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Starting with each letter of the alphabet, can you name the things from the Harry Potter world containing a double leTTer from the clues provided?

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The A-Z is the beginning letter of that which the clue describes NOT the consecutive letter found in the answer. If clue describes a character, the double letter may be in their first name or surname. Good luck!
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ASummoning Charm incantation.
BUnderwater-breathing spell used by Cedric and Fleur in the Second Task.
CDragon species that Viktor Krum faced in the First Task.
DSubstance used to heal wounds and prevent scarring.
EWeasley family owl.
FDark Detector which resembles a mirror.
GNative language of goblins
(bladvak = pickaxe).
HWand wood used to make Harry Potter's wand.
IPoorly-mastered gift of Professor Trelawney which 'does not See upon command'.
JA type of sweet which is stocked in Honeydukes.
KLondon station from which the Hogwarts Express departs.
LThe Riddle House and the Hanged Man pub are buildings in this village.
MIrish Chaser at the Quidditch World Cup Final.
NLee Jordan levitated two of these treasure-hunters into Umbridge's office.
OThe ability to magically close one's mind against Legilimency.
PFamily name of the first possessors of the Deathly Hallows.
QDaily Prophet reporter's acid green writing implement.
RAunt Marge's favourite bulldog.
SAlias for Sirius Black used by the main trio so as not to arouse suspicion.
TPopular Hogsmeade pub.
UThese areas are magically concealed and are hidden from on maps and from sight.
VBulgarian National Quidditch Team mascots at the World Cup Final.
WViolent tree which stands in the Hogwarts grounds.
XHouses an Erumpent horn, believing it to be from a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.
YAn event that occurred at Hogwarts on 25th December 1994.
ZRose ______ - girl Sorted into Hufflepuff in Harry's fifth year.

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