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this pleura lines the pulmonary cavities, adhering to the pulmonary wall
inflammation of the endocardium
a surgical procedure which involves replacing diseased (narrowed) coronary arteries with veins obtained from the patient's lower extremities or the patient's internal thoracic arte
midline incision through the sternum
Parasympathetic stimulation of the esophagus results in the rhythmic contraction of esophageal smooth muscle known as?
Anterior intercostal arteries arise from which artery
the visceral and parietal plurae are continuous at the ...?
the visceral layer of the serous pericardium
the left 5th intercostal space (right below the nipple) is the auscultation point for which valve?
right lung has how many lobes?
each lobar bronchi divides into
Heart rate does what in the presence of parsympathetic stimulation?
Which ribs have cartilages that do not attach to the sternum?
heart sound heard as blood passes through the atria to the ventricle
injury to which nerve can cause paralysis of the diaphragm
left and right brachiocephalic veins drain into?
failed closure of the foramen ovalis leads to?
occurs if a sufficient amount of air enters the pleural cavity causing the tension adhering visceral to parietal pleura to break
Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system in the heart will cause...?
A viral disease of spinal ganglia and is a dermatomically distributed lesion...
The sternocostal surface of the heart is formed primarily by the anterior wall of which heart chamber?
The portion of the parietal pleura that extends above the first rib is called the :
muscles in the wall of the right atrium are known as?
A ventricular septal defect (VSD) usually affects which portion of the interventricular septum?
contraction of the ventricles
This collection of autonomic fibers is located at the base of the heart behind and within the concavity of the arch of the aorta.
muscles of the right ventricle are known as
insertion of a needle through an intercostal space in order to obtain pleural fluid
which lung has the cardiac notch?
the posterior intercostal arteries arise from which artery?
the backflow of blood from ventricle to atrium
entry of air into the pleural cavity resulting from penetrating wound to parietal pleura
interference with venous return of blood to the heart due to an extensive accumulation of fluid in the pericardium (pericardial effusion)
known as the pacemaker of the heart
The first rib articulates with the sternum directly below which joint?
the endothelial lining of all of the chambers of the heart
a keel-shaped cartilage lying at the tracheal bifurcation--it separates the right main stem bronchus from the left main stem bronchus.
which artery accompanies the phrenic nerve?
this pleura covers the lungs and is adherent to all its surfaces
a surgical procedure in which an incision is made opening the chest cavity
aspiration of a foreign body usually falls into which mainstem?
Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system in the lungs acts to
obstruction of a pulmonary artery by a blood clot
posterior blood supply of the thorax comes from
heart sounds heard as blood is pumped from the ventricles.
ligament that is a continuity between the pleural and parietal cavities that extends between parietal and mediastinum
arterial supply of the pericardium
which nerve loops near the ligamentum arteriosum?
where does rib 2 attach?
These intercostal muscles help elevate ribs during inspiration
a chronic disorder characterized by hyperreactive airways leading to episodic, reversible bronchoconstriction due to an increased sensitivity to irritating stimuli.
surgical creation of an opening through the thoracic wall to enter a pleural cavity
Because of its angle with the trachea and size of the main bronchus, a bronchoscope would pass more readily into which lung?
each main bronchi divides into
left lung has how many lobes?
narrowing of the orifice of the aortic valve or of the supravalvular or subvalvular regions
an area of necrosis resulting from a sudden insufficiency of arterial or venous blood supply to the heart's muscular wall
ANTERIOR VAGAL TRUNK of the esophagus is form from the left or right vagus nerve?
these structure prolong ribs and contribute to elasticity of the thoracic wall.
these intercostal muscles help depress the ribs during expiration
this node lies in the interatrial septum
Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system in the lungs acts to
innervation of the diaphragm
inferior boundary of the thoracic cavity
inflitration of anesthetic around intercostal nerves.
internal thoracic artery arise from which artery?
compensatory circulation carried on through secondary channels after obstruction of the principal vessel supplying the part
Which chamber's anterior wall forms most of the sternocostal surface of the heart?
accumulation of a significant amount of fluid in pleural cavity
ventricular relaxation, elongation, or extension
chest pain due to ischemia of the heart is known as
the internal thoracic artery arises from which artery?
union of subclavian & internal jugular veins create which vein?
indents the anterioinferior aspect of the left lung
inflammation of the pericardium
the pec. major, pec. minor, and serratus anterior muscles can help expand the thoracic cavity when inspiration is deep and forceful. These muscles are what type of muscles?
the brachiocephalic veins drain into which vein?
Difficult breathing
which bronchi is shorter and wider and more vertical.
the left 2nd intercostal space is the auscultation point for which valve?
Which ribs have cartilages that are joined to the cartilage just superior to them (indirect attachment to sternum)?
parasympathetic innervation of the heart is supplied by which nerve?
main vein of the heart
escape of fluid into the pleural cavity
Blockage of which artery would lead to ischemia of the apex of the heart?
The thoracic wall is innervated by:
electric impulses of the heart originate here..
The pleural cavity near the cardiac notch is known as the:
Which ribs attach directly to the sternum through their own costal cartilages?
roots for the phrenic nerve
Which valves would be open during ventricular systole?
the right 2nd intercostal space is the auscultation point for which valve?
this node is located in the cristae terminalis of the right atrium
anterior rami of T1-T11 form which nerves
the left 4th intercostal space (just lateral to the sternum) is the auscultation point for which valve?
the thick muscle layer of the heart
the progressive narrowing and hardening of the arteries over time
TRUE OR FALSE: The sympathetic innervation of the esophageal vascular smooth muscle is from the thoracic portion of the sympathetic chain and the fibers are postsynaptic.
The sympathetic innervation of the heart originates from which part the thoracic spinal cord?
the main arterial supply for the pericardium
POSTERIOR VAGAL TRUNK of the esophagus is form from the left or right vagus nerve?

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