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Can you name the merged Pokémon (see description)?

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First PokémonMerged PokémonSecond Pokémon
Third stage. Grass/Poison type. Has large flower on its back.Second stage. Normal type. Large brown Pokémon with ring on its front.
Third stage. Water type. Crocodilian shape.First stage. Ground type. Large disproportioned head and large jaw.
Second stage. Fighting type. Looks like a sumo wrestler.Second stage. Bug/Flying type. Resembles a damselfly with rhombus shaped legs.
First stage. Water/Psychic type. Pink and slow moving.Doesn't evolve. Normal type. Chameleon shaped.
Second stage. Psychic type. Resembles a wind chime.First stage. Normal/Flying type. Nocturnal and only stands on one leg.
Doesn't evolve. Dark type. Traps people in nightmares.First stage. Normal type. Has 3-fingered hand on the end of its tail.
First stage. Flying/Normal type. Has cloud-like wings.Doesn't evolve. Rock/Psychic type. This Pokémon's counterpart is Solrock.
Doesn't evolve. Water type. Heart shaped.First stage. Bug type. Green with blade-shaped forearms.
First stage. Fighting type. Evolves via happiness and resembles an Egyptian jackal.Third stage. Electric type. Is dark blue and black with a star on its tail.
Third stage. Bug/Flying type. Emerges from a green cocoon at level 10.First stage. Normal type. Can evolve into 7 different forms.
First PokémonMerged PokémonSecond Pokémon
Second stage. Ice type. Fox-shaped with light blue fur.First stage. Rock type. Looks like a snake make of boulders.
First stage. Fire type. Resembles a chimp with a flame on its tail.Doesn't evolve. Normal type. The final Pokémon of the National Dex (Gen IV).
Doesn't evolve. Psychic type. Legendary Pokémon from Gen I.Second stage. Psychic type. Blue with black tail. Team Rocket own one in the anime series.
Doesn't evolve. Electric type. Has minus symbols on its face.Doesn't evolve. Psychic type. There are 28 different forms of this Pokémon.
Second stage. Grass type. Resembles a sunflower.Doesn't evolve. Dragon/Flying type. Appears on the boxart for Pokémon Emerald game.
Doesn't evolve. Normal/Psychic type. Its name is a palindrome.First stage. Normal type. Baby Pokémon with a spiral on its forehead.
Second stage. Psychic/Flying type. Has a green head and odd patterns on its body.First stage. Grass type. Seedling plant on its head which grows as it evolves.
First stage. Water/Dark type. Small fish with sharp fangs.Second stage. Ghost type. Has a pair of disembodied hands floating by its face.
Second stage. Bug/Flying type. Is the largest bug Pokémon.Third stage. Psychic type. Resembles a lady in a ballgown.
Doesn't evolve. Water/Poison type. Has sharp spines all over its body.First stage. Water type. Has a large tongue and evolves via a water stone.

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