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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Konrad Lorenz found that newly hatched ducklings followed him due to this 'I' process, as if he were their parentANIMAL COMMUNITY
On 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch', her talking black cat had this name, also a historic New England villageTV PETS
Kazakhstan has 1,200 miles of coastline along this large inland body of waterWHERE DO YOU STAN?
The 'Winds of War' carried this author from his birth in the Bronx to his death in Palm Springs, California in 2019 at age 103AUTHORS: BORN & DIED
These were 2 types of columns in Ancient Greece5-LETTER WORDS
Forget the love story--Pasternak's 'Dr. Zhivago' was banned in the USSR until 1987 because of its portrayal of this commie factionBAN THAT BOOK!
Around 1612 in Virginia, John Rolfe began growing this 'brown gold'; soon the colony started shipping it to EnglandTHE 17th CENTURY
In the 1940s this British novelist said 'The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world'QUOTABLE NOTABLES
After arriving by submarine, this character claims the South Pole with a black flag bearing a gold 'N'FICTIONAL FLAGS FLYING
These 2 'Great' historic afflictions hit London in 1665 & 1666THE REIGN OF KING CHARLES II
17th: On this woman's death in 1617, a London writer referred to her as 'The Virginian Woman'HISTORY, THROUGH THE CENTURIES
Made into a Jennifer Aniston movie, 'The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys'THE NONFICTION BOOK'S SUBTITLE
An 'and' is in the middle of this strategy used by the Romans to foster feuds among smaller entities they were trying to ruleOLD STRATEGY
'The Gladiator' & 'Rebellion' are the subtitles of Ben Kane's books about this man who led a slave army against RomeANCIENT ROME FICTION
The Pony Express went from this Missouri city to Sacramento, CaliforniaSAINTS ON THE MAP
The state of Louisiana says these reptiles over 4' can be considered a nuisance & will give you the name of a hunterBAYOU TRAP-ISTRY
Written in cuneiform in Ur, this oldest written language was an isolate LANGUAGE ISOLATES (Isolate is a language with no known relatives.)
To express disapproval & something that you can see & touchSHIFT THE STRESS (The response is a word pronounced differently as a verb or as a noun.)
Of England, though it's home to the country's most popular & successful pro sports teamNOT THE CAPITAL
Sci-fi author Theodore Sturgeon was the inspiration for this recurring Vonnegut character who also had a fishy nameKURT VONNEGUT
Around 980 he sailed west & named the land he found GreenlandEXPLORERS
This bee named for its habit of tunneling into wood looks like a big, less hairy bumblebeeTHE INSECT WORLD
It's the Royal Navy rank just below Rear AdmiralOH OH, 3 O'S
ClueWho is or What isCategory
10 times Martin Luther King spoke these 3 words that end the first verse of 'My Country, 'Tis Of Thee'THE MARCH ON WASHINGTON
The U.S. Army's Sikorsky UH-60 is called this; 2 of them were at the center of a notorious incident in Mogadishu in 1993LET'S TALK ABOUT FLIGHT CLUB
At the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Des Newton would delight kids by showing how to make these impossible-seeming modelsHOBBIES
Everyone remember where we parked--next to this NASA lander named for one who goes ahead to seek the wayLIFE ON MARS
Grant said, 'I do not think there was ever a more wicked war than' this one, the first in which he foughtGRANT
'Take me by the hand, and say 'Harry of England, I am thine'' is how this title king proposes to KatherineSHAKE HANDS WITH SHAKESPEARE
espite the state found in the name of this airline, its home offices are in SeattlePLACES OF BUSINESS
Martin Van Buren, & you can take that to the bankWHAT PREZ PRECEDED...
