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To trigger a potent memory is to do this 3-word phrase, play a combination of 3 notesMUSICAL IDIOMS
Still around, these 2 rival companies began with a 1744 sale of 'scarce & valuable books' & a 1766 sale of chamber potsBRITISH BUSINESS NAMES
Found near Amsterdam in 2010, a 1606 stock certificate from this long-defunct company has been valued at $750,000BUSINESS HISTORY
Exiled from Prussia in 1849, this newspaper editor printed his final issue in redTHE 19th CENTURY
The plot? Potters plot; mid-March gets dangerous; main plotter ends up committing Strato-cideDESCRIBING THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY
In 1982, 72 years after his death, he became the first person inducted into the Hall of Famous MissouriansFAMOUS AMERICANS
This 'filler flower' often used in bridal bouquets comes in several varieties including New Love & PerfectaFLOWER POWER
The usually wealthy widow of a king (7)CROSSWORD CLUES 'D'
This European city hosted the northernmost Summer Games, also the first where Soviet athletes participatedOLYMPIC HOST CITIES
In 1170 he said, 'I am ready to die for my Lord, that in my blood the Church may obtain liberty and peace'LAST WORDS
Characters in this epic 4,002-line poem include Count Ogier, Duke Thierry & Archbishop Turpin of ReimsMEDIEVAL LITERATURE
This French king's attempt to escape his fate is known as the Flight to VarennesEUROPEAN RULERS
This beryl gem symbolized fertility & the Aztecs associated it with Quetzalcoatl, a god of agricultureSYMBOLS
As its name indicates, this member of the weasel family has the same favorite food as Winnie-the-PoohLITTLE WEASLES
The name of this knot used to shorten a rope without cutting it calls to mind a certain animal's legKNOW YOUR KNOT
In 1933 the first of these addresses began, 'I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the U.S. about banking'FAMOUS FIRST WORDS
In the Red Star in 1976, Capt. Yuri Gavrilov coined this nickname for a U.K. politician who had made a speech against the USSRHISTORICAL NICKNAMES
His headstone in Rome reads in part: 'This grave contains all that was mortal, of a young English poet'EPITAPHS
From the Latin for 'little mouse', these body parts are so named as their movements under the skin resemble miceGOOD MOUSE KEEPING
11 nominations, 1984; it won 8 Oscars, including Costume Design'A'CADEMY AWARD NOMINEES
Simba & Nala sing it on realizing they've found romanceDISNEY SONGS
The 75 year life of this Disney film includes an excerpt given to schools subtitled 'A Lesson in Honesty'2015 ANNIVERSARIES
'Memoirs of a Cavalier' was a fictional account of this decades-long war of 17th century continental EuropeDEFOE
In the 350s B.C. Demosthenes started warning Greeks about aggression by this Macedonian dadANCIENT GREECE
Steve Inskeep and David Greene host this show in the A.M. in D.C.; Renee Montagne, not far from us here in Culver CityNATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO
A line in this short story is 'slowly, awkwardly trying out his feelers, which he now first learned to appreciate...'FICTION
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The Ravi Shankar & Vilayat Khan are methods of teaching this instrumentMUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
'So glistered the dire snake, and into fraud / Led Eve our credulous mother, to the tree / Of prohibition, root of all our woe'DEAD POETS
In 2003 a campaign was launched to change the name of this Sicilian town, associated with the Mafia due to U.S. pop cultureITALIAN CITIES & TOWNS
George Romney, John Connally, John MitchellIN MY CABINET (You have to identify the president for us.)
