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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Alamo is the seat of the Tennessee county named for this frontiersman and CongressmanGEO-POLITICIANS
Naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry wrote, 'we have met the enemy, and they are' this pronounPRONOUN-CIATION
A children's classic: 'I'm so glad to be at home again!'LITERARY LAST LINES
1966: To Yakima Canutt 'for achievements as' one of these & 'for developing safety devices to protect' themHONORARY ACADEMY AWARDS
It's the world's longest river whose outflow is into an entirely inland body of waterRIVERS
Held in 1857, America's first national landscape design contest was for the creation of this place19th CENTURY AMERICA
In 1948 Ilona Elek retained her Olympic fencing title--pretty impressive as the previous title was in this yearTHE 1940s
In a 1972 documentary he said, 'Brigid's been doing my paintings for the last 3 years'ART & ARTIST
When this Gorgon got mad at Athena for refusing a request, Athena made her ugly & turned her hair into snakesMYTHOLOGICAL MISTAKES
For his 'outstanding contribution to global economic stability', he was honored in 2002AMERICAN KNIGHTS
Westfield Vancouver & Pacific Place MallTHE STATE OF THE MALL
Suva, the capital of this island nation, is a shipping & commercial center of the South Pacific4-LETTER WORLD CAPITALS
It's the only nation in the world that officially describes itself as a confederationOFFICIAL COUNTRY NAMES
In 'Dead Poets Society', Robin Williams rhymes 'gather ye rosebuds while ye may' with this similar mottoA LOTTA MOTTO
'A tree that may in summer wear a nest of robins in her hair'NAME THE POET
Of the more than 75 competitive categories, this one does not cite the title of any album, song or other projectTHE GRAMMYS
Before this show hit Broadway in 1964, one of its working titles was 'The Luckiest People'MUSICAL THEATRE
After Morocco allegedly aided a failed coup, Mauritania gravitated toward this third country that borders bothMAURITANIA & MOROCCO
The waters of the Palk Strait separate India's Tamil Nadu state from this island nationINDIA
This instrument that records respiratory movements shares its name with a classic drawing kitNONMUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
'The tribe... was a mighty people, called the 'Mahicanni,' or, more commonly, the 'Mohicans''LET ME PREFACE THAT (We want you to identify the author whose preface we quote.)
Title character who's 'clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about him anywhere'19th CENTURY LITERARY INTRODUCTIONS
In Germany this show had 'Die Reitungs-schwimmer von Malibu' as part of its titleINTERNATIONAL TV TITLES
The 2 whose names come from Native American wordsTHE 6 NEW ENGLAND STATES
In 1799 the Rosetta Stone was found in this countryNEAR THE END OF THE CENTURY
2000: 'She brought a small town to its feet and a huge company to its knees'MOVIE TAGLINES
This small emirate in nestled between Iraq & Saudi Arabia'K' ON THE MAP
In 1779 U.S. Marine Corps Captain William Jones advertised for these, later a 1992 movie titleMILITARY SLOGANS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
From 2008, it's the most recent film to win Best Picture & Best Song; the lyrics are in a foreign languageRECENT OSCAR WINNERS
'The Man Who Gave His Name To America' is the subtitle of a 2007 bio of this ItalianBIO PICKS
In 1540 Hernando De Soto camped in the area of what's now this state capitalTRIPLE DOUBLE LETTERS
A bio from 1974, 26 years after his death, quotes him: 'I swing big... I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can'AMERICAN SPORTS LEGENDS
Basalt is an extrusive type of this rock; granite is an intrusive typeSC'I'ENCE
This mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur & charcoal was perfected by the Chinese around 1000 A.DDAYS OF YORE
Soon after this cemetery opened in 1804, the remains of Molière & others were moved to it, lending a bit of prestigeCEMETERIES
The first to be named Time Magazine's woman of the year, she soon married ex-British king Edward VIIIFEMALE FIRSTS
'The Rising', 'Comrades' & 'Revolution parts 1 & 2' are special features of this Warren Beatty filmDVD SPECIAL FEATURES
The first of Jane Austen's 6 novels to be published in her lifetime, its title is last alphabeticallyWOMEN AUTHORS
Canada's power is 60% this source, like the water going over Churchill FallsELECTRICITY
'Eliza's escape' & 'Topsy'TABLE OF CONTENTS
This Wisconsin city claims to have built the USA's only granite domeCOMPLETE DOM-INATION
Count de Chabrol really liked to count; he coined this term for Napoleon's brief return, March 20 - July 8, 1815WORLD HISTORY
