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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Pamlico Sound, the largest lagoon on the east coast, is located on the eastern shore of this stateU.S. BODIES OF WATER
This 10-letter type of hearing figures out whether someone has the mental capacity to stand trialHEARING
Beowulf's monster (7)LITERARY CROSSWORD CLUES 'G'
In the 1921 Thomson-Urrutia Treaty, Colombia got $25 million for recognizing this country's independenceTREATIES
Following Russia & China, which each border 14 other countries, this New World country is third with 10AROUND THE WORLD
In an 1854 work, this title body of water was compared with the proportions of Loch FyneNONFICTION
An animated character called Willy the Hillbilly was an early spokesperson for this sodaBRAND NAMES
In a courtroom: 'Darwin moved us forward to a hilltop...we must abandon our faith in the pleasant poetry of Genesis'MONOLOGUES
On April 9, 1682 this Frenchman reached the mouth of the Mississippi & named the area LouisianaWORLD EXPLORATION
From the Arabic for 'the islands', this African city is capital of a country with a similar name'A' THERE
The name of this large cabinet reveals its original use for keeping weaponsTHAT'S A KEEPER
'& you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog, &...regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep him'NAME THAT SPEECHMAKER
Among the holdings in his financial empire were an aircraft company, RKO Pictures & lots of stock in TWAALLITERATIVE AMERICANS (Full name is required.)
Sicily's 'Mountain of Fire'GEOGRAPHIC NICKNAMES
A proposed title for this novel sounded too much like a Vegas heist movie, so the number in the title was doubledFICTION
In 1890 he captained the stern-wheeler Roi des Belges on a voyage down the Congo RiverAUTHORS
This element was discovered extraterrestrially in 1868; it took 27 more years until someone isolated it on EarthTHE ELEMENTS
In 1971 3 guys at this company first put a computer CPU on a chipGREAT IDEAS
From 1953 until 1990 Chemnitz, Germany was named for this manPLACE NAMES
A 20th century Italian dictator was named for this 1860s president of MexicoTHE 19TH CENTURY
This novel set in London & Paris was first published serially in 1859WHAT THE DICKENS!
'A Cry of Children' & 'Nightmare Island' were proposed titles for this novel20th CENTURY BOOKS
'Revolt in the Desert', about his exploits in Arabia, was a nonfiction bestseller in 19271920s BESTSELLERS
Amantine-Lucille-Aurore Dupin was the real name of this 'manly' authoress whose love life scandalized Paris19th CENTURY FEMALE AUTHORS
Webster's dictionary from 1806 defined an aeronaut as 'an aerial sailor in' one of theseTYPES OF AIRCRAFT
These 2 letters & a number indicate the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution2-LETTER RESPONSES
Ancient Romans knew this animal featured in their circuses as a hippotigrisMAMMALS
'Born Nov. 23, 1860 Killed July 14, 1881 / The Boy Bandit King / He died as he had livedOVER MY DEAD BODY
ClueWho is or What isCategory
During the Chalcolithic period, 4,000-6,000 years ago, this metal became the first used for tools & weaponsPREHISTORIC TIMES
Her most famous poem was written for a December 1883 art & literary auction to benefit the Pedestal FundPOETRY
In a painting by Cezanne, she's cozying up to a swanART & MYTHOLOGY
One of these acts passed in 1798 called for the deportation of foreigners considered dangerous18th CENTURY AMERICA
The last British monarch to be buried outside the U.K., he was interred in 1727 in the land where he was bornKINGS
In 2005 after disbanding his White Oak Dance Project, he established an arts center in New York CityMIKHAILS
New York's delegates were John Lansing, Robert Yates & this Founding Father, the only one of the 3 who signedTHE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION
Of the Romance languages, it has the greatest number of native speakers in a single countryWORLD LANGUAGES
The Vestal virgins received the wills of dignitaries, like this man who died in 30 B.C. & requested to be buried in EgyptLIKE A VESTAL VIRGIN
The world's fourth-largest public company according to Forbes, it is traded in AmsterdamTHE STOCK MARKET
In March 1930 its discovery was announced at Lowell Observatory in ArizonaASTRONOMY
If it were a nation, a state with a 2-word name in this country would be the world's 6th most-populous at 200 millionCOUNTRIES & POPULATIONS
This 16-letter science of tree-ring dating tells us a structure in Dedham, Mass. is the USA's oldest timber frame houseEARLY AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION
This Roman poet in Rhode Island'sWORDS IN U.S. CAPITALS (The correct response will be a word that is found in one of our US capitals, in order.)
