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must bind to a cyclin protein to exhibit kinase activity
this intergral membrane protein binds hemoglobin and serves as an anchoring site for cytoskeleton
macrophages, osteoclasts, and langerhans cells are all derivatives of which cell
the least encountered WBC
shortest phase of cell cycle
binds and inhibits transcription factor E2F
which protein is responsible for the basophilic staining of basophils?
movement directed by honing molecules
second growth (or gap) period
what transcription factor up-regulates S-phase genes?
nuclei are typically bi lobed
a ubiquitin ligase that adds ubiquitin to cyclin
large spherical nucleus with azurophilic granules in the cytoplasm.
these cells migrate to sites of infection and release of cytotoxins that combat parasites (protozoa, helminths), migration to sites of allergic inflammation, phagocytosis and endoc
a protease that degrades ubiquinated proteins such as cyclin
life span of RBCs
true or false: Anemia can be caused by reduced RBC production, increased RBC destruction, or blood loss.
basophilia in the basophilic erythroblast is due to the presence of what structure in large quantities.
family of proteins that bind and inactivate dimeric complexes of cyclin D-Cdk4/6 or cyclin A-Cdk2, or cyclin E-Cdk2
True or False: Mutations in p53 lead to failure to enforce the DNA damage checkpoint, which leads to accumulation of mutations
life span of neutrophil
these lymphocytes are involved in cell mediated immunity
virus oncoproteins, such as papillomavirus E6 and E7 proteins, that bind to and inactivate Rb and p53
spherical nucleus that becomes increasingly heterochromatic and acquires a specific indentation. Specific granules begin forming in this stage.
cell cycle regulation that occurs in G2. Starts the onset of M phase
1° and 2° granules, protein synthesis (some basophilia), nuclear segmentation continues, some genes silenced (some heterochromatin), non-mitotic, enters blood
increases platelet production, stimulates megakaryocyte CFU cells
G1 + S + G2
total blood volume in normal adult (liters)
the volume of packed RBCs in a sample of blood is call the ______.
True or False: Alterations in p16INK4 result in excess Cdk4 activity and loss of G1/S control (found in familial melanomas & other cancers)
nuclei are typically multilobed
people with O blood type have which blood anti-antibodies
nucleus extruded, small cell size, enters peripheral blood, 1-2% of cells in blood, matures in 1-2 days
plasma proteins involved in cholesterol, and triglyceride transport
lymphocytes and monocyte are
true or false: stem cells undergo symmetric cell division
family of proteins that bind and inactivate Cdk4 and Cdk6
percentage of proteins in plasma
the percentage of plasma in blood
plasma protein involved in the destruction of microorganisms, initiation of inflammation
these cells function similar to mast cells, upon stimulation it releases preformed and newly synthesized secretory products that initiate, maintain, and control inflammation
True or False: Hematopoiesis begins with a pluripotent stem cells.
premature disruption of cells
this protein holds sister chromatids together
main component of the inner membrane lattice in RBCs
a large inclusion in the form of a equatorial band are located in the granules of which type of leukocytes?
the granules of these WBCs contain histamine and heparin sulfate
these lymphocytes are involved in humoral immunity
what is responsible for the uniform eosinophilic staining in RBCs
movement out of blood into connective tissue
regulates the exit of mitosis
true or false: CDK protein level varies widely during the cell cycle
adds activating phosphate to inactive mitotic CDK-cyclin complex
Large cell that produces platelets (thrombocytes)
regulate G1/S progression by regulating G1 Cdk complex formation and complex activity
1° and 2° granules (color of 2° = mature granulocyte), Golgi visible, protein synthesis (some basophilia), some genes silenced (some heterochromatin), non-mitotic
Undifferentiated cell capable of producing cells of one lineage, colony forming units (CFUs)
true or false: Cells make up 65% of the blood content.
what removes the inhibitory phosphate from the mitotic CDK-cyclin complex?
