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In 1947 Walt Disney made a handshake deal to let this Univ. use one of his major characters as its mascot, still in use todayCOLLEGE SPORTS MASCOTS
This Czech region gave us a name for artistic people who live by unconventional standards'OH'
The name of these breeches is derived from a pseudonym used by Washington Irving for one of his worksAN EPONYMOUS CATEGORY
Truman the Tiger has been this school's mascot since 1984COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
Where do I begin to tell the tale of this tearjerker that topped the New York Times bestseller list for most of 1970THE NIXON YEARS
Taste testing chocolate bars for Mr. Cadbury inspired his most famous kids' novelHAIL FROM WALES
Socialist party, 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912 & 1920THIRD PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES
A hotel room in 1888, a year at Princeton, some 'Electra'-fying playwriting, a hotel room in 1953BIRTH, SCHOOL, WORK, DEATH
No longer on the Catholic calendar, this saint is often shown carrying the Christ child on his backPIGGYBACKING
Of the 5 named circles of latitude on a standard Earth globe, it's the one with the longest nameON THE GLOBE
Hastily prepared or improvisedIT ENDS WITH 'U'
Beastly home & mideast currencyFRONT TO BACK, BACK TO FRONT (The correct response will be two words that are the reverse of each other, for example golf and flog.)
In 1942 Winston Churchill said, 'I can handle this peasant'; historians aren't sure things turned out that way20TH CENTURY NAMES
The high-flying Pterodactyl's name means 'winged' this body partDINOSAUR NAMES
Largely gone since the 14th Century is this system in which a fief holder took an oath in a ceremony called homageALL SYSTEMS GO
This bestseller by Lynne Truss has been described as 'a book for people who love punctuation'NONFICTION
The Pfaffenbrief or priests' charter of 1370 made the first mention of a confederation that became this countryCHARTER SCHOOL
Sasha & Malia Obama are the first presidential children who were not old enough to vote for dad since this oneFIRST FAMILIES
'Haffner' & 'Colloredo' are 2 of these compositions by MozartCOME TO OUR 'ADE'
In England in 1933, Choudhry Rahmat Ali coined this name, a country that wouldn't be formed until 14 years laterCOUNTRY NAMES
He was California's first foreign born governor since Irishman John Downey, who left office in 1862IMMIGRANTS
The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner from this country was under arrest at the time of the awardNOBEL LAUREATES
Sum of the digits in a famous Shannen Doherty zip codeTV TITLE MATH
In Peter Roach's Phonetics Glossary, this alliterative guy is 'the best-known fictional phonetician'PLAY CHARACTERS
'Bow Wow' & 'A Bit of a Shock'. 2 of John O'Hara's stories about Joey Evans, were the basis for this 1940 musicalSHORT STORIES
On August 26, 1789 France's National Assembly approved this 'declaration' that proclaimed, 'men are born and remain free'WORLD HISTORY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Charles Evans Hughes laid the cornerstone for this building on October 13, 1932 & got to work in it for about 6 yearsBUILDINGS
This New Jersey-based organization says it's the world's largest provider of scholarships to young womenEDUCATION
Great Britain has several rivers named this, from the Celtic for 'river''A' IN GEOGRAPHY
OS can stand for operating system or this movement to make operating systems & other programs freely availableCOMPUTER TERMS
Polite & friendly, or any of various liqueursMORE THAN ONE MEANING
This little 1959 car was built because of the Suez fuel crisis; a British race car driver soon put his own stamp on itDRIVING IN EUROPE
One legend says Clovis, king of the Franks, adopted this symbol after flowers revealed a safe river crossing for his armySYMBOLS
These are not found in the Koran, & the angel Gabriel told Muhammad that they were not revealed by GodNOVEL TITLES
In 'Paul Revere's Ride', these 9 words precede 'and I on the opposite shore will be'AMERICAN POETRY
This soft drink was named for a digestive enzyme & a native African plantFOOD & DRINK
This writer's tomb in Amiens, France was featured on the masthead of Amazing Stories magazine for many yearsTOMB SERVICE
In 2013 the chairman of this food company chicken-tendered his resignation as a Univ. of Arkansas trusteeI RESIGN!
In London in 2012, judo & the 800M run included the first female Olympians ever from this Mideastern countryOLYMPIC HISTORY
In February 1942 he wrote that the purpose of his upcoming raid was 'to bomb and fire the industrial center of Japan'RAID!
