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Can you name the harry potter birthday events?

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When is Harry Potter's birthday
What is the shape of Harry's cake on his 16th birthday
Who comes to visit Harry on his 11th birthday
What does this person give him as a present
When is Ron's birthday
What does Ron eat on his 17th birthday that is spiked with love potion
Who does he fall madly in love with
When Ron is poisoned, what antidote does Harry give him
When do you come of age in the wizarding world
What is a traditional wizarding present for coming of age
Who visits Harry on his 17th birthday
What does Ginny give Harry on his 17th birthday
How many birthday cakes does harry receive on his 14th birthday
Why does he receive so many
Who else shares Harry's birthday
Who cast protective spells on Harry's house which will break when he turns 17
What are the magical methods of reaching immortality besides horcruxes and the philosopher's stone
Who is the only known maker of the philosopher's stone
How old is he
How many years has Nearly Headless Nick been dead when he invites Harry to his Deathday Party

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