The title of this E. M. Forster novel refers to a country house, not to someone's deathBOOKS & AUTHORS
Aristotle called it 'the best provision for old age''ED'
Gen. Bee's comment about this man may not have been a compliment of steadfastness but a complaint about a lack of supportCIVIL WAR NAMES
These stores first launched in 2001 take in more money per sq. foot than any other U.S. retailer, almost doubling Tiffany'sSTORES
The creator of this comic strip did not like its 1950 change in title, believing it suggested insignificanceAMERICANA
This nearby galaxy aka M31 contains remnants of smaller galaxies 'eaten' by the giant central oneIN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY
Until it declared its independence in 1991, it was the southernmost of the republics that made up YugoslaviaGEOGRAPH'IA' (The answer will end in the letters I-A.)
Astronomical term for a place in space where matter is infinitely dense'SIN' FULL
Naturally this singer/songwriter titled her memoir 'A Natural Woman'BESTSELLERS
To Ptolemy I, he said, 'There is no royal road to geometry', & he should knowQUOTABLE NOTABLES
Edward Miles took the short way around, sailing solo through this canal completed in 1869ONE MAN, ONE BOAT
Of permanent UN security council membersALPHABETICALLY FIRST
From the Greek for 'many skills', it's an engineering school that teaches industrial arts & applied sciencesYOU'VE BEEN SCHOOLED!
OED's earliest citation of this 5-word phrase is 'Now, Monsieur Poirot, you would without doubt like to visit' this placeFAMILIAR PHRASES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
She's the only artist to have No. 1 albums in 5 consecutive decades, from the 1960s to the 2000sSINGERS & ALBUMS
The villains in this game were inspired by the swine flu epidemic scare21st CENTURY GAMES
This patriot militia was established in 1770 in present-day Bennington, VermontA COLORFUL CATEGORY
This title guy dies 'withered, wrinkled, and loathsome of visage'A NOVEL DEATH
When Turner Classic Movies began broadcasting on April 14, 1994, the first movie shown was this oneCABLE TV FIRSTS
One of his first Oscar nominations was for Best Actor; none of his 22 other Oscar nominations was for actingOSCAR NOMINEES
Believe it or not, the smooth soft-shelled species of this reptile can often outrun a man on level groundOUTSIDE
This German artist studied under his father, the elder, & later became court painter to Henry VIIIMY SON, THE ARTIST
He won a Pulitzer for his nonfiction 'The Armies Of The Night' as well as for his fictional 'The Executioner's Song'NONFICTION PULITZER WINNERS
This ruler of a New World country was born in Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace in 1832 & executed far from home in 1867HISTORIC RULERS
Rising to only 206 feet, Mount Alvernia on Cat Island is the highest point in this nation off Florida's SE coastARCHIPELAGOS
The Vistula: this seaA RIVER RUNS TO IT
The process of treating rubber with sulfur & heat to improve its elasticity & strength13-LETTER WORDS
While scrambling eggs for her kids, Congresswoman Pat Schroeder got the idea of calling Reagan this 'President'POLITICAL TERMS
In 2011 a renegade group was accused of doing this to fellow Amish, a heinous crime in that cultureCRIME
This opera begins with Air Force One landing at BeijingMODERN OPERA
Her work as an obstetrical nurse for poor women made her an advocate of birth control, a term she coinedGREAT MEN & WOMEN OF MEDICINE
Capricorn is a goat who scales mountains, like this Capricorn who said in 1968, 'I've been to the mountaintop'THE TOPIC OF CAPRICORNS
Its title phrase traces back to a stand by heavily outnumbered British infantry against a cavalry chargeWAR NOVELS & MOVIE TITLES
Steinbeck didn't have to read much of 'Richard III' to get the title of this 1961 novelTHANKS FOR THE TITLE, SHAKESPEARE
In 1839 John Sutter established the colony that became this state capitalCITY FOUNDERS
In 2005 this sometime banjo player received the Mark Twain Prize for American HumorYOU DESERVE A PRIZE
This title was re-created in 1301 when Edward I gave it to his son who was born in CaernarfonOLDE ENGLAND
Oddly, this mammalian character with a rhyming name suffers from alopeciaCHILDREN'S RHYMES
At the royal wedding of William & Kate, these 2 younger siblings served as best man & maid of honorSIBLINGS
This Italian explorer reached the Hudson river in 1524, 85 years before Henry HudsonTHE HUDSON RIVER
In November it began regular service between New York & Europe, about a 3 1/2 hour trip35 YEARS AGO: 1977
This mischievous Shakespeare character says, 'I jest to Oberon... and sometime lurk I in a gossip's bowl'RUMORS

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