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Can you name the Idioms Ron Burgundy uses??

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news broadcast warm-up phrase involving his favorite drink
Ron's urgent news bulletin delivered from the diving board
exclamation when he sees beautiful women from accross parties
nickname for Baxter (his dog) when giving Ron good advice
Ron's definition of 'diversity'
the 'reason' Ron yells at Ed to disuade him from hiring Veronica
exclaimed when he hits Jack Black with a burrito
exclamation of pain when struck by Veronica with the TV antenna
admission that he has chosen the incorrect drink for a hot day
line used in his 2nd attempt to pick up Veronica at the party
according to Ron, 'San Diego' is German for:
command for his three co-workers to gather
song sung by Burgundy to describe the feeling of being in love
thing Ron tells Brian he will give Veronica to get her to go out with him
Ron's Signoff
supposedly, where Veronica's home is (when they are verbally attacking each other before the fight)
positive comment made to his sexual partners when Ron thinks they've done a good job
son of a...!

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