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Someday we'll be complete like modern saints (. . .) And hang our doubts up in cathedrals
But nothing can change to ever make it right (. . .) It's written all over your face.
And the hospital ward sleeps through the surgery (. . .) While outside they wait in the pouring rain
To dance between the scissor's blades without getting cut (. . .) Lights out, black out, blow out the candle again
They sold the old house (. . .) They sold your possessions
I sewed it up stitched all these dead end streets (. . .) Unwound, like a petal pulled from an open flower
At the top of this timeline you'll remember (. . .) And in my own life I've seen it in the mirror
Ambulance, take me back (. . .) Ambulance, finish it. Don't wake me up again
The cinema speaks as you take off your clothes and burst in dissimulation (. . .) When there's nothing left, the wedding crashes and the rings fall off

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