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Forced Order
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Who is the previous air Avatar?
Who is the previous water Avatar?
Who is the previous earth Avatar?
Who is the previous fire Avatar?
Who is the current Avatar?
Who is the next Avatar?
Who are the two spirits sacred to the water tribe?
Who is the face stealer?
Which Avatar tried to slay him?
What is Toph's last name?
What is the symbol of their family?
What arena does Toph fight in under the name 'the Blind Bandit'
Who owns this?
What animal is represented in Sokka's warrior armor?
Who is Sokka and Katara's father?
Who is their mother?
Who murdered her?
What Fire Nation Fleet was he part of?
Who did they capture that created 'bloodbending'?
When can 'bloodbending' be performed?
Who tries to kill the moon?
Who saved the moon?
Who got the idea from...?
Who is the mentor of ...?
Who becomes Aangs mentor starting at...?
Who is Iroh's son?
What song does Iroh sing in his honor at Ba Sing Se?
Who is Iroh's father?
Who is the father of the last answer?
(Last answer) choose not to save...?

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