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Forced Order
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Carpe Diem Vest
Logo Pants 4-6 GirlsTindley, etc
Lighthouse Sweatshirt Adult
Logo Harvic/Lee PantsSPN
Lighthouse Adult S/S 2XL & UP
Plaid Jumper Plus Size
Lighthouse Sweatshirt Youth
Pleated Skirts 4-20
Logo JumperPOL
Non Logo Pants Size 4-7
Toppy Pink Tag Polo
Non Logo Elderwear Pants
Tindley Adult 2XL & UP Polo
Logo Pants Plus/HuskyTindley, etc
Pleated Skirt Plus
Plaid Jumper Size 4-6x
Non Logo Mens Pants
Patch Polo Adult 2XL&UpIMSA, etc
Peter Pan S/S
Embroidered Polo YouthSPN, etc
Tindley Youth Cardigan
Embroidered Polo Adult Sm-XLSPN, etc
Logo ShortsACE
Tindley Adult Small-XL Polo
Tindley Youth Polo
Tindley Ties
Toppy Blue Tag Polo
Mens Shorts
Tindley Vest
Patch Polo YouthIMSA, etc
Lighthouse Adult S/S Sm-XL
Navy Jumper
Logo Pants 7-14 GirlsTindley, etc
Logo Pants 16-20Tindley, etc
Tindley Kilts
Logo Pants 8-14 BoysTindley, etc
Logo SkirtPOL
Solid Socks
Oxford Youth L/S
Plaid Skirt Plus Size
Peter Pan L/S
Plaid Jumper Size 7-14
Tindley Kilt Plus Size
Non Logo Pants Size 8-20
Logo Pants 4-7 BoysTindley, etc
Plaid Jumper Size 16-20
Polo Dress
Logo Junior Elderwear PantsTindley,etc
Patch Polo Adult Sm-XLIMSA, etc
Carpe Diem Sweater
Plaid Skirt Size 7-14
Embroidered Polo Adult 2XL&UpSPN, etc
Boy & Girl Shorts
Unisex Youth Polo
Safari Dress
Logo Shorts Husky/PlusACE
Plaid Skirt Size 16-20
Cardigan Logo SweaterTP, etc
Tindley Adult Cardigan
Lighthouse S/S Youth
Non Logo Junior Pants
Logo Men Elderwear PantsTindley, etc
Toppy White Tag Polo
Oxford Youth S/S
Non Logo Pants Husky/Plus Size
Oxford L/S Adult
Plaid Skirt Size 4-6x

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