This self-described 'fool' wrote, 'a tree that looks at God all day / and lifts her leafy arms to pray'LIT-TREE-TURE
In 1902 the Service began full-time protection of the president, this man whose predecessor could've used some protecting.ON HIS PRESIDENCY'S SECRET SERVICE
The longest serving Labor prime minister everBRITISH PRIME MINISTERS
The Latin for this element gave us the word plumbingDON'T SAY UM (The correct response will be an element that does not contain the letters U-M.)
Camp Patriot & a related Naval base are located on the southeast corner of this small Persian Gulf countryU.S. FORCES OVERSEAS
Rich with electrum, the Turkish river Pactolus is where this legendary man was said to have washed off his curseMYTHOLOGY
'Life of' this Greek, by the Roman physician Soranus, was published around 100 A.D.ANCIENT GREEKS
Over 8,000 people have been saved from harm by this program authorized in a 1970 law, but we're not allowed to name anyGOVERNMENT PROGRAMS
This landmark's SkyCity restaurant has been serving its Lunar Orbiter ice cream sundae since the 1962 World's FairU.S. LANDMARKS
Total cups in a gallonNUMBER, PLEASE
...of this museum is a portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna as a child (1712 - 1713) by Ivan NikitinON THE WALL
The name of this woman who achieved a long-held goal in 2013 is a homophone of a word for a water nymph2013 NEWSMAKERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
The only 2 countries in the Americas that border each other & begin with the same letterNATIONS OF THE WORLD
CFTR, the defective gene responsible for transmitting this metabolic disease, lies in the middle of chromosome 7DISEASES
In August the Treaty of Sistova ended war between the Hapsburgs & this empire to the eastREMEMBER 1791?
NBC reported that in the first days of Olympic coverage, this sport seen in recent books & on film was the most watched on cableTHE 2012 OLYMPICS
In 1802, 3 years after it was discovered, it was moved to London under the terms of the surrender of AlexandriaHISTORIC OBJECTS
In 1969 the Alabama-born widow of this man became the first woman to preach in St. Paul'sST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL
Priests chant the name of the god Ptah in the last scene of this operaLET'S ALL CHANT
French-Canadian trappers named it for the tree-lined river that provided relief for those crossing the Snake River plainSTATE CAPITALS
The second man to become president who was never elected to the job, he twice ran for the position unsuccessfullyU.S. PRESIDENTS
In 2013 this paper won a Pulitzer for its breaking news coverage of the Aurora theater shootingNEWSPAPERS
Its waters separate Azerbaijan from Turkmenistan'C' THE WORLD
In 2011 about 20% of globally traded oil left the Persian Gulf region through this straitWATER, WATER EVERYWHERE
The first presidential proclamation of this day mentions 'the favorable interpositions of' God's providenceIT'S A FEDERAL HOLIDAY
At the Brandenburg Gate in 1987, President Reagan gave 'Mr. Gorbachev' this 4-word challengeQUOTABLE QUOTES
This South American country has coasts along both the Atlantic & Pacific OceansTHE 'OL' COUNTRY
Looking like a giant lying down, Cave Hill near Belfast inspired this man in the 1720sINSPIRATION
Your tear glands are an example of this type of gland that secretes fluid through a duct & not directly into the bloodstreamANATOMY
In the late 1780s, fearing a strong centrai. govt., the anti-these opposed the adoption of the ConstitutionIT'S ALL POLITICS
C: This Greek sea monster is the personification of whirlpoolsYOUR MYTHIC ABCs
An international airport in Jamaica is named for this author who set many of his stories of the 1950s & 1960s thereAUTHORS
This holiday falls on what was once the last day of the Celtic year when ghosts of the dead returned to EarthANNUAL EVENTS
In 1758 the British captured Fort Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island, thus gaining access to this vital riverTHE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR
'War's End Near' said a jubilant U.S. headline on the capture of this metropolis October 19, 1950THE KOREAN WAR
If you had this job in Japanese Bunraku theater, it was common to spend 15 years as a left arm operatorENTERTAINING OCCUPATIONS
The 'GossIp Girl' series of books was inspired by this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel also set in NYC but 120 years earlierLITERARY INFLUENCES
Beryl Bainbridge's 'Birthday Boys' fetes this explorer's fatal 1912 expedition to the South PoleFAR SOUTHERN NOVELS
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