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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Paine was elected to France's Natl. Convention in 1792 but was imprisoned in 1793 after opposing this king's executionTHE ORIGINAL T-PAINE
A member of parliament said, 'those who have been saved have been saved through one man', this ItalianTHE TITANIC
With Argentina's help, this country broke away from Brazil in 1825BREAKAWAY NATIONS
In the scientific name of the common onion, Allium cepa L., the 'L' stands for this botanistBOTANY
American soldiers in Iraq: 'A Bengal Tiger at the ___ Zoo'COMPLETES THE BROADWAY SHOW TITLE
In 1808 Prince John made this New World city the capital of the Portuguese empireWORLD OF FACTS
In May 1857, 2 months after his famous Supreme Court decision, he was freed by Taylor Blow of St. LouisAMERICAN HISTORY
Strawberry & raspberry tongue & a rash can accompany this disease chiefiy affecting kidsI GOT A 'FEVER'
This title, launched in early 1930, seemed at odds with the Great Depression in subject & $1 cover priceMAGAZINES
Chapters in this 1962 classic include 'Earth's Green Mantle', 'Needless Havoc', 'Rivers of Death' & 'And No Birds Sing'GROUNDBREAKING NONFICTION
This former district of south central Scotland gave its name to a terrier & a breed of draught horse'C' THE WORLD
From Act I of this play: 'She can't see!... Or hear. When I screamed she didn't blink; not an eyelash'QUOTABLE PLAYS
In 1947 Churchill called it 'the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried'20th CENTURY QUOTATIONS
It's once again in demand repairing old stone infrastructure, & is 1 of the 5 most popular U.S. boys' names todayOCCUPATIONAL FIRST NAMES
Kitty doesn't like the knitting so much in the Debbie Macomber book called 'A Good' this, but loves the threadsLITERATURE CATS WOULD LOVE
This planet's lowest point is Diana Chasma, a 1.8-mile-deep rift valleyASTRONOMY
Just a short drive from Milan, this lake in Lombardy is the deepest lake in Italy at 1,350 feetBELLA ITALIA
One reason this famed fresco began flaking soon after completion in 1498 was that it was painted on dry plasterFLAKES
During a jubilee celebration in 2003, he became the first foreigner to be made an honorary citizen of NepalNOTABLE NAMES
A vehicle for hire; its component words can each be a synonym of the compound wordCOMPOUND WORDS
Twin city of Champaign, Illinois'U'. 'S'. CITIES (The correct response will begin with the letter 'u' or the letter 's.')
This purplish red is named for a town in northern ItalyWORD ORIGINS
Johannes Kepler used this geometric figure to describe the orbits of the planets, with the Sun as a focusGEOMETRY
It's the largest country in area completely south of the equator that has a female presidentCOUNTRIES OF THE WORLD
'Further and further back he cowered, as we, lifting our crucifixes, advanced'THAT LITERARY TITLE GUY IS UP TO SOMETHING
There's an Alexander the Great Airport in this former Yugoslav republicEPONYMOUS AIRPORTS
She was called a 'savior', a 'heartless tyrant', a 'trailblazer', 'intimidating' & a 'real toughie'2013 OBITUARIES
In May 1916 the British execuied by firing squad 16 leaders from this rebellion of the month beforeEUROPEAN HISTORY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1890 the population of this U.S. city bordering Mexico was 16,000; today it's 1.3 millionMETROPOLIS
'In the lighted windows, his books arranged three by three kept watch like angels' is from this Proust workWINDOW QUOTES
Lear's virtuous daughterSHAKESPEAREAN SPELLING BEE
This historian went to Colby College in Waterville; she later met & married Richard Goodwin, adviser to JFK & LBJMAINE STAYS
This non-Brit said in 1532, 'I advised (Henry VIII) that it would be better for him to take a concubine than to ruin his people'16th CENTURY PEOPLE
In 1888 this country abolished slavery & freed about 750,000 slaves, many of whom worked on rubber plantationsSOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY
She originated 2 famous Broadway roles: one later played on film by Marilyn Monroe, another by Barbra StreisandBROADWAY ACTRESSES
The Vanderkloof Dam on this 'colorful' river helped to create productive farmland in South AfricaAFRICAN RIVERS
In 1536 this French reformer moved to Geneva, which became the center for his form of ProtestantismRELIGIOUS MATTERS
In 'The Thirteenth Sacrifice', witches have returned to this city & Boston cop Samantha Ryan is hunting themFICTIONAL WITCHES
He spent 30 days in jail for vagrancy in 1894 before heading to the Klondike, the setting for some of his best storiesWRITERS IN PRISON
'The Coral Sea' & 'Mutiny' were 2 of the stories in this 1947 James Michener workBOOKS & AUTHORS
One of the 2 world capitals that end in the letter 'Z'; one is in Europe & one in the AmericasCAPITAL CITIES
The back of a U.S. quarter featuring this place calls it the 'Isla Del Encanto'CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN
Lord Henry tells him, 'What an exquisite life you have had!...It has not marred you. You are still the same'LITERARY TITLE CHARACTERS
He graduated from the University of Cincinnati Law School, where he was later deanTHE PRESIDENT'S ALMA MATER
In January 1898 this U.S. Battleship went to Havana Harbor in part to protect U.S. citizens, but it would never leaveCENTURY 19
This 1949 drama that ends with a requiem asks, 'Why did you do it? I search & search & I search, & I can't understand it'AMERICAN THEATER
In 1991 he went to prison on drug charges; 3 years later, he was reelected mayor of D.C.SCANDAL
Born in Hanover, Germany in 1660, he was 54 when he took the English throne in 1714KINGS OF ENGLAND NOT BORN IN ENGLAND
3 islands lie within this lake in New York's Adirondacks; Buck Island, Moose Island & Hawk IslandU.S. ISLANDS
'You can get it through kissing, but you can also be exposed through a cough or sneeze'THE MAYO CLINIC SAYS...
