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Can you name the food for each Jewish holiday?

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HolidayFoodAbout the Food
PurimCalled such because it is shaped like a triangle, like the tricorner hat that Haman wore.
PassoverThe Jews were in such a hurry to leave Egypt that they didn't have time to let their bread rise; as a result, matzah is bread that has not risen yet, and is therefore like a cracker.
PassoverA mixture of apples, nuts, and cinnamon, to symbolize the mortar the Jews used when building temples for Pharaoh in Egypt.
PassoverBitter herbs that symbolize the bitterness of the slavery the Jews faced in Egypt.
HolidayFoodAbout the Food
Rosh HashanahWe dip the apples in the honey for a sweet new year.
ChanukahA food that is fried in oil, to symbolize the miracle of the oil, when there was only enough left for one night, but it lasted for eight nights.
ChanukahAnother food that is fried in oil.
ChanukahBefore it was chocolate, a little bit of money was traditionally given to children on Chanukah. The tradition was later made into chocolate.
HolidayFoodAbout the Food
Year-RoundOften eaten at Break-the-Fast on Yom Kippur night, but a general Jewish dish.
Year-RoundSweet rolled cookies generally filled with chocolate or fruit flavor.
Year-RoundA sweet noodle casserole, often but not limited to Break-the-Fast Yom Kippur dinner.

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