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Forced Order
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What type of horse does War ride
What school did Sam attend before joining Dean to find their dad
What state was the last seal broken and Lucifer released
What do Sam and Dean have to prevent them from being possessed by demons
Who killed Azazel
What was the ironic name of the doctor paged in 'In My Time Dying'
What Steve McQueen movie is referenced in 'The Usual Suspects' (Hint: Steve McQueen is not in the Usual Suspects)
What form does the garden take when Sam and Dean visit Joshua in heaven
During the supernatural convention, what episode name was printed on souvenier mugs
Why do people wear masks on Halloween
What was the first seal broken
What was the name of the 99th Supernatural Episode
What is Sam and Dean's grandfathers name?
Sam and Dean got arrested in 'Folsom Prison Blues' so they could help this person
Who was in possession of the colt before the Winchesters
Who does Sam have a sex dream about
What is Sam and Dean's grandmothers name?
What is the name of Lucifers temporary 'vessel'
What was John's position in the military
The bartender in 'Sin City' makes Dean what kind of a drink
In 'Nightshifter' what did Ron think the shapeshifter was
Deans porno mag of choice
What was Chuck's pen name for the 'Supernatural' series
When Dean was in Hell, what did Sam add to the Impala
In 'Mystery Spot' what song woke same every morning
What cartoon was playing in the airplane that Sam and Dean were transported to in 'Sympathy for the Devil'

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