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first victory at Heinz Field was against?16-7 on October 7, 2001
have beaten the most times?60
let Franco Harris play his final games with?1984
have beaten the most times in the playoffs?five wins and zero losses
won their first playoff game against?The Immaculate Reception, 1972
played their first game against (as the Pirates)?September 20, 1933
have played in the preseason the last three years?the final preseason game from 2008-2010
can thank for use of their home field for Super Bowl XL?February 5, 2006
won their first Super Bowl against?Super Bowl IX
merged with during World War II to form the Steagles?1943 season
played their first game in Three Rivers stadium against?on September 20, 1970 against this AFC Central rival
have lost to most recently in the AFC Championship?2004, after a 15-1 regular season
have a record of 8-8 against in the regular season since 2003?Steelers also have two playoff wins
only loss to was in that team's inaugaural sason?2002
most recent playoff loss was against?January 5, 2008
have the second best winning percentage against in the AFC?21-6 or .778
most recent tie game was against?34 to 34 on November 10,2002
beat 45-0 for a third striaght shutout in 1976?November 7, 1976
lost Rod Woodson to via free agency?1997
beat in Super Bowl XLIII on Santonio Holmes TD catch?February 1, 2009
beat in the last game at Three Rivers Stadium?December 16, 2000
passed for the most yards against in a single game?Big Ben passed for 503 yards on December 20, 2009
have the best winning percentage against in the AFC?15-4 or .789
played on Halloween night of 2010?a 20-10 Steelers loss
have beaten twice in the Super Bowl?Super Bowl X and XII
beat for their third straight road victory in the 2005 playoffs?AFC Championship on January 22, 2006
lost their first ten games to?1934 thru 1949
currently have the longest winning streak against?five games
last played into overtime?19-16 Steelers overtime win on November 28, 2010
have the best winning percentage against?8-1 or .889
acquired Jerome Bettis from?He played for both the LA and St. Louis Rams

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