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the hepatopancreatic ampulla opens at the apex of the ___ _____ ____.
4. Identify
3. Identify
13. Identify
2. Identify ligament
5. Identify
this duct begins at the tail of the pancreas and runs the parenchyma of the gland to the head.
this artery travels along the superior border of the pancreas
these arteries supply the head of the pancreas
splenic lymphatic vessels run from the hilum of the spleen to the _________ lymph nodes.
10. Identify
largest branch of the celiac trunk
true or false: the pancreas have endocrine only function.
this vein runs posterior to the body and tail of the pancreas
a projection from the inferior portion of the head of the pancreas. extends posterior to the SMA.
1. Identify Impression
9. Identify
14. Identify impression
portion of the spleen where the splenic artery and vein enter and leave
the spleen contacts the left kidney via the ______ ligament
7. Identify
the nerves of the spleen are derived from the ____ plexus.
the main pancreatic duct and the common bile duct unite form the ________ ______, which opens into the duodenum.
11. Identify
6. Identify
this portion of the pancreas is closely associated with the spleen and it passes between the layers of the splenorenal ligament
this duct drains the uncinate process and head of the pancreas and opens into the duodenum via the minor (lesser) duodenal papilla
the spleen contacts the posterior wall of the stomach and is connected to the greater curvature via the _______ ligament.
8. Identify
12. Identify

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