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Forced Order
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Who is Zuko's father?
Who is his grandfather (paternal)?
Who is his sister
Who is his uncle?
Who is his great grandfather (paternal)?
Who is his great grandfather (maternal)?
Who is his great grand mother (maternal)?
Who is his mother?
When was he banished from the fire nation (age)?
Who must he capture to return (name)?
Who is his ship's lieutenant?
What is the name of the Shirshu (owned by June)?
What is his code name in the Earth Kingdom?
What is his uncle's code name?
Who's side does he choose during 'The Crossroads of Destiny?'
Who is his girlfriend when he returns home?
Who is his girlfriends chi-blocking friend?
Where does he start to teach Aang firebending?
Who teaches him and Aang pure firebending?
Who does he save in the season finale?

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