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Unfortunate coloured girl starts a troubled life at Dear Old Shiz.
Blonde girl is willing to do anything for her true love- even willing to got to Harvard!
Singer sees her lover shoot a man and has to hide with her 'Sisters'.
Sent away at the age of 7 and ends up rescuing a Princess with his animal sidekick.
Troubling story from the French war time leads people to meet for wrong reasons.
Two young men seperated at birth, they meet and become 'Blood Brothers'.
7 women in prison for different reasons all want to hire the same Llawyer, Billy Flynn.
Family are off to a summer holiday for dancing and the lead lady gets pregnant, the troublesome journey of many dance lessons while her sister enters talent show.
Dance musical of tragedies and ballet- loving boy's dad wants him to boxing.
Invites three mystery men to her wedding to try and find her blood relative.
Collection of songs from legendary band and people off the streets call themselves things such as 'Madonna'.
7 children learn to love singing and music through their new nanny and their father finds a new love.

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