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Upper Ex. 1
winged scapula occurs from injury to which nerve
injury to which nerve causes claw hand or ring and little fingers are hyperextended at the metacarpophalangeal joints and flexed at the Interphalangeal joints
bones involved in endochrondral ossification arise from which germlayer?
thoracodorsal nerve is formed from which roots?
What attaches to the supraglenoid tubercle?
what runs through the triangular space?
Innervates the medial skin of the forearm.
diminshed tactile sensation
test for the occlusion of the ulnar or radial artery
congenital partial absence of a limb
ulnar nerve is formed from which roots?
teres major, teres minor, and the long head of triceps form the borders of which space?
innervates the skin of the posterior aspect of the forearm
Spiral groove of humerus contains?
compression of the median nerve in the hand due to inflammation
The fracture of the distal radius is known as a...
radial nerve is formed from which roots?
congenital fusion of limbs
fracture of the shaft of the humerus may injure which 2 structures?
condition characterized by the thickening of the palmar fascia, producing a flexion deformity of the fingers, in which fingers are pulled toward the palm, esp 3rd and 4th fingers
styloid process is the insertion point for which muscle?
subluxation of the shoulder joint can damage which nerve?
the radius articulates with which portion of the humerus?
The olecranon is the attachment site for which muscle?
occurs when flexor tendons develop nodules preventing the sliding of tendon through the pulley, causing audible clicking or snapping
removal of breast
wrist flexion, elbow extension, and finger extension test which nerve root
Where does the lymph from breast primarily drain?
removal of small mass from breast along with rim of normal tissue
axillary nerve is formed from which roots?
long thoracic nerve is formed from which roots?
Complete shoulder separation occurs at what joint?
what is tested when one digit is flexed at the PIP joint against resistance?
Is formed by a great lash of dorsal and ventral roots of the lumbar and sacral spine
Upper Ex. 1
Coracobrachialis, pectoralis minor, and short head of biceps brachii attach here?
hand intrinsics test which nerve root
which vein is normally used for drawing blood?
the superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve is a branch of what major nerve?
fracture of the scaphoid may injure which artery?
What innervates the lateral skin of the arm?
the breast are supported by which ligaments
fracture of hamate may injure which nerve and artery?
conoid and trapezoid ligaments make up what?
long head of biceps brachii runs through which groove?
wrist drop or the inability to extend the wrist or metacarpophyseal joints is due to injury to what nerve?
What innervates the medial skin of the arm?
insertion of subscapularis?
shoulder abduction and elbow flexion tests which nerve root
what is tested when a digit is flexed at the DIP joint against resistance?
ischemic contracture that results from ischemic necrosis of the forearm flexor muscles caused by pressure injury.
the entrapment of the ulnar nerve in the Guyon's canal is known as what? This syndrome causes pain, numbness, loss of sensation, and motor weakness in little and ring fingers.
congenital absence of a limb
the lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve arises from which nerve?
the pec. major, the latissmus dorsi, and the teres major attach here...
subluxation of the shoulder joint can damage which artery?
innervates the skin of the posterior aspect of the arm
trochlea articulates with which bone?
paralysis of the coracobrachialis, brachialis, and biceps brachii is consistent with the injury to which nerve?
absence of tactile sensation
fracture of the medial epicondyle may injure which structure?
only long bone to ossify via intermebraneous ossification
structure that deepens the glenoid cavity.
the patients wrist is held in acute flexion. positive test is tingling and numbness along the median distribution.
bones of the limbs are derived from the...
what is the main ligament that is disrupted in a complete shoulder separation
median nerve is formed from which roots?
removal of breast plus underlying muscles
wrist extension tests what nerve root
Upper Ex. 1
dorsal scapular nerve is formed from which roots?
the clavicle finishes ossification at what age?
finger with permanent flexion at the distal phalanx due to an avulsion of the medial and lateral bands of the extensor tendon to the distal phalanx
the posterior brachial cutaneous is a branch of what nerve?
muscles of the limbs are derived from?
which muscle attaches to the coronoid process and the ulna tuberosity?
what lies in the infraspinous fossa?
consists of a mesenchymal core and an outer apical ectodermal ridge
the elbow joint is what type of joint?
subluxation of the shoulder joint usually occurs in what direction?
The Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, & teres minor muscles attach where?
teres major, teres minor, the long head of triceps, and the humerus form the borders of which space?
Supinator and the extensor muscles of the forearm originate where?
which nerve passes through the suprascapular notch?
which ligament passes over the suprascapular notch?
congenital addition of limbs
The glenohumeral joint is what type of joint?
Percuss lightly over the course of a nerve (median nerve at the carpal tunnel)
lateral surface of the scapula forms what cavity?
deltoid inserts where?
finger flexion tests which root
The axillary nerve and the posterior circumflex humeral artery runs through which space?
what attaches at the palmar aponeurosis?
loss of function to the extensors of the arm, forearm and hand is an injury to which cord of the brachial plexus?
inflammation of the tendon and its sheath
loss of abduction of the humerus is due to injury of what nerve?
largest nerve of brachial plexus
what attaches to the infraglenoid tubercle?
limbs arise from which part of the mesoderm
musculocutaneous nerve is formed from which roots?
breast cancer usually occurs in which quadrant?
what lies in the supraspinous fossa?

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