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Can you name the 50 people, items and places of the Dune Universe?

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Dune QuestionAnswer
The Duke's son.
Planet of house Atriedes.
The Emperor of the known universe.
The Emperor's daughter.
The duke's sons sister.
The traitor.
Suspensor-buoyed illuminating device
Planet of House Harkonnen.
Other name for Dune.
House Atriedes Mentat
Year Dune is set in.
Precious commodity on Dune.
Device which calls a worm.
Dune QuestionAnswer
Weapon made from the tooth of a sandworm from Arrakis.
Clothing worn in the desert.
Machine used for collecting dunes precious commodity.
Ferocious soldier-fanatics of the Padishah Emperor.
Specialized martial art component of Bene Gesserit prana-bindu practices.
The taste and smell of spice.
The Baron's younger nephew.
The Housekeeper.
The Duke's concubine.
Leader of the Fremen.
Leader of the Fremen's other known title.
Leader of the Fremen's daughter.
How the water of life is formed.
Dune QuestionAnswer
Duke's sons name under the Fremen.
The Atriedes Swordmaster
How Dr Yueh attempts to kill the Baron.
The Barons older nephew.
The emperor's truthsayer.
Fremen Naib of Sietch Tabr.
Loyal troubadour warrior of the Atreides.
House Harkonnen twisted Mentat.
Musical instrument played by Gurney Halleck.
Crusade against computers and thinking machines.
Aircraft used for carrying spice mining equipment.
Corportation who controls the economy of the known universe.
Name of the Fremen death commandos.
Dune QuestionAnswer
Universal language of the Dune universe.
Poison needle used by the Bene Gesserit.
Mutated humans who navigate interstellar space.
Name of the carrier starships for interstellar travel.
Assassination device used on Paul Atriedes.
The name the Fremen call the Sandworm.
Toxic liquid exhalation of a drowning sandworm.
leader in providing technology to the Imperium.
The amount of moons orbiting Dune.
The ancient school of mental and physical training established primarily for female students.
Secretive and powerful patriarchal race known for their genetic manipulation technologies.

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