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A cheerful, energetic man, who although being the kin of Ancient Rome, is an irresponsible crybaby.
A tough, too-serious, and efficient man who always abides by the rules and is 'weak to' them
A shy, quiet and hard-working man.
A cheerful, energetic and somewhat conceited young man who is obsessed with heroes, justice, and freedom.
A fanciful, blunt, obstinate former pirate who used to torment Spain.
Was once a large nation, but after Napoleon Bonaparte died, he was no longer good at war and instead focused on attracting tourists to his country with his wine.
A large yet childlike young man. At the first impression, he seems simplistic and pure in heart.
Apparently one of the oldest nations.
He was once the great ruler of the Mediterranean Sea and the strongest nation.
Courageous regardless of the environment, and that his food is wild because of his wild personality.
Is described as a well-spoken, young master type, who was initially aloof until he was saddled with too many burdens.
An intimidating, harsh young woman who radiates a hostile atmosphere. She has a deep infatuation with her brother.
Is Netherlands' and Luxembourg's sister, though it's said that they often push her around.
Comes across as friendly and well-meaning. Looks like Eren Jaegar
He enjoys soccer to a great extent, and he even stopped to play soccer with some children on Christmas despite being dressed in nice clothing.
Is calm, shy, sensitive, and hates fighting (But, it is said that he is a very strong fighter). Despite this, he is often mistaken for his brother.
Good natured, nice big brother with strong emotions that he is very faithful to.
Very expressive and polite young man, who is very much a peace-lover.
Full of youthful vigor and humor, though he is also very stubborn and doesn't listen very well to others.
A quiet, mysterious young man who seems stubborn, but is actually friendly and family-minded.
The second oldest of the Baltics, he is an ace student and is considered the luckiest of the three, having managed to avoid problems with his wit and many years of wisdom.
Simplistic, gentle, and honest, as well seeming rather adult-like. Worrying a lot but with a strong core. He is calm but serious and hard-working.
A brave and brutal warrior of few words and expressions, he's said to be rather wild. He's said to spread coercive vibes and has a taciturn and rough personality.
He is said to have a serious personality, but he often seems carefree and casual. He is often seen with cats. He loves naps and is often seen sleeping
The grandson of Germania, he seemed strong but had a weak constitution. His main goal was to get Italy to become part of his empire.
It is noted that one cannot really tell what is on his mind, due to his lack of showing emotion. He has also been described as being 'in many ways, a sturdy big bro'.
Once a nomadic girl who loved to chase after horses on the plains and was rather tomboyish, having been raised to believe she was male until her breasts grew.
A micronation located in Australia. His area is marked by organized and clean facilities, and character notes state that he is more developed in comparison to other micronations.
He appears relatively cool and composed on the surface, but is warmer and passionate ('hot-blooded') deep down. Due to his recent financial problems, Russia has been helping him.
Personality is similar to Hungary's. During the Halloween 2011 event, he expresses interest in, and later makes a grand entrance at America's party.
A free-spirited type, obsessed with video games, dramas, studying abroad, and the internet.
A micronation located in Austria. He is an artist who Austria describes as being eccentric.
A micronation based on the Internet. However, the claimed land (located in Sweden) does exist, and he states his king is a talented artist.
The youngest of the three Baltics, he a withdrawn crybaby due to the series of unfortunate events he's experienced in life.
Originally having been Austrian nobles, she is described as being rather high-tech, with a humble and mature personality and a level head, though she will clearly state her views.
The eldest of the three Baltics, he controlled Middle and Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, and was a formidable knight that once beat Prussia, until he was taken by Russia.
Said to have made popular a unique culture within China, with heavy ties to Portugal who gave him the formal name 'Macau Which Carries the Name of a Most Faithful God'.
comes across as a happy younger child and appears very fond of his older brother Romania.
A micronation that resides in the American state Nevada. He only allows 10 people to sightsee per year.
Described as being 'way more than healthy/energetic' and he said that 'a more leisurely optimistic, but refined in some respects sort of feeling' would be good for her character.
Said to be a strong strategist and world-dominating type of man who likes very young women and thinks nothing of using some types of shady drugs.
Depicted in a cheerful manner and seems to have a good relationship with England. He is shown to have a pet sheep.
Was a middle school student who achieved micronation status through dedication and hard work.
A quiet and mysterious man of few words and expressions, and is reclusive from the everyday world.
He is said to have good business sense and an intense pickiness about food. He is known as 'The World's Kitchen' due to this love of food.
Described as a young man who is honest and hardworking, though he has an average income and stamina.
Once a super nation that controlled Middle and Eastern Europe with his partner Lithuania in the Middle Ages, until Russia split them apart and he was annexed.
Was born to fight the same type of battles as Austria, but was a hooligan who did nothing but fight and found a means of escaping marriage.
Described as friendly, cheerful, and a bit mischievous, but also as carelessly eccentric. He has a strong belief in black magic and loves folklore.
Due to the fact that he isn't considered an actual nation, none of the others take him very seriously.
A womanizer, a quality he shares with his relatives, though he seems to have more of a fixation on it than them.
Described as a country girl with a big heart who can sometimes be sloppy. She can't cook on her own and laments over her high cost of living.
Is friendly and kind to women, but is strict and less social to men.
A passionate, cheerful country with a mysterious aura of light and darkness
Was once a viking and was known by numerous titles such as 'The Lion of Northern Europe', 'The Conqueror Of The Baltic Sea', and 'The Supreme Ruler of Scandinavia'.
Seemingly eternally neutral and lives his life as a hermit/recluse, surrounded by the Alps.
Described as a strong-willed, fashionable young woman, but she is also said to have become more of a nervous type in recent times, unable to stop worrying.
He has the verbal tic of saying 'Ana~', and talks with polite, formal speech. He refers to himself as 'jibun' , and he treasures his friends and family.
Described as being a lively and excessively vigorous old man.
Speaks in a monotone voice and is noticeably more stern and quiet than his older brother.
The oldest of the three siblings, and is constantly getting dragged into some sort of mess. She is described by her brother as being very warm-hearted and motherly.
Described as 'headstrong' due to the number of strong women in her history. She appears a bit shy.
A mouthy girl who tries to act mature, but has been said to show her childish side as well. She has also been described as one to enjoy her freedom along with fun things to do.
He is depicted as a young, bald monk.
Is said to have bullied Hungary in his youth, along with the Ottoman Empire.
Is shown to be female and her favorite food is nyama choma
Is shown to be male and winds up having to be carried off by medics after laughing too hard at Seychelles' bizarre coat of arms.
Described as an old man who lives near Italy, but is very bossy and considered to be an annoyance, which has caused him to be at odds with the Italy brothers.
First mentioned in the Christmas Rampage '07 as a sibling to Belgium and Netherlands, and is described as 'elegant' by Finland.
The mother of Egypt, who had a romantic aura of mystery about her. Her pyramids and artifacts still attract archaeologists from all around the world.
The mother of Greece, described as having been very laid-back and easygoing. A beautiful woman, she became frightening when she fought.
Another older brother, also briefly name-dropped by Prussia. It is said that Germany inherited his stubbornness from him, as well as from Prussia and Saxony.
A middle-aged man in a Hello Kitty knockoff costume. He is a frequent companion of China, and has only been shown out of his mascot suit twice so far.
The character is depicted with turtles and an alpaca wearing a hat.

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