2-word term for a common language for speakers of different tongues; it was once an actual language quoted by MoliereWORDS ABOUT WORDS
2 of l.M. Pei's early designs to be built were at an airport & a presidential library both honoring this manTHE MANY BUILDINGS OF I.M. PEI
In 1998 Lawrence Ferlinghetti was made this city's first poet laureateAMERICAN POETS LAUREATE
This southern Gothic O'author wrote her novel 'Wise Blood' about a preacher in the church without ChristAMERICAN GOTHIC
In 1900 this Japanese company began producing upright pianos; motorcycles came along more than half a century laterINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
New evidence suggests that the QWERTY keyboard design may have sprung from telegraph operators translating thisCOMPUTER KEYBOARDS
He could have said, 'I need the 2-wheeled carriage or 'cab' named for me to take me home to 27 Sumner Place'LONDON'S BLUE PLAQUES
This word for a certain tall structure comes from the Arabic for 'lighthouse'BUILDINGS
Robert B. Parker wrote 'Perchance to Dream' as a sequel to this novel featuring Philip MarloweUNTRUE DETECTIVE
Nautical idiom meaning to complain when people wish you'd keep quiet & not make wavesVEHICULAR ACTIVITY
Woeful economic conditions helped reduce immigration from 4.2 million the decade before to less than 700,000 in this decadeAMERICAN HISTORY
1967 film in which Sidney Poitier clarifies, 'They call me Mr. Tibbs!'THE 'NIGHT' WATCH
For 200 years the Knights Hospitaler ruled this island that was formerly occupied by an over 100-foot-tall colossal statueGREEK ISLES
'Plain Truth' was James Chalmers' Loyalist response to this 1776 pamphlet written in support of the revolutionTHE AMERICAN REVOLUTION
Professor, author, critic & PBS host Henry Louis gates Jr. served as a consultant on this 2013 filmBEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'Small' piano that is the Michigan burial place for Gerald FordMUNICIPAL BEFORE & AFTER
3,500 years old & weighing 220 tons, one of NYC's oldest artifacts is the Central Park Obelisk known as her NeedleTONS OF FUN
The first novel ever published by a U.S. president was 'The Hornet's Nest', his saga of the Revolutionary War in the SouthSOUTHERN POLITICIAN/AUTHOR
This defensive barrier was in use until almost the end of the Roman rule of Britain'H'ISTORY
This country that's famous for its cheese & butter is nicknamed 'the Dairy of Northern Europe'GEOGRAPHICAL NICKNAMES
Rainfall in this area covering 2 million square miles & 9 countries has topped 120 inches some yearsI BLESS THE RAINS
This capital of Hyogo Prefecture on Honshu is all the rage in beef4-LETTER PLACES
Ulysses would fit right in in this city at the south end of Cayuga LakeCOLLEGE TOWNS
This piece by Tchaikovsky depicts Napoleon's retreat from MoscowCLASSICAL MUSIC
A Montana city nicknamed 'The Richest Hill on Earth' or a term for an isolated hillGEOGRAPHIC TERMS
This no-hands Halloween game may be related to the Roman celebration of the goddess PomonaHALLOWEEN TRADITIONS
Ousted as this country's president in April 2019, Omar al-Bashir is charged with crimes in DarfurIND-ICC-TED! (The 'ICC' refers to the International Criminal Court.)
This Nestle cookie named for a Massachusetts inn dates to the 1930sENABLING COOKIES
Big Bend National Park is named for a big bend on this riverNATIONAL PARKS
Jonathan Edwards thought sin was restrained by God; otherwise the soul would be 'a furnace of' these two thingsAMERICAN THINKERS
Shelley's poem 'England in 1819' calls him 'an old, mad, blind, despised and dying king'THE WORLD IN 1819
According to tradition, St. Mark's remains were stolen from Alexandria, taken to this European city, lost & rediscoveredMOVING THE SAINTS
'It was a right motley company that gathered about the noble greenwood tree in Sherwood's depths' in an 1883 tale of this heroA TREE GROWS IN BOOK LAND
Referring to a geographical location in the state she governed, 'Denali' was code for herNOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE CODE NAMES
A perfect spy could tell you it's the pen name of the British novelist born David John Moore CornwellPEN NAMES
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