Warm Springs, Georgia's airport is named for himU.S. PLACE NAMES
This Ph.D. in psychology wrote the seminal 1913 article 'Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It'DR. JOHN
For a 1912 play they were dubbed Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick & Quee; 25 years later, they got new namesIMAGINARY CHARACTERS
Indonesia's largest lizard, it's protected from poachers, though we wish it could breathe fire to do the job itselfCONSERVATION
The name of this alkaline earth metal comes partly for 'lime' (as in limestone)METALS
Peter Ueberroth, Barry Diller & ex-Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn are on the board of this beverage companyDIRECTOR
This term for a type of decision is from Old French for 'to speak the truth'LEGAL TERMS
Design artist Iwao Takamoto said the exterior for the Skypad Apts. on 'The Jetsons' was inspired by a landmark in this cityU.S. LANDMARKS
1485: @Bosworth Field, leading my side against those wretched Tudors & I need a ride desparatelyHISTORICAL ONLINE CHECK-INS
Record holder for the longest time lived after leaving officePRESIDENTIAL DISTINCTIONS
This country's president, in an address to the Knesset: 'I am asking forgiveness ...for myself and my generation'2000: THE YEAR IN QUOTATIONS
In 'Ode on a Grecian Urn', these 5 words precede, 'that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know'THE QUOTABLE KEATS
Ironically, it leaps from a plateau whose name means 'devil's mountain'WATERFALLS
Because it supports the head, the topmost vertebra is called this, also the name of a mythical giantDEM BONES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In the last chapter of 'Billions & Billions', this scientist talked about the disease that took his lifePUBLISHED POSTHUMOUSLY
This roadway begun in 312 B.C. would eventually extend from Rome to the heel of ItalyHISTORICAL HODGEPODGE
The completion of the DuPont Highway in 1924 was a catalyst in this capital's growthsmall state capitals
It represents Africa in the top 10MOST POPULOUS COUNTRIES
Italian for 'leader', it was especially applied to Benito MussoliniRANKS & TITLES
Abraham's servant found this wife for his master's son Isaac at a well near the city of NahorWELLS
These 2 world capitals are separated by only 250 miles of land & less than 1 degree of latitude, at 59º 17' & 59º 57' N.CAPITAL CITIES
In April 1865 he said, 'Go home, all you boys who fought with me, and help to build up the shattered fortunes of our old state'HISTORIC QUOTES
Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, it's the number of the only one to contain the word 'sex'SEX & THE CONSTITUTION
In 2011 the city of Savannah granted an exemption allowing the sale of these items outside Juliette Gordon Low's birthplaceFUNDRAISING
In 1978 Janet Parker, a worker at Birmingham Medical School, became the last person to die of this diseaseTO YOUR HEALTH
Artisans who produced this stringed, pear-shaped instrument included Frei & UnverdorbenTHE RENAISSANCE
In an essay defending this 2011 film, Myrlie Evers-Williams said, 'My mother was' this film '& so was her mother'AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN
Meaning 'after the fact', this type of law retroactively makes an act criminal that was legal when committedLATIN LEGALESE
Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1834 novel set in 79 A.D. is titled 'The Last Days of' this placeENGLISH LITERATURE
The High Kirk of St. Giles, where John Knox was ministerCAPITAL CITY CHURCHES (We'll give you the church. You tell us the capital city in which it is located.)
In the 1940s an anemometer aided Antarctic experiments that 1st determined this measurement heard in weather reportsMETEOROLOGICAL TERMS
When this city hosted the XIV Winter Olympics, it was located in a different nation than todayOLYMPIC HOST CITIES
Pressure at sea level is called one this, about 101 kilopascalsSCIENCE 101
In summer 2012 this play based on a movie about 2 British athletes at the 1924 Olympics was off & runningTHE LONDON STAGE
Alexander Portnoy, President Charles Lindbergh10 CHARACTERS, 5 AUTHORS (Name the author.)
2 of the 3 countries that are completely encircled by one other countryCOUNTRIES OF THE WORLD
With a large Catholic minority, Lebanon banned this 2003 novel that suggests Jesus was a dadBANNED!
The name of this largest Moroccan city combines 2 Spanish wordsAFRICAN CITIES
This Major League Baseball team's current stadium was built for a 20th century OlympicsBASEBALL STADIUMS
In ancient Rome this flat fish was called 'Jupiter's sandal'FOOD
This Shakespeare royal tells his youngest child, 'pray you now, forget and forgive; I am old and foolish'POP

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