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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Balaenoptera musculusTHAT'S MY SCIENTIFIC NAME (You tell us what kind of animal we're talking about.)
According to legend, this gospel writer's body & relics were transported from Alexandria, Egypt to Venice in 828RELIGIOUS MATTERS
This German-born composer wrote 4 coronation anthems for Britain's George IICOMPOSERS
Short, disrespectful quiet laughsALSO A CANDY BAR
Andre Breton called the art of this fellow 20th c. artist 'the most hallucinatory known until now'ART & ARTISTS
The main campus of Cairo University is located in this suburb'G' CITIES
'In Exile' & 'In the Jewish Synagogue at Newport' are 2 other poems by this woman who was put on a pedestal in N.Y.WOMEN POETS
Bernie Sanders spent much of 2016 urging change to this 2-word Latin term for the existing state of affairsSOCIAL STUDIES
Most of the navigable waterways of Laos are along this riverON THE LAOS
This Manitoba lake is the largest body of water entirely within any provinceCANADIAN LAKES
This legal thriller gets is name from attorney Mickey Haller's habit of working out of his town carTHRILLER & SUSPENSE NOVELS
Daltonism is a type of this, a problem with cone receptorsHEALTH & MEDICINE
The Italian word for 'pilgrim' is this, also in the name of a sparkling water from the countryWORDS FOR TRAVELERS
On Dec. 19, 1776, with Washington's army verging on disintegration, Thomas Paine put out 'The American' this18th CENTURY AMERICAN WRITIN' & SPEAKIN'
'So Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab'BIBLE BOOK 'EM
Conair makes a bathroom scale bearing the name of this group founded by Jean NidetchKNOW YOUR SCALES
A dinner in appreciation & remembrance of one's past service or achievements11-LETTER WORDS
Southwest Texas county named for a man who died in San Antonio'C'OUNTIES
We 'fear' that in 10 million years, this largest of Mars' moons will crash into the planetTHE FUTURE OF THE UNIVERSE
The 1906 convention called for ratifications to be filed in this nearby national capitalIT'S THE GENEVA CONVENTION
In 1966 Huey Newton & Bobby Seale founded this militant party in OaklandHISTORY
The name of this state contains the name of a U.K. countryAUSTRALIANA
In a 1972 AFC playoff game, Franco Harris made the winning TD with a 'divine' shoestring catch dubbed thisSPORTS NICKNAMES
Venezuela's Canaima National Park is home to the picturesque Canaima Lagoon & this other watery iconNATIONAL PARKS OF THE WORLD
Botticelli was among those who painted a version of this, showing a trio paying homage to the baby Jesus'A' FOR ART
Oscar-nominated, a 2015 film was based on this bestseller about Eilis, a young Irish immigrant in NYC in the 1950sBOOKS
Her 2012 memoir details her family's experiences in Europe during World War II & the HolocaustAFTER THE CABINET
He told his fellow disciples, 'Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails...I will not believe' in the resurrectionTHE NEW TESTAMENT
This state of matter is bypassed in sublimationCHEMISTRY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Dickens used Thomas Carlyle's 'The French Revolution' for much of the background of this novelSPEAK OF THE DICKENS
When the Eagle landed in 1969, this 11-letter word of peace was mentionedWORDS OF PEACE
Need to replace the fender on your Corvette? Thank Dale Kleist, who pioneered this material in the 1930sAN INVENTIVE CATEGORY
This third wife of Henry VIII had her coronation postponed due to plague & then died after childbirthUNCROWNED ENGLISH MONARCHS
The German inscription on his grave in Jerusalem reads, 'The unforgettable rescuer of 1200 persecuted Jews'HUMANITARIANS
Don't be phobic about giving us this name for the central market & meeting place of many ancient Greek citiesTHE ANCIENT WORLD
James Madison held the first official inaugural ball in this year; 3 years later came war with Great BritainA DATE FOR THE INAUGURAL BALL
The Fibonacci sequence factors into the clues left behind by a museum curator in this 2006 filmMATH IN THE MOVIES
It's believed no public statue has ever been made of this czar & folks in Oryol City said in 2016 we don't want one eitherWORLD HISTORY
U.S. Grant's initials came to stand for this after giving extremely limited capitulation terms to Gen. BucknerTHE CIVIL WAR
In 1867 this microbiologist was appointed professor of chemistry at the SorbonneTHE 1860s
From 1959: In and around the Keller homestead in Tuscumbia, AlabamaPLAY SETTINGS
Blue Shirt Nation was a social network for this retailer's employeesCOMPANY 'B'
It's the precious element whose symbol is found in the middle of the name of Haiti's capitalCHEMICAL ELEMENT SYMBOLS
The vitreous bodyPARTS OF THE ORGAN
More than 70 scenes are depicted on it with the last, chronologically, showing the English retreating at Hastings in 1066HISTORIC OBJECTS
For over a century Room 12 has been the center of the Velazquez collection of this museumROOMS FULL OF CULTURE
In 1950 NATO named this general its supreme allied commander in Europe; he'd had recent experience in the jobNATO
This tin-glazed earthenware named for a city just southeast of the Hague was first made in the 17th centuryCERAMICS
In 1915 Thomas Lyle Williams began selling mascara under this brand name that honored his sisterBUSINESSES
In 1610 Donne criticized his former Catholic faith in 'Pseudo-Martyr', which was dedicated to this kingJOHN DONNE
Elementary! The name of this deep blue is from a German word for a type of goblinDEEP BLUE 'C'
Amendment XII: 'The ____ shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-PresidentTHE CONSTITUTION
Marius Pontemercy, Gavroche19th CENTURY NOVEL CHARACTERS
'The two poles of classical civilization' describes the 1960 Olympic torch relay from here to hereROUTE '60-SOMETHING
The first playing of this competition began July 13, 1930 in Montevideo; 13 countries vied, Uruguay wonURUGUAY
After graduating from high school, he worked as a mailroom clerk at the Kansas City Star & made $7 his first weekBEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT
Retracing this 1930s journey will take you thousands of miles from Ruijin to Yan'anIN THE FOOTSTEPS OF HISTORY

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