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Can you name the merged Pokémon (see description)?

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First PokémonMerged PokémonSecond Pokémon
Second stage. Rock/Water type. Has sickles for arms.First stage. Water type. It constantly has a headache.
First stage. Ice/Psychic type. Baby Pokémon with big lips.Second stage. Dark type. Its pre-evolution evolved via happiness during the night.
Second stage. Fire type. Has a single horn on its head like a unicorn.Third stage. Grass/Dark type. Appears to be made of wood with shaggy white hair.
First evolution. Fire type. Body made from magma which would harden if it stopped moving.Third stage. Ice/Ground type. Had two huge tusks.
Doesn't evolve. Dragon/Electric type. Legendary Pokémon for Gen V.First stage. Rock/Water type. Resurrected from a Helix Fossil.
Second stage. Water/Psychic type. There is a Shellder attached to its tail.Second stage. Grass/Poison. Evolves when exposed to a Shiny Stone.
Second stage, Psychic type. It holds a pendulum which causes drowsiness.First stage. Rock type. It evolves when it is levelled up in Mount Coronet.
Second.stage. Bug/Flying type. Resembles a cicada and flies extremely fast.Doesn't evolve. Steel/Flying type. Has steel wings and its type combination is unique.
First stage. Bug/Flying. It has clear wings with a red stripe and evolves via level-up while knowing AncientPower.First stage. Water/Flying type. Baby Pokémon which evolves via level-up with a Remoraid in the party.
Second stage. Ground/Dragon type. Has green, rhombus shaped wings that create ultrasonic waves.Second stage. Water type. Has a mermaid like tail and a white collar.
First PokémonMerged PokémonSecond Pokémon
Third stage. Grass/Poison type. James had one in the anime series which enjoyed attacking him.Second stage. Electric type. It can be evolved when traded holding a specific item.
First stage. Ground/Flying type. Resembles a cross between a bat and a scorpion.Second stage. Bug/Poison type. Its body is striped red and black. Its legs are striped yellow and purple.
Third stage. Water/Dragon type. Its form is based on a seahorse.First stage. Psychic type. Appears to wear a green helmet with a red horn, which senses human emotions.
Doesn't evolve. Electric type. Resembles a squirrel.Doesn't evolve. Water type. Legendary Pokémon from Gen II
Second stage. Bug/(Grass or Ground or Steel). It is always female and it has three different forms.Third stage. Electric type. It is the lighthouse Pokémon from Olivine City.
Second stage. Normal type. Has purple ears and is evolved from its pre-evolution via a Moon Stone.First stage. Fighting type. Evolves into one of three forms depending on its Attack and Defense.
Second stage. Rock type. It is an imitation Pokémon that Brock has in the anime series.First stage. Normal/Flying. It has two heads with sharp beaks.
First stage. Ice/Water type. It is round like a ball with a flat blue tail.Second stage. Dragon/Flying. It has two long blue feathers on its head and wings that resemble cotton.
First stage. Poison type. Its stomach can digest anything and it has a yellow feather on its head.Third stage. Fire/Fighting type. The flame on its head never extinguishes and it has golden shoulder plates and wrist bands.
First stage. Grass type. Looks like a grumpy mushroom.First stage. Electric type. Resembles a blue and black lion cub.

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