The sigmoid section of this part of the digestive tract is named for its 'S' shapeANATOMY
In a Tennyson poem, Bedevere is asked to make a run with this & fling it 'into the middle mere'BLADE RUNNER
Gosh darn it! ' -Douglass Wallop's 'The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant' hit a home run as this musicalFROM PAGE TO STAGE
This type of paint is dry pigment mixed with an emulsion: the egg type is not usually affected by weather & humidityART TERMS
Enter the dragon on the flag of this country between India & TibetNATIONAL FLAGS
This 19th century virtuoso may have had Marfan syndrome, accounting for his elongated fingersPLAY THAT FIDDLE
This U. S. Church is in communion with the See of CanterburyHEY, 'PAL'
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Located in the constellation Cancer, the Beehive Cluster is this state's official astronomical symbolOFFICIAL STATE THINGS
This intellectual forum started in 1984, bringing together people from 3 different industries, hence its 3-letter nameNONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS
A maxim of Ayn Rand was 'Man's ego is' this 'of human progress'LITERARY QUOTES
Her father, Pope Alexander VI, arranged several marriages for her, including one at age 13 in 1493 to Giovanni SforzaTHE HISTORIC SEÑOR-'A' OR SEÑORIT-'A'
The lowest compartment of a ship's inner hull; there's a special pump for the yucky water often found thereGETTING NAUTICAL
This author's 1936 novel 'Black Spring', a bawdy tale of Paris, came between 2 more famous booksBLACK & WHITE & READ
Since 1991, it's the only former Communist nation to restore its monarchy, which it still hasASIAN NATIONS
About 200 miles wide at its narrowest point, the Davis Strait separates this largest Canadian island & GreenlandCANADIAN BODIES OF WATER
Eddie Giacomin, Herb Brooks, Conn SmytheIN THE SPORT'S HALL OF FAME
Begun as part of a 1930s project to reclaim Maryland mountain land, it's officially 'Naval Support Facility Thurmont'GOVERNMENT SITES
This large landlocked Asian country starts with the same 3 letters as a day of the weekLANDLOCKED COUNTRY FUN
The recdrdings she made with Arthur Schlesinger Jr. in March 1964 were finally made available to the public in 2011WOMEN
It's the rhyming title of the book about 'how a gang of fame-obsessed teens ripped off Hollywood'NONFICTION
Punning on a newsreel name, this charity that helped defeat polio made its first appeal in 1938CHIPPING IN
Bill Clinton said authorizing a special counsel for this 1994 investigation 'was the worst mistake of my presidency'PRESIDENTS & VICE PRESIDENTS
In an 1854 demonstration, he said, 'Cut the rope'; his invention kicked in, then he said, 'All safe, gentlemen'INVENTORS
She's won Emmys for 3 different TV shows & in 2013 she broke Lucille Ball's record for most nominations by a comedic actressCOMEDIC ACTRESSES
Luke I says 'The angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee named' this, to visit MaryANGELS
It's alphabetically first of the 4 members of the South American camelidsYOU LIVE IN A ZOO
In the '50s he won a Tony for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical & a Best Actor Oscar for playing the same role, a monarchACTORS
This office is named for a tablecloth imprinted with squares that was once used as an abacusTHE BRITISH GOVERNMENT
This 5-letter name appears 7 times in Shakespeare titles, more than any other nameSHAKESPEARE
A photographic plate taken at the Lowell Observatory on January 23, 1930 helped identify this objectDURING LOU GEHRIG'S CONSECUTIVE GAME STREAK
By first names, this title group is Alyosha, Ivan, Dmitri & SmerdyakovWHAT A LITERARY CHARACTER!
'Why are you here then?' 'Because I bloody well stammer!'RECENT MOVIE QUOTES
Twice the host country, this nation of 4 1/2 million leads the world in total winter Olympic medalsINTERNATIONAL SPORTS
Bee Gees: 'And you come to me on a summer breeze'NO. 1 'LOVE' SONGS

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