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Forced Order
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character portrayedactor nameadditional information
PasquinelSelf-proclaimed 'Courer de Bois'
McKeagScotsman partner of Pasquinel
Lame BeaverArapaho brave responsible for bringing horses
Clay BasketDaughter of Lame Beaver
Hermann BockweissSilversmith of St. Louis
Lise BockweissWife of Pasquinel
Jake PasquinelHalf-breed son of Pasquinel
Mike PasquinelHalf-breed son of Pasquinel
Levi ZendtRebellious Mennonite who moved west
Elly Zendt1st wife of Levi
Lucinda Zendt2nd wife of Levi
Hans Brumbaughknown as 'Potato Brumbaugh'
Maxwell MercyPeace-bringing army officer
Frank SkimmerhornCrazed Militia officer and profound white supremacist
John SkimmerhornVenneford Foreman and General Manager
R.J. PoteetTrail Boss on Skimmerhorn's trail
character portrayedactor nameadditional information
Oliver SeccombeHaughty British entrepeneur responsible for Venneford's Establishment
Jim LloydYoungest member of Skimmerhorn Trail
Nate PersonR.J.'s top cowboy
Axel DumireSherriff of Centennial
Mervin WendellMenacing Swindler and Player
Maude WendellWife of Mervin
Phillip WendellCautious and Suspicious offspring of Mervin and Maude
Lew VernorWho really cares?
Amos CalenderPhenomenal mustache in the later episodes
Ignacio GomezMexican Cook and Outspoken Privateer
Tranquilino MarquezLoyal farmer that falls victim of prejudice
Broken ThumbChief of Cheyenne
John McIntoshDashing soldier who embodies the only sane presence at the massacre of rattlesnake cliffs
NarratorGruff voiceovers
Sam Purchasknown as 'cut-nose' or 'squaw-killer'
Charlotte Buckland/Seccombe/LloydBritish Heiress to Venneford

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