Undifferentiated cell producing blood cells of all lineages, capable of self-renewal
main point of regulation of the cell cycle; cell makes a “commitment” to complete a new cell cycle
the same fluid as blood plasma except clotting factors have been removed
the liquid extracellular material that imparts fluid properties to blood.
rRNA synthesis largely complete (no nucleoli). active protein synthesis in cytoplasm (basophilia). gene expression in nucleus (some heterochromatin).
the most numerous white blood cell
thick yellowish exudate that is formed by dead bacteria and dead neutrophils
dimeric complex of mitotic CDK plus mitotic cyclin, first cell cycle regulatory factor discovered
people with type A blood have which blood anti-antibodies?
protein whose level increases and decreases ('cycles”) during the cell cycle. Required for CDK activity.
which organ removes old or damaged RBCs
phosphorylation of this protein triggers activation of CDK inhibitor, p21, causing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis rather than cell cycle arrest
responds to DNA damage - “guardian of the genome”
phosphorylates and inactivates Rb
small granules in leukocytes that are lysosomes
tissue involved in the formation of red bone marrow and is involved in formation of RBCs, granulocytes, monocytes, and platelets
synthesis of DNA in cell cycle
second most abundant luekocyte
Defects in hematopoiesis due to deficiency of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) or folic acid leads to appearance of large oval RBCs (macroovalocytes) in blood and megaloblasts in bone marro
third phase in hemopoiesis characterized by mature RBCs, leukocytes in bone marrow
these cells migrate to sites of inflammation, phagocytosis of bacteria, exocytosis of enzymes that attack microorganisms, results in formation of pus (dead neutrophils and cell deb
mitosis and cytokinesis phase of cell cycle
Both G1 and S phase CDKs regulate what cell process?
anucleate cells that function to bind oxygen for delivery to tissues and bine carbon dioxide for removal of tissues
main protein content of plasma
these integral membrane proteins attach blood antigens
T lymphocytes undergo differentiation where?
universal blood recipient blood type?
first growth (or gap) period in cell cycle
low hematocrit suggests low circulation of RBCs which is a condition known as ______.
protein synthesis mostly complete (less basophilia). gene expression minimal (more heterochromatin). Cytoplasm of this cell displays acidophilia and basophilia because of hemoglobi
these cells constitute >99% of blood cells by number
the first tumor suppressor gene discovered
exit from cell cycle
neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophils are all what?
percentage of water in plasma
this plasma protein transports fatty acids, hormones, drugs; maintains osmotic pressure. and is synthesized in the liver.
a defining feature of stem cells, role of niche is _____ ______.
life span of platelets
last stage in hemopoiesis. Carried out only in red bone marrow and lymphoid tissues
arginine rich protein that accounts for eosinophils intense eosin staining
immunoglobulins are involved in immune response and are synthesized by what?
the inner membrane lattice in RBCs is anchored by which protein
Phosphorylation of linker histone H1 and condensin proteins is necessary for what?
active rRNA and ribosome synthesis (nucleoli visible) active. gene expression (euchromatin in nucleus). secretory pathway inactive (no cytoplasmic granules)
true or false: one of blood's main functions is its involvement in the transports of nutrients, wastes, and regulatory molecules.
second phase in hemopoiesis characterized by hematopoietic centers entering the liver with primitive nucleated RBCs, fetal hemoglobin
the process by which RBCs develop is known as ?
adds inhibitory phosphate to inactive mitotic CDK-cyclin complex
these plasma proteins transport metal ions, vitamins, lipids, maintain osmotic pressure. they are synthesized in the liver.
true or false: Mitotic cyclin levels rise in G2 and reach a critical threshold
people with AB blood type have which blood anti-antibodies?
Phosphorylation of lamin proteins causes depolymerization of lamin filaments, which causes the disassembly of what structure?
B cells differentiate into _____?
anaphase promoting complex promotes the degradation of cyclin as well as what other protein
active rRNA and ribosome synthesis (nucleoli visible), active gene expression (euchromatin in nucleus), secretory pathway inactive (no cytoplasmic granules) (myeloid lineage)
first phase in hemopoiesis characterized by blood in 'islands' in yolk sac, no leukocytes
Undifferentiated cell producing cells of multiple lineages, limited self-renewal
these cell are involved in clot formation, bind to injured blood vessel wall, aggregate with RBCs, hemostatic plug stops bleeding
Capable of giving rise to all cell types
erythrocyte formation and release are regulated by?
these plasma proteins transport triglycerides to the liver
cell cycle regulation that occurs in G1. Starts the onset of S phase
universal blood donor blood type?
protein synthesis complete (no or little basophilia). Small compact densely stained nucleus. gene expression silenced (condensed chromatin) no mitosis, nucleus may be off-center.
mature, biconcave shape, 7.6 μm diameter
protein complex required to pass from metaphase into anaphase
this cell Circulates 12 to 96 hours, then enters CT and differentiates
people with type B blood have which blood anti-antibodies?
which components of blood are contained in the buffy coat?
Largest cell in peripheral blood
Phosphorylation of spindle proteins is required for assembly of what?

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