aristotle & Cato the Elder opposed this 5-letter practice characterized by high lending ratesCREDITORS & PREY
In 1798 he told his men, 'From the summit of yonder pyramids forty centuries look down upon you'BARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS
This capital is just a 3-hour voyage cross the Rio de la Plata from Buenos AiresWORLD CAPITALS
A 20-kiloton A-bomb was dropped on this atoll in a 1946 test, the first in peacetimeHISTORY
The 1953 biopic of this man shows Tony Curtis dying in the water torture cell illusion, not from peritonitisMYOPIC BIOPICS
Each ray of the large star on its state seal has an emblem of one of the 5 Civilized TribesSTATE SEALS
Greek term for the unwashed massesRHYMING TERMS
He discovered the grandmummy of them all & soon wrote a book called 'The Tomb of Tut-ankh-amen'MUMMY DEAREST
Vague pain around the navel that intensifies can be a symptom of this; apply pressure to McBurney's point to diagnoseSYMPTOMS
Just like the one in the Middle East, this Salt Lake City river empties into a very saline lakeTO THE SALT LAKE CITY
The 1710s in the American colonies must have been sleepy, because in 1720 came the religious revival called thisTHE MEH DECADE
This program named for a senator sends U.S. students abroad to foster international goodwillGET WITH THE PROGRAM!
In the 17th century Gobind, the 10th leader, asked all Sikh men to add this word meaning 'lion' to their namesSIKH
Most cabinet meetings take place at a residence with this addressBRITISH CABINETRY
Broken down into hue, saturation & brightness, it can be defined as the sensation felt as waves of light hit the retinaLIGHT HEADED
This 64-year British era ended for a very specific reason in 1901THE END OF TIME
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Anne Rice's 'Interview with the Vampire' influenced Sting's song 'Moon Over' this streetSTREET SMARTS
In this Emma Donoghue book, 'Old Nick' is the father to young Jack, who thinks the title domicile is the whole worldFOE PA
Literally, this Arthur Miller title is a clay melting potTHE THING'S THE PLAY
While Bugsy Siegel was being shot in B H., Meyer Lansky's goons were walking into a hotel in this city & taking overGANGSTERS
This person didn't drive trucks but rather horses or oxen hauling cargo19th CENTURY OCCUPATIONS
This son of Apollo & Calliope could enchant gods, people, animals & even trees with the sound of his lyreMYTHOL-'O'-GY
For legends & suspect claims, the writers may check snopes.com, named for a family in this man's novelsJEOPARDY! WRITERS' ONLINE GO-TOs
Lake Cadillac, Lac Vieux DesertSTATES BY LAKES
In France this annual religious observance is known as 'Mercredi des Cendres'EVERY YEAR
Some of the buccaneers in this Gilbert & Sullivan show may do double duty as policemenON STAGE
I've got tinea pedis, this condition, so stop calling me a couch potatoDOC TALK
This animal adorns the coat of arms of the Ivory CoastNATIONAL COATS OF ARMS
1929's 'The Woman and the Roses' has one of the floating females of this Belorussian-born painter who settled in FrancePAINT MISS, BEHAVING
In Numbers 7 this priestly tribe is given 6 covered wagons to transport the tabernacle & its furnishingsOLD TESTAMENT TRANSPORTATION
The best-laid plans of these 2 authors gave us 1785's 'To a Mouse' & the 1937 title inspired by it, 'Of Mice and Men'TITLES FROM POETRY
'Jo's Boys, and How They Turned Out'3-NAME THE AUTHOR
Following World War II, he built an estate in Jamaica called GoldeneyeBRITISH AUTHORS
Cupid's lover, she loses Cupid for a time after disobeying his request to not seek his identityCHARACTERS IN MYTH
Akhenaten tried to switch the empire to worship of this, symbolized by the last 4 letters of his nameTHE PHARAOHS
19th c. English physician John Snow's knowledge of chloroform & ether made him a master of this -ology-ISMS & -OLOGIES
She created fictional mystery writer Ariadne Oliver, author of 'The Affair of the Second Goldfish'NOVELS WITHIN NOVELS
When people fled the Inquisition, sometimes they were found guilty in absentia & burned this wayTHE SPANISH INQUISITION
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Mistah Kurtz--he dead; in the April 1899 issue of Balckwood's Magazine thanks to this authorSERIAL KILLERS
This adjective is from the Greek for 'equal-legged'THE 'IS' STORM
This president from Ohio was assassinated in 1881; his widow moved to South Pasadena, dying in 1918 aged 85HIS WIDOW LIVED ON
The lead female role of this Humperdinck fairy tale duo is for soprano, with the brother a mezzoANOTHER FINE MEZZO
Since the 1950s the USAF & this air force have shared a base at Mildenhall in SuffolkAIR FORCE BASE
This adjective meaning angry may come from the name of 3 avenging goddesses of ancient mythETYMOLOGY
This city is about 20 miles northeast of Cannes via the N98 coastal roadEUROPEA'N' GEOGRAPHY
The only president who had been a P.O.W., he was held in Camden, S.C. by the British while just a teenager in 1781PRISONER OF WAR CAMPS
This then 96-member institution 'opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation'THE QUOTABLE WILL ROGERS
'For the strength of the pack is the ____, and the strength of the ____ is the pack'BEASTLY POETRY FILL-IN
In 1846 Joseph Leidy found & identified in this farm animal Trichina spiralis, a parasite that can be transmitted to humansANIMALS
Les Ballets de Monte Carlo was created in 1985 to honor this woman who died 3 years earlierBALLET COMPANIES
Orator Dolores Ibarruri coined the Republican battle cry 'No pasaran' ('They shall not pass') during this warHISTORY TIME
A viol has these on the fingerboard; a violin does notA HISTORY OF VIOLINS
In 1954 Senator McCarthy turned his anti-Red drive on this institution (but in confronting Joe Welch, he made a huge mistake)IT'S HISTORICAL ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT
If an Africanized colony of these is disturbed & in a bad mood, you may meet 10,000 of them in 15 secondsBUGS MEANIE
The full title of this novel includes 'El Ingenioso Hidalgo'IN THE 'D' TALES
A plain white fence on Hill Street is a tourist attraction in this Missouri townNATIVE SONS
Named for a son of Poseidon, it's Neptune's largest moonWHAT IN TARNATION? (The correct response will be made up of some of the letters in the word 'tarnation'.)
The only mainland South American country with English as an official languageONLY GEOGRAPHY

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