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these cells of the CNS provide structural matrix in which the neurons of the CNS reside and also help maintain the homeostatis
400 mm/ day
Schwann cells are derived from ___ ____ cells.
these cells of the CNS arise from fetal macrophages
anterograde fast transport is used to primarily transport what?
this type of transport is required for trophic or nutritive support of the cell body
the process in which immediate cessation of transmission is followed by gradual degradation of the axon and its enveloping myelin sheath, and ultimately, removal of all remnants by
pyramidal neurons are mostly associated with what structure of the brain?
due to axotomy, the cell body experiences a process in which it swells, the nucleus moves to an eccentric location, and fragmentation of the Nissl Substance occurs... What is this
Key ingredient to neuronal environment that allows for optimal axonal regeneration. Growth cones like to stick to this basement membrane componenet
these cells of the CNS are covered with cilia, which allow for the circulation of CSF
astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglia, and ependymal cell are all examples of _____.
True or False: Ependymomas can spread from the brain to the spinal cord through CSF.
which class of proteins are used in fast anterograde axoplasmic transport?
process an axon at the site distal to the axotomy undergoes after it has been severed at some point from the cell body
neurons that extend long distances are known as _____ neurons.
this process occurs after injury to the CNS and is characterized by astrocytic hypertrophy and proliferation of astrocytic processes
second most common cause of dementia
The ____ and ____ of dendrites provide the index of a neuron's receptive field.
severing of an axon is known as _____.
long stretches of myelin are interrupted by narrow gaps known as ______ __ _____.
characteristic findings of Alzheimer's that contains degenerative pre-synaptic endings along with astrocytes and microglia
insulation for rapid impulse conduction
the rough ER and ribosomes of neurons are referred as _____.
these glial cells in the CNS are involved in the reuptake of peptide hormones and glutamate
Retrograde transport is important in maintaining axons because it provides ____ factors to the soma of the neurons.
how many axons per neuron?
these glial cells of the CNS are responsible for regulating extracellular potassium levels
an autoimmune disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring
True or False: One Schwann Cell can make 100s of internodes on axons
2 types of neuronal synapses
term for abnormal aggregation of neuronal cytoskeleton
neurotransmitter at neuromuscular junction
Diseases such as rabies, herpes, polio, and tetanus all access the CNS via ______ axonal transport
structure formed by injured axons that feels out the environment and directs the axon regeneration
these cells of the CNS line the ventricles of the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord
pre-synaptic endings or button-like enlargements that form the proximal component of neural synapses
This drug, used for the Treatment of Hodgkin's disease, prevents formation of microtubules thereby suspending or ablating axonal transport in neurons
these cells form and maintain myelin in the PNS
Loss of what from the primary injured neuron causes retrograde transneuronal degeneration?
these glial cells establish and maintain cellular boundaries between the CNS and associated non-CNS tissues such as vasculature inside the brain
where are astrocytomas normally found?
neurons that relay messages locally
neurons are derived from what embryonic germ layer?
true or false: Wallerian Degenration is much slower in the CNS
all cortical neurons grow and differentiate from where?
the process of moving proteins and organelles along axons is known as ____ _____.
slow anterograde axoplasmic is used to primarily transport what?
this structure substantially separates the CNS from the molecular and cellular constituents of the blood
what is the region of the axon in which the action portential is initiated?
the cerebral cortex is formed from ___ layers of neurons
these tumor arise in the cerebellum that arise from the granule cell layer... commonly found in children
these cells form and maintain myelin in the CNS
True or False: The phases of nerve regeneration in the PNS include infiltration of connective tissue of lesion with Wallerian degeneration, growth cone formation, and growth distal
What is the main intrinsic factor required for optimal regeneration?
this structure correlates neuroplasticity, learning, or abnormal development
these cells of the CNS are capable of initiating an immune response and antigen presentation
macroglia (astrocytes, ependymal cells & oligodendrocytes) of the CNS arise from which germ layer?
microglia of the CNS arise from which germ layer?
term for collections of degenerative pre synaptic endings along with microglia and astrocytes
responsible for movement of mitochondria, lipids, synaptic vesicles, proteins to and from the cell body through the cytoplasm of its axon (the axoplasm).
the metabolic trophic center of neurons
the neuron's site for afferent input
Purkinje Neurons are mostly associated with which region of the brain?
these cells of the CNS are responsible for inducing and maintaining endothelial tight junctions of vascular cells of the blood brain barrier
axoplasmic transport distally from the cell body is known as _____.
______ are a family of proteins that promotes that encourage survival of nervous tissue
True or False: Neuroglia form synapses and are electrically excitable.
loss of neuron that is innervated by the primary injured neuron
axoplasmic transport toward the cell body is known as _____.
Where are ependymomas typically found?

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