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Not a word n the theam tune (CHOSE and,so,cry)
Name a male goldman
peter`s and lois 1st child
in 402 brian legalises what
What is the 100 th episode
What kind of dog is Brian
WHo is brains gay cousin
Whose catchphrase is 'oh no'
What episode of family guy does the song prom night dumpster baby appear?
What is Clevelands ex-wifes middle name.
Who did the Judge get anoid with in stewie killed lois
In i dream of____ who did peter meet
How old is stewie
(refers to question above) who does stewie fear
Complete this title Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...
What does brian say that peter is not good at
___ green and ____MacFarlanes ferst names are
is lois jewish
what is loises mums maden name
how old is peter in death is a bitch
Who is stu
Who is stewert griffin
how old is stu in stewie griffin the untold story.
Refers to question above how old should he be (this series of eps is 30 years in the futer)
Who hates meg
meg is chrises sister Chris is peters son so who is peters sons sister(This is completely irellivant)
Who has a brain tumer the size of a football
who does stewie reprogram
what is lois's super power
Name the manor which Lois and the family inheirit from Lois's Aunt Marguerite.
Who is the rival piano teacher to Lois Griffin in 'Wasted Talent'?
Lois learns Tae-Jitsu and beats up people from what state in 'Lethal Weapons'?
Where did Lois plan to hold Stewie's first birthday party?
who said You could kill all the girls who are prettier than me.
what does stewie shoot lois with
what does brians girlfreind sit on in we love you conrad
what pet does stewie want
What did chris get in his test in scool sfter his teacher one the lottery
What instrument does Lois play and teach?
Answer to question above
who does peter say he will see again in perfect castaway
Is stewie gay
Brian is a
What is the name of bonnie son
is joe diabled
who is the peter guy in joes new gang
does megatron apear in family guy
is carter related to jasper
Is peter irish
what is the last word in this ep title road to

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