In 2007 this state elected the USA's first Indian-American governorSTATE FIRSTS
1 of 2 performers to win 2 Best Actor Oscars for films that won Best PictureBEST ACTOR OSCARS
This New England state's record low of -50 F. was recorded in Aroostook County on January 16, 2009BRR, BABY, BRR
This 11-letter compound word sounds like it means miser, but it's the oppositeOPPOSITES
In 1717 it was Bastille Day for this 1-named author who'd do 11 months for satirical verses against the govt.DON'T BE A DUMAS
Dr. Hugh Cairns, who tried but couldn't save the life of this man in May 1935, became a pioneer in the use of motorcycle helmets20th CENTURY BRITS
These in women are also called oviductsBODY CHECK
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'s Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the JFK administration is called this many 'Days'BOOKS ABOUT PRESIDENTS
Published in 1513, it was dedicated 'to the magnificent Lorenzo di Piero de' Medici'POWER BOOKS
As William Faulkner sat writing, it took him six weeks to come up with this 1930 classicNOVELS WRITTEN FAST
This man who argued Brown v. Board of Education before the Supreme Court is buried in section 5ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY
Though jellyfish are spineless, they form a hydrostatic one of these structures when they take in waterBIOLOGY
This general from Uniontown won the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize for his plan helping European recoveryPENN. PALS
Church, the cat in this Stephen King novel, is killed one day, then pops up the next day like nothing happened--typical catCAT-O'-FIVE-TALES
The exosphere, the edge of the atmosphere, is primarily made of particles of hydrogen & this elementPHYSICAL SCIENCE
3-letter name for a long white tunic made of linen & worn by medieval clergyMEDIEVAL FASHION
In 1923 Fanny Brice made news by having this procedure, later rejected by a woman portraying her20th CENTURY AMERICA
Among the seas of the Mediterranean, it's alphabetically firstEARTH
In 1702 Thomas Savery wrote of one of his designs, 'Such an engine will do the work or labour of ten or twelve' theseINVENTORS
The difference of this southern state's highest & lowest points is only 345 feet, the smallest disparity among the statesU.S. STATES
Enjoy the Van Gogh Museum & the stock exchange, founded in 1602 in this city... but don't stop for any red lightsWORLD CAPITAL POINTS OF INTEREST
In a preface, Lewis Carroll gives the pronunciation of some new words found in this poemTHROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS
Arkansas' Hot Springs average 143 degrees; presumably these Oklahoma springs are 69 degrees hotterWORLD OF WATER
Dorothy's iconic blue & white checked pinafore in 'The Wizard of Oz' was made from this cotton fabricCOTTON IS KING
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'The Heather on the Hill' was one of the featured songs in this 1947 Lerner & Loewe musicalLERNER & LOEWE SONGS
In 1846 it had 200 people; 14 years later, thanks to a discovery, it had over 50,000, making it No. 15 in the countryU.S. CITIES
This North American river first sailed by Europeans in 1534 is named for a man who was martyred in Rome in the 3rd centuryRIVERS
He said a 2009 exhibit was the 1st time taxpayers' money was used 'to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off'ARTISTS
In 2014, 20 years after it was published, this book about the origins of Ebola was back on the nonfiction listTHE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS LISTS
Under the Treaty of Karlowitz of 1699, most of Hungary was ceded to this country by the Ottoman EmpireTHE 17th CENTURY
For the funeral scene in this 1982 biopic the production co. placed ads for 400,000 extras in Delhi newspapers1980s CINEMA
Set to the song 'You've Got Time', a montage of real women who were incarcerated is in the opening credits of this seriesTELEVISION
Temporary cessation of breathing; asphyxia is when it's not so temporarySAME FIRST & LAST LETTER
In 1858 rule of India went from the East India Company to the British Crown & Lord Canning became the first holder of this titleRANKS & TITLES
His 1982 'not guilty by reason of insanity' verdict led states to pass laws that allowed 'guilty but mentally ill'GUILTY
This World Heritage site just southeast of Charlottesville was built between 1768 & 1809YES, VIRGINIA
This disease is more properly known as bovine spongiform encephalopathyTHE ILL-IAD
This fictional sleuth from St. Mary Mead enjoyed her knitting, gardening & bird-watchingWATCH THE BIRDIE
He didn't carry a blue security blanket when he won a Chemistry Nobel for research on the nature of chemical bondsI AM A MAN OF SCIENCE!
'Iowa Stubborn' was the second song heard in this show when it opened on Broadway in 1957BROADWAY MUSICALS
Meaning 'waterless place' this 500,000-square-mile area lies in what's called a 'rain shadow' of the HimalayasASIA
This creature of the genus hippocampus has a prehensile tail & a brood pouchFEATURES OF CREATURES
This Danish thinker has been called 'The Father of Existentialism'EXISTENTIALISM
A national pair in the Caribbean: 'Ancient & Bearded'COUNTRY NAME ORIGINS
'Veruca Salt, the little brute. Has just gone down the garbage chute', wrote this authorTHE KIDS ARE NOT ALL RIGHT
This agency was founded in 1865 to suppress counterfeit currency1865 AMERICA
An early TV ad for this candy bar featured a fleur-de-lis flag & a song with the lyrics 'fun for all'CANDY
Beginning with a word that means immeasurably great, it means exceedingly smallLITTLE, JOHN
G.O.P. Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana has this post in the House working to persuade others to vote with the partyGOVERNMENT & POLITICS
The murder in this mystery takes lace aboard the Karnak, a small river steamboatA REAL MYSTERY
Disease-specific genes have been found that could help tell psoriasis from this skin affliction, aiding in treatmentSCIENCE

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