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ClueWho is or What isCategory
In 1812 the U.S. endured a literal one of these 2-word terms & beginning in 1964 enjoyed a musical oneDUAL-USE TERMS
The Centre for European Reform is one of the sources credited with coining this new 6-letter portmanteau wordWORDS IN THE NEWS 2016
The symbols for 6 chemical elements spell out his name, beginning with cobalt, phosphorus & erbiumMEN OF SCIENCE
W.J. Bryan gave the keynote speech at this man's high school graduation in 1919; 6 years later their paths would cross againFAMOUS TEACHERS
Villages like Zalesye, Kopachi & Lubyanka remain abandoned 3 decades after this event20th CENTURY HISTORY
Shortly before its demise, it had split into 'Conscience' & 'Cotton' factionsU.S. POLITICAL PARTIES
In a British novel this young character's last words are, 'Which is better--to have rules & agree, or to hunt & kill?'FICTIONAL CHARACTERS' LAST WORDS
The heroine of this opera sings, “If you come to give me, so cruel, your last goodbye, the dark vortex of the Nile will be my grave”OPERA
At a May 1989 ceremony in Cape Town, he received a bachelor of laws correspondence degree in absentiaFAMOUS NAMES
This tiny island nation 700 miles northeast of Madagascar makes a great addition to a classic tongue twisterSMALL COUNTRIES
It was constructed in the Paris foundry of Gaget, Gauthier & Co. from 1875 to 1884AMERICANA
He's won 4 Emmys, 3 Grammys, an Oscar & 3 Tonys, & 3 of his films rank on AFI's list of funniest movies of all timeFUNNYMEN
Famous Catholics who've publicly answered this question include Susan Boyle (sweets) & Paul Ryan (beer)RELIGION
The name of this moon refers to the mythical group that its planet’s name belonged toMOONS & PLANETS
In 2015 it returned to the list of the 50 most populous U.S. cities, 10 years after dropping offU.S. CITIES
'The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots', written by her in 1914, was first published in 2016CHILDREN'S AUTHORS
Since 1986, reaching the quarterfinals of this event has entitled you to free tickets & free tea for lifeSPORTS TRADITIONS
Also known as the 'House of His Majesty', Fairfield House in England was the home of this African leader from 1936 to 1941HISTORIC HOMES
When it was first marketed in the late 1970s, this toy was given the Hungarian name 'Buvos Kocka'TOYS
When this school opened in 1845, the curriculum for the class of 50 had math & navigation, chemistry & gunnery & steamCOLLEGES
On April 11, 1865 Abraham Lincoln spoke of 'the mode, the manner, and means of' this, which he would not live to seeERAS IN U.S. HISTORY
This European's 1751 'Philosophia Botanica' gave rules of nomenclature & said don't change generic namesSCIENTISTS
Oxford Dictionaries lists his name as a verb meaning to 'make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way'TV CHARACTERS
ClueWho is or What isCategory
'The annual labour of every nation is the fund which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and conveniences of life'HISTORIC WORKS' FIRST LINES
A 4th century traveler gave one of the first descriptions of this day: 'All the children... are carried... bearing branches'CHRISTIANITY
The animal on this NBA team's primary logo peaked about 75 million years agoSPORTS MASCOTS
Old circuses like 'Gentry's Equine & Canine Paradox' gave rise to this idiom referring to any elaborate presentationFAMILIAR PHRASES
On her passing in 1913, Booker T. Washington called her heroic, 'not unlike some of the heroic figures... in the Bible'NOTABLE WOMEN
'Systemically important financial institution' is an official status known more informally by these 4 wordsTHE ECONOMY
This woman was created & given to Epimetheus as punishment for his brother's actionsMYTHOLOGY
'Modern bourgeois society... is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers... called up by his spells'NAME THE 19th CENTURY WORK
In 2009 Amazon remotely deleted unauthorized copies of this 1949 novel from some customers' KindlesLITERATURE
This Pulitzer winner changed his first name to that of an Irish king, avoiding associations with a famous ventriloquist's dummyCONTEMPORARY AMERICAN AUTHORS
An homage to a 1953 novel, this number appears as an error code when a user tries to access a web page with censored contentLITERARY REFERENCES
