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ClueWho is or What isCategory
One of the world's largest manmade lakes, Lake Kariba lies on 'Z' border of these 2 African countriesAFRICAN LAKES
Neil Armstrong provided the title of this 1975 Jack Higgins novel about a Nazi plot to kidnap Winston ChurchillSPY FICTION
Today an asteroid bears the name of this New Hampshire teacherMcPEOPLE
It's from the Old Norse for 'demon'RHYME HOLE
He's the hard-boiled detective who silently muses, 'You were dead, you were sleeping the big sleep'DEAD LINES
'Time just outran me, Big Daddy--got there first'THE PLAYWRIGHT WRITES
It was the first state to have a chemical element named for itSTUFF ABOUT STATES
From words meaning 'through' & 'speak', it's a regional form of a language often with its own wordsLANGUAGE LAB
Jupiter: This 'continental' one aka Jupiter IITHE MOON
Petula Clark (1964) & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (2015)SAME TITLE, DIFFERENT SONG
Michael Herr wrote in 'Dispatches', 'I think that' this place 'was what we had instead of happy childhoods'BOOKS BY MEN
Songs from this musical based on a 1968 film included 'Haben Sie Gehoert Das Deutsche Band?' & 'Where Did We Go Right?'FROM SCREEN TO STAGE
When it appeared in 1913, it was the first animal besides the eagle to appear on a U.S. circulating coinU.S. COINS
In 'Gulliver's Travels' a race of talking horses called Houyhnhnms have enslaved humanlike beings called theseLIT-POURRI
The last day these could be advertised on U.S. TV was January 1, 1971IN CONCLUSION
This outermost layer of a citrus rind contains the color & the flavor'Z' IS THE FIRST LETTER
Kathleen Battle excelled in Mozart operas like this one where she was Susanna, whose wedding is alluded to in the titleTHE SOPRANOS
The cactus wren represents this state where Cardinals playSTATE BIRDS
Zadie Smith's novel 'White Teeth' is about 2 immigrant families in London: 1 from Bangladesh & 1 from this Caribbean nationLITERARY LONDON
When a professor has this adjective after his name, it means he's retired but retains an honorary title & often, free parking8-LETTER WORDS
This 1883 Mark Twain memoir begins with a short history of Hernando de Soto & his first sighting of a riverA LITERARY MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH
ClueWho is or What isCategory
Lori Loughlin reprised her role as John Stamos' wife when this reboot hit Netflix in 2016ALLITERATIVE TV ACTRESSES
It occupies most of the world's largest peninsula2-WORD COUNTRIES
Elizabeth called this French novelist a 'large-brained woman and large-hearted man'THE QUOTABLE BROWNINGS
Civil War historian Shelby Foote described this attack at Gettysburg as 'an incredible mistake'HISTORIC OOPSIES
The object of a pursuit, such as a hunted animalLIKE A ROCK
The 3 elements of drama according to German theater critic Gustav Freytag: rising action, this, falling actionTHEATER TALK
The Earl of Northumberland's lack of aid to the Yorkists in the 1485 Battle of this was key to the outcomeMILITARY MEMORIES
For movie publicity photos in 1961, she wore the 128.5-carat Tiffany DiamondDIAMONDS ARE FOREVER
Balseros are those who attempt to come to the U.S. on these, balsa in SpanishTRANSPORTATION
In December 1947 Parliament passed the law granting independence to this Asian islandBRITISH HISTORY
Euclid's 'Elements' begins with a definition of this as 'that which has no part'MATH
Ice Cube gave rise to a catchphrase with the dismissive 'Bye, Felicia' in this 1995 comedyONE-WORD FILM TITLES
A shell structure with a frame of tubing connected into hexagons, pentagons & triangles is this type of domeDOME, DOME ON THE RANGE
We're excited to tell you that this magazine focusing on technology & innovation coined the term 'crowdsourcing'MAGAZINES
This attorney wrote 5 essays in the Federalist Papers & was the principal author of the New York State ConstitutionAMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES
Bartlett's cites the lines 'O my prophetic soul! My uncle!' from this Shakespeare playBARTLETT'S FAMILIAL QUOTATIONS
In an 1815 letter, he declared that the tie that bound South America 'to Spain has been severed'WORLD HISTORY
Rome razed it in 146 B.C'C'ITIES
She matched her initials with the pen name Currer Bell & ended up marrying a man named Arthur Bell NichollsFACTS ABOUT AUTHORS
This type of German spirit double appears in Dostoyevsky's novel 'The Double'12-LETTER WORDS
All the living examples of the order Proboscidea are theseWHO ORDERED THE MAMMAL?
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 2008 this pope's visit to NYC included a human rights speech at the U.N. & a visit to a neighboring synagogueSPEECH! SPEECH!
This one of the Ancient Wonders was toppled by an earthquake around 225 B.C.THE ____ OF ____
A book by the head of AARP urges everyone 'to speak out against' this -ismNO DISCRIMINATION
A Nobel Prize ceremony in StockholmBEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNERS BY SETTING
The Tenzing-Hillary airport in this country is 9,200 feet above sea levelWORLD AIRPORTS
James Truslow Adams popularized this phrase, a hope for life 'richer and fuller... with opportunity for each'THE 'AMERICAN'S
Natl. Geographic says without this small shrimplike crustacean, most 'life forms in the Antarctic would disappear'MARINE LIFE
Garnier & Doudart de Lagree, sort of the French Lewis & Clark of Asia, left Saigon in 1866 & journeyed up this river1866
Oscar Wilde wrote his confessional essay 'De Profundis' while imprisoned in this gaolIMPRISONED AUTHORS
This capital (& country) is served by the Nice, France airportEUROPEAN CAPITALS
In 1798 Napoleon struck at England by occupying this country, threatening trade routes to IndiaNAPOLEON
On the Beaufort scale, this 4-letter wind is stronger than a breeze but not as violent as a stormWEATHER
The heat is on Abednego & his friends when they show up in this bookPEOPLE OF THE BIBLICAL BOOK
The II king of this name quarreled with Thomas a Becket & fathered 2 kingsBRIT BITS
Supposedly an offering to Athena, it was built by the master carpenter EpeiusVERY CLEVER
The first Bombay-born winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1907, he wasn't HindiLITERARY FACTS
2015: 'Fortunate Son'MUSICIANS' MEMOIRS
Yushan, or Jade Mountain, in this island republic is the highest point the Tropic of Cancer crossesTHE TROPIC OF CANCER
This dark, organic substance found in soil & formed from decaying matter is good for plants; some might try to eat it with pitaPLANET EARTH

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