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Can you name the Concepts of the Anterior and Posterior Triangles of theNeck?

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junction between the thorax and the neck is known as the
the sternocleidomastiod and the trapezius muscle are surrounded by this layer of the deep fascia of the neck
innervation of the longus capitis
the roots of C1-C4 make up the _____?
the superior and middle thyroid veins drain into what?
which muscle of the pharynx attaches along the oblique line of the thyroid cartilage and on the cricoid cartilage laterally
which artery crosses the recurrent (inferior) laryngeal nerve?
which nerve passes through the occipital triangle?
enlargement of the thyroid gland
innervation of stylohyoid muscle
the external jugular vein, suprascapular artery, and subclavian artery are contained in which portion of the posterior cervical triangle?
The laryngeal prominence, larger in males, is located at which vertebra level?
innervation of the anterior scalene (roots?)
posterior border of the posterior cervical triangle
inferior thyroid vein drains into
nose opens into the nasopharynx via what structures?
motor innervation of superior constrictor muscle
motor innervation of the salpingopharyngeus
provides motor innervation to most of the muscles of the tongue
triangle located between Between body of hyoid bone and right and left anterior bellies of the digastric muscles
(from C2 and C3 roots) supplies the skin covering the anterior cervical region
this carotid artery has no branches in the neck
this portion of the pharynx is bounded by the soft palate superiorly, the base of the tongue inferiorly and the platoglossal and platopharyngeal arches laterally
innervation of the splenius capitis
hyoid bone lies at the level of which vertebra
innervation of geniohyoid
innervation anterior belly of digastric muscle
2nd portion of the subclavian artery
the surgical creation of an artificial airway in the trachea (windpipe) on the anterior surface of the neck.
Head bends to affected side and face turns away.Facial asymmetry can occur, because of growth retardation on affected side.
provides motor innervation to Cricothyroid muscle
Superior boundary of the anterior cervical triangle
motor innervation of the palatopharyngeus
digestive organ that directs food to the esophagus.
what lies posterior to the transverse cervical artery and suprascapular artery as they cross the anterior surface of the scalenus anterior muscle.
triangle located between inferior mandible and anterior and posterior bellies of the digastric muscle
this area of deep cervical fascia is limited to the anterior portion of the neck and it contains a muscular portion (surrounds infrahyoid muscles) and a vascular portion ( surround
innervation of the sternohyoid
inferior thyroid artery arises from
triangle bounded by anterior belly of omohyoid, posterior belly of digastric, and anterior border of SCM
the right recurrent laryngeal nerve loops behind which structure?
the roots of the brachial plexus appear between which 2 muscles?
Lateral boundary of the anterior cervical triangle
Anterior boundary of the anterior cervical triangle
originates chiefly from the C4 nerve root (but receives contributions from C3 and C5. innervates the diaphragm.
Thin, broad sheet of muscle within superficial fascia of the neck that is used in facial expression
the point of entry to the venous system for central line placement to administer parenteral (nutritional) fluids and medications and to measure central venous pressure.
innervation of the middle scalene (roots?)
innervation of the sternothyroid
the posterior cervical triangle is subdivided by which muscle?
supplies blood to the inferior part of the thyroid gland
nerve that supplies the skin of the neck and scalp posteriosuperior to the auricle. Comes from C2
the superior laryngeal nerve is a branch from which nerve
what muscle is the landmark for the division of the subclavian arteries
supplies blood to the superior portion of the thyroid gland
the thyrocervical trunk comes from which artery?
This lobe is an embryological remnant of the thyroglossal duct
arises from the C3 and C4 nerve roots and passes under the cover of the SCM and sends small branches to the skin of the neck and across the clavicle to supply skin over shoulder
which tonsils lie in the tonsillar fossa?
portion of the pharynx that is posterior to the nose and superior to the soft palate
muscle that opens the pharyngeal orifice of the eustachian tube during swallowing
this layer of the deep cervical fascia forms a sheath around the vertebra and it's surrounding muscles
innervation of posterior belly of digastric muscle
innervation of stylopharyngeus
the largest and most clinically important fascial interspace of the neck because it is the major pathway for the spread of infection
innervation of the omohyoid
an emergency procedure where a cut or passageway is made in the cricothyroid membrane.
surgical removal of the thyroid gland
roof of posterior cervical triangle
innervation of the posterior scalene (roots?)
innervation of the longus colli
first branch of subclavian artery
nerve is located in the tracheo-esophageal groove.
innervation of platysma
anterior border of the posterior cervical triangle
small depression of the laryngealpharyngeal cavity on each side of inlet
innervation of the cricothryroid muscle
sensory innervation of the sternocleidomastoid
inferior border of the posterior cervical triangle
fascia of the neck prevents the spread of what?
attachment of the middle constrictor muscle of the pharynx?
motor innervation of the sternocleidomastoid
which muscle divides the neck into anterior and posterior triangles?
the occipital artery comes from which main artery?
(from C2 and C3 roots) ascends superiorly across SCM. Supplies the skin over parotid, posterior auricle, and skin from mandible to mastoid process
provides sensory innervation above vocal folds
the submental, submandibular, the carotid, and the muscular triangles make up the ____ ____ _____?
a rib which arises from the seventh cervical vertebrae (above the normal first rib).
three layers of deep fascia in the neck
what attaches to the pharyngeal tubercle?
origin of the salpingopharyngeus
innervation of the thryohyoid
True or False: the stylopharyngeus, salpingopharyngeus, and palatopharyngeus serve to shorten and widen pharynx during swallowing and speaking.
the sternal head of the sternocleidomastoid attaches to what?
motor innervation of middle constrictor muscle and inferior constrictor muscles
sinus between the palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal arches
triangle Bounded by anterior border of SCM, superior belly of omohyoid, midline of neck
motor innevation of tensor veli palatini
Bifurcation of common carotid artery into external and internal carotid arteries occurs at what cervical vertebra level?
fascia with common carotid artery, internal jugular vein, and vagus nerve
an incomplete circular band of lymphoid tissues around the superior pharynx

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