In July 1938 about 2,000 people with an average age of 94 gathered at this site for a 75th & final reunionHISTORIC ANNIVERSARIES
There are rest stops named for Edison, Lombardi & Woodrow Wilson on this road mentioned in the 1968 song 'America'AMERICANA
From 1959 to 1968, she made only 4 films but received Oscar nominations for Best Actress for all 4ACTRESSES
Now representing an organization, it was formally adopted in Article 7 of the 1864 Geneva ConventionINTERNATIONAL SYMBOLS
When we first meet her in the novel, she's wearing a green dress with 12 yards of fabric & matching slippers from AtlantaLITERARY CHARACTERS
In 1947 a journalist from the Washington Post became the last to win a Pulitzer for national reporting by this meansTHE PULITZER PRIZES
This nation joined the Warsaw Pact in 1955 & NATO in 2009, & was alphabetically first in eachEUROPEAN COUNTRIES
Keats' line 'The sedge is withered from the lake, and no birds sing' inspired the title of this groundbreaking book1960s SCIENCE BOOKS
Since 1999 many Warner Bros. movies open with the studio's logo & a snippet of this song made famous in a 1942 filmMOVIE MUSIC
The 1st scene in this book: 'With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene'IN THE NOVEL
The city that some 19th century Englishmen called 'Caranjee' is now the biggest city in this countryTHE BRITISH EMPIRE
A town named for its location where a river in Devon meets the English Channel, it's also the name of a college in New HampshirePLACE NAMES
ClueWho is or What isCategory
This 4-letter word was introduced in London in 1905 by Dr. H.A. des Voeux of the Coal Smoke Abatement Society20th CENTURY SCIENCE TERMS
Often used to describe artists ahead of their time, it was also the name of a youth militia in WWII Vichy FranceFOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES
She won a Comedy Grammy in the 1980s, a Supporting Actress Oscar in the 1990s & a Daytime Emmy in the 2000sENTERTAINMENT AWARD WINNERS
This European company uses about 1% of the world's lumber each year; it aims to make that 100% sustainable by 2020INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
Banished from Athens, this inventor found trouble on Crete too, but escapedMYTHOLOGY
This song released on July 11, 1969 to coincide with the Apollo 11 mission was used in the BBC's coverage of the Moon landingBRITISH POP MUSIC
Jimmy Stewart starred in 3 of the 6 films for which this Italian immigrant was nominated for Best DirectorTHE OSCARS
It begins with God saying, 'Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel'BOOKS OF THE BIBLE
Their name comes from the Greek word for 'Egyptian'RELIGIOUS GROUPS
This city's international airport is named for Antonio Carlos Jobim, who co-wrote a 1964 hit songWORLD AIRPORTS
About himself he says, 'Since the heavens have shap'd my body so, let hell make crook'd my mind to answer it'SHAKESPEARE CHARACTERS
In the same year as Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington's brother-in-law Gen. Edward Pakenham died in this battle in North AmericaHISTORIC RELATIVES
In a Spanish translation of this novel, Chapter 1 begins, 'Era el mejor de los tiempos, era el peor de los tiempos'NOVELS
After moving to Johannesburg in 1903, he formed the Passive Resisters Soccer ClubSPORTS & POLITICS
The USA's largest state school in 1861, by 1862 its enrollment had dropped by 90%THE CIVIL WAR ERA
His official website says, 'It is forty years since I hung up my cloak and dagger'CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS
Calling him a red-headed madman, in 1889 a group of his neighbors signed a petition to ban him from his home in Arles, France19th CENTURY NOTABLES
Ruled at times by Persians, Mongols & Russians, Baku is the only capital that borders this body of waterWORLD CAPITALS
This university on John C. Calhoun's former plantation is named for Calhoun's son-in-law, who gave the landUNIVERSITIES
His first novel, from 1920, incorporated some of his pieces from The Nassau, a Princeton literary magazineBOOKS & AUTHORS
In 1947 these 2 nations became the first new members of the British Commonwealth since the original group in 1931COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD
In 1948 he wrote he had an idea for a novel in which 2 guys hitchhike to California 'in search of something they don't really find'AUTHORS

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