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DirectionsWordWord Definition
 a role in a play
 a long time ago
 how a dog breathes when it gets hot
 an insect you might see at a picnic
 'We learn how to read ____ write at school.'
 opposite of 'start'
 opposite of win
 when you don't know where you are
 a person who gives a party
 a pot of boiling water is very ____
 you wear this on your head at a birthday party
 extreme dislike
 opposite of fake
 to stretch to get something
 a sandy area next to the sea
DirectionsWordWord Definition
 you can sit on this at the park
 a lot of things
 meal eaten in the middle of the day
 a hot dog is eaten in one of these
 soccer players do this a lot
 another word for carpet
 an old piece of cloth
 'Yesterday, I _____ around the track four times.'
 water that falls from the sky
 a line of connected railroad cars
 belonging to a man
 to strike a target
 what you do in a chair
 past tense of sit
 an animal that chases mice
 an item of clothing worn on your head
DirectionsWordWord Definition
 a certain one
 four-leaf clovers and horseshoes are said to bring it
 shut to keep people out
 opposite of found
 to get rid of something, usually accidentally
 opposite of tight
 this bird has a long neck and it honks
 'A penguin does _____ fly.'
 the weather gets this way in the summer
 an item of clothing worn on your head
 to dislike something a lot
 opposite of early
 opposite of now
 to finish a race first
 opposite of lost
DirectionsWordWord Definition
 to put on something, or a nickname for Donald
 '___ you know how to tie your shoe?'
 you enter a house through this
 a four-leaf clover brings good ______
 what you do to a lollipop
 you go to a doctor when you feel this way
 opposite of float
 'The baker set the pie on the window ______ to cool.'
 a duck's beak
 this twinkles in the night sky
 another word for a step
 two of a kind
 another word for bucket
 letters brought by a postal worker
 another word meaning to hurt
DirectionsWordWord Definition
 Sam I Am wants to eat green eggs and this
 to sing with you lips closed
 to put your arms around someone
 another word for insect
 to keep asking for something
 you use this body part to walk
 a lion is a kind of this animal
 you can do this with scissors or a knife
 squirrels gather these to save for the winter
 'Do _____ play with matches.'
 very high heat
 an item of clothing worn on your head
 'Tom _____ blue eyes and brown hair.'
 fuel for a car
 the final one!

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