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ClueWho is or What isCategory
Letters mailed to 'God, Jerusalem' are placed in this alliterative landmarkRELIGION
In the late 1800s Clark Stanley was a notorious seller of this 2-word product, which he advertised as a curative linimentMETAPHORICAL PHRASES
Often applied to athletes, this 2-word term popularized by Robert K. Merton refers to an example we aspire toSOCIOLOGY
In some countries the subtitle 'A Contemporary Satire' was used for this 1945 parableBRITISH NOVELS
In 2015 a street connecting with Frank Sinatra Drive & Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas was renamed in his honorLATE ENTERTAINERS
Exhibited in the British Museum since 1802, it was the centerpiece in a 1999 exhibition called 'Cracking Codes'HISTORIC OBJECTS
In 1915 he dropped bomb-shaped cardboard leaflets on Seattle to promote military aviation20th CENTURY BUSINESSMEN
Of the 5 U.S. state capitals that begin with the letter 'A', the one that is farthest northSTATE CAPITAL GEOGRAPHY
A critic said that this bestselling author 'makes me wish there were more than 26 letters'CONTEMPORARY WOMEN AUTHORS
While working for a plastics company, Don Featherstone created this iconic lawn decor, basing it on photos in National GeographicAMERICANA
A critic said, 'I doubt if there is a single joke in' this 1885 work 'that fits the Japanese. But all the jokes... fit the English'BRITISH MUSICAL THEATRE
It was originally published in 1915 under the German title 'Die Verwandlung', meaning 'The Transformation'WORLD LITERATURE
The original law called this was passed in 1944; today, there's a 'Post-9/11' version that also pays for 36 months of university educationLEGISLATION
In 1939 this new product was touted as being strong as steel, fine as a spider's web & more elastic than natural fibersTEXTILES
This poem includes the line “But Flynn let drive a single, to the wonderment of all”AMERICANA
As she arrived at the house of her new employer, 'the wind seemed to catch her up into the air and fling her' at the doorCHILDREN'S LIT
In an 1864 letter, he congratulated Abraham Lincoln on reelection on behalf of 'the workingmen of Europe'CONTEMPORARIES
There were about 900 casualties in the 1862 Battle of Secessionville, fought in this stateTHE CIVIL WAR
Widely parodied today, this 5-word phrase originally appeared on motivational posters in England during WWIIPHRASE ORIGINS
At 24 he began a verse retelling the Cupid & Psyche myth, including a character named CaspianCHILDREN'S AUTHORS
This comedy whose title aims to please says, 'I charge you, o men... that between you and the women the play may please'SHAKESPEARE
ClueWho is or What isCategory
In the 1950s physicist Louis Essen built the 1st practical one of these, noting that it wouldn't give you the time of day20th CENTURY INVENTIONS
Although it's a statue of a giant's foe, an observer who saw its 1504 unveiling called it 'the marble giantART HISTORY
It's the only letter of the Greek alphabet whose English spelling could also be identified as a number in Roman numeralsALPHABETS
2 U.S. state capitals & 2 major Panamanian ports are named after this EuropeanTHE WESTERN HEMISPHERE
Released in 2011, it's the only film that has won both the Oscar & France's Cesar for Best Film of the YearINTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS
This word referring to someone who is not an expert is from the Latin for 'love'ETYMOLOGY
This WWII icon was created in a 1943 song that says, 'That little frail can do more than a male can do'AMERICAN ICONS
An 1860 ad for this business that only lasted 19 months sought 'ten or a dozen men, familiar with the management of horses'BUSINESSES
'The Gold Bug', Edgar Allan Poe's story about the search for Captain Kidd's buried loot, helped inspire this 1883 novel19th CENTURY NOVELS
When this man joined Twitter in September 2015, his first follow was the National Security Agency's accountNAMES IN THE NEWS
In 1790 a deal made Washington the nation's capital; the room where it happened was at Jefferson's house & negotiators included Madison & this Cabinet memberU.S. HISTORY
In 1927 the publishers of the Modern Library widened its scope and took this name, meant as a joke about how it would select titlesPUBLISHING
Its name means 'fear', & this moon orbits closest to a planet's surface of any moon in the solar systemASTRONOMY
The director said it took 70 camera setups & 7 days to shoot the classic murder scene in this film that celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2015CLASSIC MOVIE SCENES
A line from this 1995 novel is 'The infant glistened a scandalous shade of pale emerald'20th CENTURY NOVELS
This word follows January (China, 1967); March (Germany, 1848); July (France, 1830) & famously, OctoberMOMENTS IN HISTORY
In 1820 Jefferson called this bill 'the knell of the Union,' saying 'a geographical line... will never be obliterated'HISTORIC LEGISLATION
Mexico's Programa Frontera Sur aims to secure its 600-mile-long border with this countryGEOGRAPHY IN THE NEWS
In 1963 he wrote to MLK seeking a united front of 'all Negro factions' against 'a common problem posed by a common enemy'THE 1960s
Its restitchings over the centuries helped perpetuate the story of King Harold II being struck in the eye with an arrowHISTORICAL ARTIFACTS
In one of her last official acts before abdicating, Queen Beatrix reopened this museum after a 10-year renovationEUROPEAN MUSEUMS

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