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We need more chips. ____ ____! (With last rung)
This is important. Take ____.
____ d'ivoire
Hilary Swank film: The ____
Eaton ____, Target ____, or IBM ____.
Let the chickens out of the ____.
Cream of the ____.
That gun isn't real. It's just a ____.
Will you go to ____ with me?
____ and proper.
Grand ____ motor racing.
____ are for kids!
Chew it over with ____.
Stop acting stupid, you ____!
Vault: Get __ __!
____ your own horn.
Who Framed Roger Rabit? location: ____ Town.
You're nothing but a stupid, oafish ____.
We need an economic ____.
Bad play. Here come the ____.
Andy Samberg behaves 'Like a ____.'
Something like Bob Dylan gathers no ____.
Later, Marge. I'm going out to ____.
We need more chips. ____ ____! (With first rung)

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