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ClueWho is or What isCategory
On April 7, 1954 Pres. Eisenhower spoke about this theory regarding the effects of the fall of French IndochinaTHAT'S THE THEORY
It took nearly 4 years for this Kansas man to recover from his WWII injuriesTHE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER
I commiserate with Homer when he invokes these 'daughters of aegis-bearing Zeus' to inspire himI READ HOMER
Headlines read, 'The Thrill Is Gone' after this legendary bluesman passed away at 89IN MEMORIAM 2015
Max is wearing his wolf suit & causing mischief at the start of this Sendak classicWHERE'S THAT BOOK?
'Connie, this is the new game-keeper' is a line from this scandalous 1928 novelROARING '20s READER
On the 'fifth day', as recounted in this 14th century collection by Boccaccio, the storytellers must tell tales of loveLITERATURE
Frank Ford is a jealous husband while George Page is a trusting one in this play'M' IS FOR SHAKESPEARE
This country that had violent regime change in 2011 has the largest oil reserves in AfricaOPEC NATIONS
Bridget Riley made viewers eyes hurt as a major figure in the 1960s style of geometry & illusions called this 'art'ART & ARTISTS
At the 1824 premiere of this work, the musicians & choir were told to ignore the conductorNINTH WAVE
Alphabetically last of Canada's 3 territories, it can range in temperatures with 80s in the summer & -60s in winterO CANADA
In the 1730s the 'Chronicon Helveticum' expounded on the legend of this archerARCHER
In 1890 this bureau of the government reported that the West was so settled that no frontier could be said to exist19th CENTURY AMERICA
It's spoken in & around Guangzhou & its name includes the city's old nameLANGUAGES
This Turkish mosque built by Mehmet Aga in the 17th century is named for its 20,000-plus colored tilesHOLY HOUSES
In the 1890s Melvil Dewey twice served as president of this organization'AMERICAN' ORGANIZATION (Full name of the organization is required.)
More than an acre of these provide power to the I.S.S. & also make it the brightest object in the night sky after the MoonLIVING THE SPACED-OUT LIFE
Those wanting to get married in Bali must conform to this country's Law No. 1 of 1974WEDDING ISLE
In September 1996 Jacquelyn Mitchard's 'The Deep End of the Ocean' became its first selection'90s POP CULTURE
In 1 Kings 3 God tells him, 'I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart'THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE
Defying a Coleridge poem, this type of bird was 64 when she laid an egg in 2015LONG-LIVED CREATURES
This tale includes the line 'Fish, you are going to have to die anyway. Do you have to kill me too?''O' IN LITERATURE
In 'Delta Wedding' Eudora Welty told the tale of a large southern plantation family in this stateWOMEN AUTHORS
'The toughest 4-letter word on wheels'DOUBLE-LETTER BRANDS BY SLOGAN
The Mississippi River--2 cities at opposite ends of the riverSTATE CAPITAL RIVERS
One of the most photographed buildings in the world, it sits on Port Jackson's Bennelong PointCLASSICAL MUSIC VENUES
Mythological character now left alone in the constellation GeminiNO C (And in this category, each correct response will be one word of a pair. But it'll be the word that is--does not begin with the letter 'C', okay? Common pairs.)
The main flag on a warship is called this, also a rank in the Navy THIS CATEGORY HAS BEEN FLAGGED
ClueWho is or What isCategory
These theoretical passageways are sometimes referred to as Einstein-Rosen bridgesDOWNRIGHT BEASTLY
After World War II he began writing mostly in French instead of his native tongueIRISH PLAYWRIGHTS
In 1747 this Prussian king presented a musical theme to Bach, who used it to develop his 'Musical Offering'I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD
The Corsica Channel separates Corsica from this other island where Napoleon livedCHANNEL SURFING
Emerging from eggs the size of footballs, newly hatched young of this largest living fish are 2 feet longDOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES
It was selected as a compromise between North Platters & South Platters, who each favored different localeSTATE CAPITALS
'Abe Lincoln: 'If' this general 'isn't going to use his army, I'd like to borrow it for a time'WHAT'D I SAY?
This title is borne by heirs apparent to the Dutch throneFOUND IN ROY G. BIV
In an Alexandre Dumas novel, the town of Haarlem offers a prize to anyone who can grow a black one of theseFLOWERY PROSE
The left lung has superior & inferior these parts; the right lung has those & a middle one tooAS I LEAVE & BREATHE
'Cultural' this says that the human experience around the world is becoming more homogenousANTHROPOLO-'G'
In 1895 at age 13 he had his first exhibition in a furniture store on Calle Real in the town of La CoruñaEARLY START
This eponymic word for Mexican rebels of the 1910s & their modern descendants'Z' WORDS
From the French for 'loosening', it was a loosening of tensions between the U.S. & Soviet Union in the 1970sFOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES
'These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air' in this island-set Shakespeare playAIR QUOTES
Larry the Bird was the original name of this site's logoTECH LOGOS
Pope wrote 'Nature and nature's laws lay hid in night: God said, let' this scientist 'be! and all was light'ALEXANDER POPE
In 1301 a son of the first English king of this name received the new title Prince of WalesTHE 1300s
Make no mistake, a character named Dr. Pinch is a quack physician & teacher in this Shakespeare playWHAT A CHARACTER!
Helvetica is this kind of typeface that by definition lacks the fine cross-strokes at the top & bottom of lettersA LITTLE ALLITERATION
A term for military weapons, ammunition & combat vehicles; insert an 'I' & you get a statuteSTARTS & ENDS WITH DIFFERENT VOWELS
The Wage and Hour Division & the Mine Safety and Health Administration are agencies of this cabinet departmentGOVERNMENT & POLITICS
Gloria Steinem wrote about sisterhood in this 'new magazine for women' in the spring of 1972FIRST ISSUES
Powerful pup reverts to the primitiveBOOKS, 'OF' ALL THINGS
Newspaper published Joseph Pulitzer's will endowed the prizes & this university's School of JournalismTHE PULITZER PRIZE AT 100
In 1699 Sieur d'Iberville saw Okwata, a vast lake near the Gulf of Mexico, & renamed it thisLAKES & RIVERS
This 1962 film made convicted murderer-turned-ornithologist Robert Stroud a household nameNOTORIOUS
This T.S. Eliot verse drama deals with the assassination of Thomas Becket___ IN THE ___

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